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Tantric Sex Ceremony
The Heart Ceremony

Begin by making your space a sacred place for you and your lover to connect. Using things such as aromatherapy, scented candles and soothing music is a good place to start. Some people find that it is better that the music should be something without words so as not to define the moment. Turn off phones and other devices and create a relaxed environment through the way you are dressed (or undressed). Some lovers enjoy taking a shower or bath before hand to let the stress of the day go.

The Heart Ceremony

Tantra - High Spiritual Sex is not just for a wild fling with a sexual partner, nor even a technique to improve your sexual prowess. High Spiritual Sex depends on your ability to awaken and raise the feelings of LOVE deep within you.

To do this, first you are going to learn how to love yourself, to develop self-appreciation and acceptance of who you are and to feel the pleasure and delight of being you. You are going to need time to do this, by yourself. Set aside at least an hour. Yes! You may have to sacrifice other things to do this.

Loving yourself is more important than anything else you might do with your life. Take the time to love yourself. Turn off your telephone. This is going to be your time. You can either lie down or sit in a comfortable chair. You will need to find a piece of music you can play on your stereo which will make you feel relaxed. Turn on the music and sit in your chair and relax. Feel yourself melt into the music.

Begin with deep, relaxed breathing. Breathe as deeply as you can without making an effort that you have to think about. Let the cleansing power of the breath lead you into appreciation of your body, soul, and mind. While you are breathing, use your mind to imagine that you are meeting your lover and at the same time imagine that you are your beloved.

Stay at this level of imagination, standing in the doorway of anticipation between you the lover and the beloved, breathing in and out gently. Bring into your mind a time when you felt totally loved, protected, cared for, and accepted completely. Who the person was does not matter right now, it's the feeling you are going for. Feel the trust, the gentleness, the vitality that goes with this feeling. Feel delight in your vulnerability, your innocence, and openness.

Were there other times in your life, when you felt delight in being alive, being with nature, loving a puppy or kitten or a bouquet of flowers. Think of a time when you may have felt sexually connected with another person. Let these thoughts flow and merge with the feelings. As you breathe in and out, let these feelings arise within yourself. Remember the sensations you felt, the smells, sounds, tastes, the softness of your lover's skin. Immerse yourself with these sensations. Feel them as intensely as you can. Raise your hands to place them on your own heart.

Allow your feelings to vibrate within yourself as they will. Feel the joy of those past moments. Allow these feelings to flow throughout your entire body. Bring those past loving moments into the NOW.

Think of words that describes these feelings. Tell yourself how wonderful you feel, express to yourself your feelings of love as though you were your beloved Allow these feelings to become your inner lover. Become one with them. This inner lover will always be there for you, to support you, love you, care for you, and help you to grow as you allow it.

Remember these feelings of love and appreciation. You will be accessing these feelings again and again These feelings of love carry with them a spiritual dimension, a sense that you are part of the larger creation and expression of the infinite. Gradually come back now into the reality of your presence in your chair, remain relaxed and hold onto that feeling of love, and go about the business of the day. You are now ready for a whole new dimension of experience in your life.

When you have accessed these feelings of love, it is natural to want to share them with another person who is close to you. If you already have a close friend, lover, or life-partner, you will be able to see him/her in a new sense of divine connection to the larger existence. Because of your experience in self-love, you will be able to share these feelings with your partner.

When you come together with your lover, you will be remembering these feelings when you remind yourself and your lover of these higher expressions of love through High Sex in a ritual greeting. This greeting originated in the Eastern traditions. The word 'Namaste' means "I honor the god within you." This word between lovers signifies that you are ready to enter into a sacred moment. You will be honoring each other from the heart.

This ceremony will take you out of the normal sexual coming together at the day's end with your mind full of business and other activities, into the spiritual oneness with your heart and higher-self. When you use this greeting with another, you are choosing to honor the other person's higher-self and relate with that person on a higher level that transcends the physical reality that divides you. This ritual will become a part of every exercise or loving encounter with your partner.

Choose a private space in your home or other place where you and your lover are going to be alone. Allow five to ten minutes for this ritual. If you do not have a partner, you may do this ritual alone in front of a mirror if you wish. The proper usage of this ritual will set the stage for the energy to move in the highest way from you to your lover, indicating the feelings of high respect to your partners higher-self from your higher-self.

There are two forms of the Heart Ceremony, you may choose one or the other or alternate as you wish. The first is a verbal greeting, the second one uses the sound OM to give you a feeling of centeredness in your heart.

Heart Ceremony I

Sit on the floor or on your bed facing each other. Gaze into each other's eyes for a few minutes. As you inhale, bring the palms of your cupped hands together in front of you, and rest the thumbs against your chest. Together with your partner, close your eyes. As you exhale, gently bend forward from the waist, keeping your back straight. Bend forward until your foreheads touch lightly. Hold this contact for a few moments, feeling the connection between you.

Feel the full sense of honor and reverence that this mutual gesture conveys. Let go of all extraneous thoughts and focus your breathing and your awareness in your heart. Inhale, and sit upright, open your eyes, look into your partner's eyes and say, "(Name) I honor the Higher Self in you." Or you might say, "(Name) I salute the God/Goddess within you." Or "I honor you (Name) as an aspect of the Divine". Or, (Name) I honor you as an aspect of myself." As your partner reciprocates the greeting, feel the profound meaning of the gesture, and appreciate the devotion and reverence, embody the fullness of being, and share in the spark of divinity.

Heart Ceremony II

The alternative would be to make the sound of OM as you bend forward to touch each other's foreheads. This sound helps to focus your awareness within yourself. Let the sound resonant within deep within your body until it resonates. As you exhale, close your lips to pronounce the "Mmmm" part of the sound. Feel the meaning of the greeting and feel the effects of the sound. You might wish to do this ceremony sitting on facing chairs or standing, but follow the sequence as stated.


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