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Ben Wa & Duotone Balls
What Are They & How Do They Work?

Ben Wa and Duotone Balls are intended to roll around inside the vagina creating sexual arousal as well as causing the pelvic floor muscles (Kegel muscles) to contract and strengthen by simply holding them inside. Many have a ball within a ball so that when they come into contact a subtle vibration is felt. There are electronic vibrating versions of Duotone balls which certainly makes the stimulation more intense.

Some women wear them all day, experiencing fun at the office, the grocery store and even on dates. Other women enjoy using them for partner sex, and say their male partners love encountering the smooth balls during penetration. However, some women say the toys are little more than useless, producing a sensation so slight, they may as well not be using the balls at all.

Lisa Lawless
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.
Psychotherapist & Sexuality Expert

CEO & Founder of
Holistic Wisdom, Inc. & NAASAS

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Ben Wa Balls and Duotone Balls: The Difference

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Ben Wa Balls are made from a variety of substances, including gold, silver, steel, plastic, glass, Lucite and any combination thereof. They are slightly larger than marbles. They are sold by the pair and are intended for vaginal insertion.

Duotone Balls are a variation on the Ben Wa theme: metal ball bearings that are enclosed within hollow plastic or metal balls tied together with a string. (Ben Wa Balls are not intended for anal use as they can get easily "lost," while Duotone Balls are less likely to via the string attachment.

Nick Hawk Balls for Kegel Exercise

Duotone Ball Material Concerns: Silicone, metal or phthalate free plastic are generally the best materials both for their hygienic properties and texture. Latex, Elastomer, TPR are also good materials but it are less than a perfect substances because they are more difficult to keep clean. Also for those allergic to latex it is important to avoid rubber that contains latex. Please read our article on sex toy materials and potential toxins in them.

Women Who Dislike
Ben Wa Balls & Duotone Balls

Ben Wa Balls are not appealing to some women and primarily the reasons given have to do with them being subtle in sensation. Ben Wa Balls are placed in the vagina like a tampon and are often marketed to provide women with multiple orgasms while doing daily activities. The truth is that women's vaginas envelop the balls, and you have to leap up and down to get them to move around in any dramatic way. They typically move around in a subtle manner and are not for intense stimulation. Also, one would want to be aware that laughing and sneezing can "pop" them out and make for interesting conversation if you were in public.

Women Who Love
Ben Wa Balls & Duotone Balls

While being a disappointment for those women who expect incredible ecstasy when trying them, it should be pointed out that the culture of their origin prizes the subtle and understated, not intense, quick excitement. "Vaginal neglect" is common in our culture as most women focus on their clitoris for sexual stimulation. Ben Wa Balls are designed to teach women to learn more about subtle stimulation in their vagina.

Tantra enthusiasts, Taoist sex practitioners, yoga and meditation advocates and other endorsers of spiritual sex feel that a woman would benefit by learning to enjoy life's subtler pleasures. It's rumored that the orgasms achieved from using Ben Wa Balls are worth the wait. It is also said that they help increase orgasmic pleasure by increasing the strength of the Kegel muscles and that when used during sexual intercourse they create additional stimulation.

Tips Using
Ben Wa Balls & Duotone Balls

Insert Ben Wa balls into the vagina one at a time. Use lube and lie down if necessary. Then stand up and move around actively for at least 10 minutes. For example, many women use Ben Wa balls while cleaning the house, during their beauty routine in the morning, or during exercise.

Insert the Ben Wa Balls into your vagina and while sitting down - squeeze your legs together. After the Ben Wa Balls have been inserted and your legs are pressed together, start rocking back and forth.

During Sex-
Use them during sexual vaginal penetration which will allow them to bump into one another like billiard balls and create increased sensation.

Use With A Vibrator-
Use them while inserting a vibrator in your vagina or using on the clitoris for increased pleasure.

Using plenty of lube gives the balls a better chance of moving independently, rather than as a group, so don't just use a couple of drops, use ample amounts for more movement when laying down or sitting.

Unique Tip For Duotone Balls-
Place one ball in the vagina while letting another ball hang out.

Kegel Exercise

As mentioned, Ben Wa Balls can provide one very good benefit: with proper use, they can help to tighten and strengthen your Pubococcygeus (PC) muscle, which not only gives you a more desirable grip during intercourse and also helps to control your bladder and prevent incontinence as you age.

To find your PC muscle, stop the flow next time you urinate. The muscle you tighten to do this is your PC. Hold the Ben Wall Balls or Duotone Balls in place for about 15 minutes a day to strengthen them. Also, pushing and pulling them in through your vagina over and over will give your vagina a good work out.

If You Have A Hard Time Getting Them Out

Because of the weight, they won't get permanently stuck. However, if you are really clenched up they may be a challenge to get out right away so try a couple of deep breaths, then gently bear down as if having a bowel movement. If needed insert some lubricant and they’ll slide right out.

If You Have A Hard Time Keeping Them In

If your PC muscles are not very strong or if you have recently given birth or been playing with very large sex toys than you may find it more challenging to hold Ben Wa Balls inside your vagina. Plastic balls may be easier to start out with, as the Ben Was are quite heavy in comparison. You may also opt for Duotone balls that have a string or connector to help them stay inside.

They will set off metal detectors, and have a nasty habit of sliding out at inopportune moments. We recommend using Ben Wa Balls with common sense and at home to avoid public embarrassment.

Ben Wa Balls
& Duotone Balls- Are They Right For You?

What this really comes down to is your own sexuality and preference for pleasure inducing toys. There's no right or wrong answer here, and no medical, health or scientific reason why you would want to avoid them. They aren't particularly expensive, but if you do purchase them be prepared to spend some time perfecting your technique and understand that they are not meant to be used for that intense, quick orgasm that vibrators provide.


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