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Deborah Sundahl
A Pioneer In Female Ejaculation

One of the nicest people you could meet is Deborah Sundahl (also known as Fanny Fatale). She is certainly one of my top picks for women who have made a positive contribution to sexual health and the empowerment of women and men's sexuality.

This little write up is simply a tribute to her work to let you know about the woman whom I greatly respect as a colleague and friend as well as her great educational products.

Deborah's articles and interviews on the importance of understanding and expressing who we are as erotic beings has been published in a wide range of media from academic anthologies to popular sex magazines.

Lisa Lawless
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.
Psychotherapist & Sexuality Expert

CEO & Founder of
Holistic Wisdom, Inc. & NAASAS

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As founder of a ground breaking women's magazine (Playboy Esquire On Our Backs 1984-1994), Deborah unveiled women's fantasies, introduced sex toys and role playing, and encouraged communication of one's erotic self. It was voted one of the ten most influential magazines of the 80's.

Deborah Sundahl is a author, video director, sex educator and female ejaculation pioneer.

Her book, Female Ejaculation and the gspot draws on over twenty years of experience.

Female Ejaculation Pioneer-

Until Deborah made the video, How to Female Ejaculate (1991), there was no accessible information available to anyone on this important topic for women. Her work is an inspiration to all that have followed (including myself).

While our book and video The Art of Female Ejaculation came out in 2002 with a different look and feel, we certainly embrace many of the same principles and approaches to women's sexuality and that is why we offer Deborah's female ejaculation movies.

Doesn't Deborah's Work Compete With Yours?

I strongly feel that one of the worst mistakes a business can make is to be unable to embrace the value of their 'competition.' Of course Deborah's work technically competes with mine... but I believe in the power of coming together, not trying to tear down her work because it is similar to mine. What does that serve? Certainly it does not honor the whole point in doing such work... which is to provide empowerment and education to adults by giving them ALL the information available on sexual issues. I always strive to give our customers a variety of resources including our 'competitors' because I believe it serves the greater good of all involved... especially our customers! Isn't that what all businesses should strive to do?

Deborah & Lisa Unite

Deborah and I are now collaborating together to educate adults about the importance of healthy sexuality and the elusive topic of female ejaculation, because we see that the most important thing is to be of service to humankind. This world certainly needs help when it comes to understanding and embracing sexuality for the beautiful and empowering part of us that it is. The more sexual educators that teach this, the better!

Deborah The Teacher

Deborah has lectured at major universities across the country, and has taught hundreds of women about female ejaculation through her workshops. In addition, Deborah taught the first "How to Strip for Your Lover" class at the Learning Annex, based on her many years as an erotic dancer at the Mitchell Bros. Theater in San Francisco. She performed in most major cities and for Playboy cable.

Deborah also challenged the adult video status quo by creating erotica from a woman's perspective: sexually informative, creatively shot and scripted, yet not afraid to be explicit. Definitely what our company Holistic Wisdom, Inc. is about so you can see why we love Deborah's work!

How To Female Ejaculate DVD-
Deborah Sundahl (Fanny Fatale) teaches in this video how all women can ejaculate with a review of anatomy. She works with Dr. Carol Queen, Dr. Shannon Bell and Baja on this video. Here they discuss how squirting is not urine, which muscles assist with ejaculation as well as how to do it.

Female Ejaculation And The G-Spot Book-
In this video and book combination, Deborah Sundahl reviews scientific findings regarding female ejaculation and reviews techniques on how to female ejaculate with a special section for men to learn how to help their female partner's ejaculate.

Female Ejaculation For Couples DVD-
In this video, Deborah shows the gspot up close and how it ejaculates. There are three couples that show how it is done. This DVD features - Leila Swan & Charles Paul; Elaine & John; Shelly & Archie


To Purchase Deborah Sundahl's DVDs you can get them through HW Video.
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