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The Art Of Tantra
Sacred Sexual Techniques

If you want to feel more peace, love, aliveness, and the best sex you ever dreamed of, this Indian science and spiritual practice may be perfect for you. Tantra is an ancient path to enlightenment with roots in Buddhism and Hinduism. It's the art of loving yourself and your partner to reach states of higher consciousness.

Sacred Sexuality

The tradition of Tantra teaches to focus universal personal energy so we feel bliss in everything we do. Tantra can teach you how to channel life force using sexual energy as a way to illuminate consciousness. This is why Tantra is often called sacred sexuality, a celebration of life, love, and spirit. If Tantra is a proven path to reaching enlightenment, then why is it identified with sexuality? In the West, we're taught to reason our way through life, make judgments about right and wrong, and resist what's not working. In contrast, Tantra teaches how to accept everything and flow through things while not stressing out. We heighten our awareness of spirit and move our energy through whatever life hits us with.

The Path Of Love

Which energy do Westerners have the most trouble accepting and enjoying? You guessed it: sexuality. Tantric practices transform life using ecstatic sexual energy, and why Tantra is often called the path of love. It leads to complete connection with yourself, your beloved, and the powers of the universe. Tantra is musical beauty, the ritual of sacred sexuality, and a divine path to enlightenment.

Hunger For Ecstasy

In Tantric practice, you experience high states of sexual arousal while remaining completely relaxed. You learn to transmute the sexual energy generated by sacred union into a cosmic connection with the divine. This altered state can only be called pure ecstasy.

The vast majority of us were raised to believe that sex was sinful, evil, dirty, immoral, or forbidden. We carry the heavy weight of sexual guilt and shame that blocks our ability to experience ecstasy.

Yet, many are rediscovering the deep interrelationship between sexuality and spirituality, honoring pleasure as a divine gift.

Sex is truly an aspect of the universal creative life force which enlivens and electrifies every stage of your life. The soul's hunger for ecstasy is as real as the hunger for food.

What Can Tantra Do?
  • Rekindle the fire in your love relationship
  • Expand your ability to feel pleasure
  • Heal sexual problems & past wounds
  • Feel ecstatic energy for long periods of time
  • Transform damaged love relationships
  • Celebrate playfulness in lovemaking
  • Transform painful areas of your life
  • Discover & celebrate your natural perfection
  • Assist you with ejaculatory control
  • Be more relaxed during high states of arousal
  • Prolong & expand your orgasmic experience
  • Dissolve guilt & fears blocking sexual desire
  • Add creativity, sensuality, passion to your life
  • Gain self-confidence & increase self-esteem
  • Master specific tools to become a better lover
  • Lead a more orgasmic life

Energetic Healing

Tantra enables you to dissolve hidden blocks, know who you really are, and reach a higher state of awareness. It's also a loving practice where you become more connected to your beloved, creating joy, pleasure, playfulness, ecstasy, and bliss. If you want to deepen the intimacy in your relationship, marriage, or with yourself, Tantra can assist you through energetic healing of mind, body, and spirit. You can work through inhibitions, sexual wounding, orgasm or erection difficulties, and other insecurities. But mostly Tantra is freeing, empowering, exciting, and lots of fun.

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