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Liberator Shapes
How They Work & Their Benefits

Whether a couple is using dildos or other sex toys or simply having sex, the ability to pleasure is greatly increased due to the positioning that these shapes allow. Because your body is easily supported by the shapes you are comfortable and not straining your back, neck, pelvis, etc. to get into the sexual positions you want to achieve. When you are not aching, straining and hurting in one part of your body to get pleasure in another… well, life is good. How many times have you been close to orgasm and a muscle you are using cramps because you are in an unsupported position? Or how about the next day when you are rubbing your neck in pain but remembering the great sex you had last night?

Lisa Lawless
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.
Psychotherapist & Sexuality Expert

CEO & Founder of
Holistic Wisdom, Inc. & NAASAS

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Reduces Strain & Pain

These shapes now allow you to have pleasure and without the pains, aches and muscle cramps most couples get from good sex. One of the customers we had call in praising them was a chiropractor. He recommended them because often times his clients come in with back, pelvis, leg, and neck pain due to the strain that sexual activity puts on the body. He said that he recommends his clients use them and felt that our customers would benefit as well.

Increases Pleasure through Deeper Penetration & More-

The best part about the Liberator shapes is that they allow for deeper penetration as well as comfort. It makes for the best sex of your life when you are able to feel your lover deep inside you thrusting away. Or how about getting to enjoy oral sex longer because your partner is more comfortable as well?

Helps Couples of Different Sizes & With Disabilities

When your partner is 6'4" and you are 5'4" it can be challenging to always find the best position. The Liberator™ shapes definitely allow couples of different height and weights to help make sexual positioning easier and more fun. For example, when you have a tall male partner who wants to penetrate his lover on the side of the bed. This can feel impossible because the bed is too low and he must squat very low to get inside his lover. Now, the shapes can allow his lover to have their pelvic area lifted to meet him, making thrusting very easy.

Liberator also allows those with disabilities to be sexually active more comfortably. The sexual combinations for heterosexual and homosexual couples are endless. By using the Liberator shapes, you are not only easing current aches or pains, you are preventing injury to yours and your lovers' body in the future. We have also had customers tell us they use them for just sitting around the house, reading and watching television. The use that you will get from these shapes is really amazing.

Liberator Shapes Improves Sex For Males with Smaller Penises

Ninety percent of men measure the average of 6" when erect. For those males that have concerns in this area, Liberator™ Shapes create unique angles that provide greater pleasure for both partners. Simply put, a man will feel bigger when he is able to thrust deeper into his lover because of the angle of her pelvis. Liberator™ Shapes facilitate deeper penetration and increased stimulation and make size less of a concern.


When you are able to comfortably get into many more sexual positions you can let your creativity go wild. You can also use the shapes to achieve Kama Sutra and Tantric techniques that you may have thought impossible to achieve without being a professional gymnast.

Whether you use one shape or multiple shapes for your sexual adventures, you can throw out the old rules about positioning and time limitations because these allow for a more intense and relaxed sexual
experiences every time you use them.

Feeling A Little Kinky?

Make sure to check out the black line of Liberator™ shapes as they come with tethers and straps for a more interesting sexual escapade. Let loose and allow your lover to caress you as you experience ecstasy as you have never before, or take control and tease and tantalize your lover as they lay cuffed to a Liberator shape.

Each Liberator™ shape comes with a 44 page guide on sexual positions so whether you come up with your own or use some saucy recommendations you and your lover can have the most amazing sex of your life right away.

Getting Pregnant

We have established that the shapes are great for increasing pleasure, reducing strain and pain, increasing sexual creativity and are good for your health, but did you know they are also great for achieving conception?

In a variety of positions and angles, Liberator™ Shapes encourage deeper vaginal penetration, and highly placed intravaginal ejaculation (he ejaculates deeper inside, and therefore provides sperm a closer and shorter swim to the cervix). After ejaculation, by keeping the female's hips up, the sperm pool remains deep inside the vagina (rather than being displaced or dripping out). This significantly increases the numbers of sperm that get past the starting gate of the cervix to begin the race to seek and find the egg. Liberator™ Shapes work well for this reason to promote pregnancy.

What Are They?

What Are Liberator™ Shapes Made Of?

  • Built like sports gear - nylon zippers, nylon thread.

  • Teflon coated soft inner shell, stain resistant and light weight.

  • Covered in luxurious microfiber that stacks in dozens of positions, without slipping or sliding.

Benefits of the Liberator™ Shape Materials

  • Easy to wash as your favorite blue jeans, becoming softer and snugger with every wash.

  • Able to support hundreds of pounds in motion, in comfort.

  • A dual-cover system. Use the nylon inner shell on its own.

  • It's silky, it's water-resistant, and it's perfect for fun with lubricants, massage oils or food.

  • Because these shapes are not cheap foam and because the have a high-density urethane core, they will never rot, rip, slip or flatten.

Female Ejaculation

Can the Liberator™ Shapes Aid in Achieving Female Ejaculation?

Yes, allowing a woman to angle her pelvis upward by using such Liberator™ shapes as the wedge, ramp and others, enables her lover better access her g-spot. The g-spot is created from the Paraurethral glands behind the vaginal wall and is filled with the prostate-like fluid that women sometimes ejaculate when having an orgasm (in addition to the vaginal discharge that is usually produced). By allowing the g-spot to be angled upward and more readily accessible, more pressure can easily be applied to the g-spot.

Even though female ejaculation is not necessarily achieved through a g-spot orgasm, (it can be achieved through clitoral and other orgasms as well) stimulation of the g-spot increases production of the ejaculate within the Paraurethral glands and increases the likelihood of a woman being able to push it out during an orgasm. This, as well as other techniques increase the chances of a female ejaculating as much as two cups of the prostate-like fluid. I highly recommend the Liberator™ shapes to all of my customers for this and other sexual advantages.



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