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Adult Circumcision
A Personal Story Shared by a Man who had a Circumcision Performed as an Adult

I used to get very sweaty under my foreskin and it was sometimes quite unpleasant. In addition to that annoyance, when I had a very hard erection my tight frenulum not only hurt but also pulled on the back of the glans and made the piss slit point down at right angles to my shaft. These were the two main reasons that I decided to get a circumcision. The following is how it went down-

My genitals were first swabbed with an iodine based antiseptic and then I was given the local anaesthetize (Bupivacaine) which was injected into the base of my shaft. The first two injections were quite painful, but I never have liked having any injections so it could have intensified by my psychological aversion to shots.

As the anesthetic began to work, I didn't feel the remaining injections. The doctor clamped my foreskin and determined exactly where he was going to place the cut. He placed a large pair of forceps across the foreskin where he was going to cut it and clamped them tight.

One brief stroke of the scalpel along the side of the forceps removed my foreskin. The places where I was bleeding were found and sealed, either with simple pressure from small forceps or by using an electric cautery device. After most of these bleeding points had been sealed the doctor released my frenulum from the back of the glans but didn't completely remove it. I had expected that this would be done first to make the foreskin more mobile.

He used a lot of small stitches, close together, and it took much longer to stitch me up than it had done to do the initial circumcision. Dissolving stitches were used so that I would not have to return to have them removed. Once the stitching was completed the wound was covered with gauze and then tightly bound with bandage, from half way down my glans to just short of my scrotum.

The whole operation had taken about an hour. The glans was bruised looking for about four days. The bandage had been put on very tightly and it compressed my urethra somewhat so that when I had a pee there was considerable resistance to it coming out. I took a couple of the stronger pain killers before turning in, but I was rather uncomfortable and I didn't get a good night's sleep.

In the morning however there was no real pain. Although I had to take things easy, and for the first few days was walking with my legs apart as if sitting on a horse. The initial dressing was to be kept on for 48 hours and so I soaked it off in the bath. It took about an hour to soak off, with me gradually unwinding it as each layer came free. When the dressing was off, the cut looked like a broad pink ring around the penis, with a wavy line of dried blood and the black stitches in it.

The frenulum area however looked very bruised and sore. A new layer of antibiotic gauze was laid over the wound and held on with fresh gauze bandaging. I had no real pain and, apart from the first night, very little serious discomfort, but I am glad that I took the week off work and would recommend this to anyone whose job is at all active. During the whole of the first two weeks I only took four doses of the stronger pain killer and about the same of paracetamol - mainly at night as a precaution rather than as a necessity. The dressing was changed again on Thursday and Saturday nights. Each time the cut looked nicer and cleaner. It was, of course, still very tender and was somewhat painful to try to lift up to examine the frenulum area. I went back to work a week after the circumcision.

The frenulum area still had a scab on it and the scar line was still rather rough, but I was already very pleased with the result. The stitches had all come out by the middle of the third week and I had my first circumcised wank. I found this highly pleasurable and shot loads all over my chest! The last scab finally came off the frenulum area the following Wednesday - three and a half weeks after the operation.

The doctor has done the operation completely to my satisfaction and I think it is very neat. When I am erect the color contrast in the skin is very clear. The scar line has been placed 1.75" behind the rim of the glans on a penis which is 6" when erect. My circumcised penis also no longer bends downwards when fully erect. I immediately found I was much more comfortable at work, and really experienced the full benefit during the following summer months when it got exceptionally hot. I would recommend circumcision to anyone who has any tightness in their frenulum or foreskin, or who regularly works in a hot and sticky place.

One year after... my glans is fairly sensitive so it does not take long for an ejaculation to happen, whereas it took longer before I was circumcised. When I look back at being circumcised I am glad that I was done, especially since I work in a hot environment and the weather last summer was exceptionally hot. I found it much more comfortable without my foreskin than other summers with it.

- Anonymous

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