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Glory Days: Part II
Erotic Story By Anonymous

The chemistry was undeniable as the two lovers had found that not only did they enjoy each moment they talked and laughed but they reveled in the undeniable sexual electricity that was present anytime they were in one another's presence. When he took her hand as they walked she would immediately feel drawn to pull in closer to his body, to feel his warmth, to touch his muscular body and breath in his scent. His skin on hers felt electric and she always wanted more.

His hand often slid easily around her waist and the feel of her curves made it an undeniable desirable pleasure. She had the exact measurements of Marilyn Monroe and her sundress clung to her body framing it perfectly. Her white porcelain skin was contrasted by her bright red lipstick and rosy cheeks that were often flushed with desire for him. Just knowing he was coming to pick her up for a date made her panties moist and they were always drenched with cum when she returned home.

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The sun showered down on her long blond hair and the gold hues sparkled as the wind blew through it and it cast a sweet smell that he would often bend down to breathe in. She loved his laugh and because they often toyed with one another through humor she heard it often. He had taken care of his himself and enjoyed lifting weights which was quite evident throughout his body which was similar to that of a Greek god. Yet it was the combination of his gentle nature and his tough exterior that made him irresistible to her and she knew she had fallen in love with him after only a short time.

Being so sexually inexperienced, it was something of a revelation to find herself thinking of giving him her virginity after only a short time of dating but she wanted him inside her and she could think of no one else she would ever want more to share this special milestone with. She saw her future in his eyes and she longed to give him everything she could, every pleasure, every joy, and all her love.

The daylight was kind to her young skin and he grabbed a camera to take her picture as they visited a park. Looking straight into the camera a young lover's hopes and dreams were forever captured in that snapshot. As the moment passed and the sun began to go down they headed out to eat and then to his home where they began what was to be an unforgettable evening for them both.

They had both talked about having sex and planned ahead to make it a special moment. He had fingered her eager and wet pussy many times during their make-out sessions to make her more ready for him. His tongue had tasted her sweet juices and circled around her tender clit making her cum, making her want him inside her more and more with each time they were together.

When they walked into the bedroom she found herself slightly shaking wondering if having him inside her would hurt and hoping that she could please him and live up to a previous lover he had through his own limited experiences. Yet when she looked at him she could see that he loved her, she felt it permeate her body and soul and she could think of nothing else now other than to finally feel him become one with her.

Their kissing was effortless, their tongues danced and slid easily and sensually within their hungry mouths. With each moan, she let out his cock became harder until it was throbbing and aching to escape his jeans. His strong hands moved over her soft skin and moved her dress down her body until it was an afterthought on the floor. Her bra slid away from her soft white breasts exposing her light pink, hard nipples that longed for his touch. As his hands cupped her breasts the feel of her nipples made him moan a feeling of exhilaration washed over him knowing that soon he would feel them pressed against his chest as he was inside her.

She moved her hands to his jeans that had been restricting his wanting cock and she could feel the forceful release as she unzipped him allowing his desire to spring toward her in anticipation for her to touch him with her soft roving hands.

Feeling him so hard she found her breath quicken and she pulled him to the bed letting him know she was ready. He pulled his shirt off quickly and dropped his pants to the floor. She lay on the bed in only her white lace panties; she looked at him longingly as he crawled toward her like a thoughtful predator.

His waterbed made her move up and down and he watched her breasts move as she did and it quickly sent more blood to his already aching cock. He pulled her warm panties that were already quite moist with her excitement exposing her pussy that was soft and tight with her juices already covering her dark, blonde pubic hair. He had wanted this for a long time and now he was going to have her, all of her. He knew he had to move slowly so as to not hurt her, to take his time but the restraint that this was going to take as he admired her laying there was something he knew full well was going to test him.

As he lay over her and their warm, smooth skin moved against one another the chemistry was pure fire. "I love you," she whispered and he smiled whispering to her as he gazed in her longing green eyes that he loved her too and he knew then he was not going to just have sex with her but that he was going to make love to her and it thrilled him.

His throbbing cock longed to feel her pussy and as he gently kissed her he asked her if she was ready for him. "Yes," she excitedly sighed, "I want to feel you inside me." His shaft pressed hard against her outer labia which was slickened from her arousal. Her light pink lips moved willingly allowing the head of his manhood to move inside her. She gasped feeling him begin to penetrate her and for a moment she tensed readying herself for him to fully thrust inside her.

Slowly and with great restraint his blood-filled cock pushed into her tight, wet pussy and while it was intoxicating to him he worried that he might be hurting her so he moved carefully with great care. Feeling her pussy squeezing his cock so tightly he found himself slightly shaking from the effort.

As she felt him enter her longing pussy she was overwhelmed by how much larger he felt than she had imagined. He filled her completely and while she could feel the tight stretch of her virginity dissipate the sensation of him inside her was so much more pleasurable that she had ever imagined. Her pink, wet walls contracted around him with her intense sexual arousal and she felt her eyes swell with tears as she could not imagine feeling more connected, more in love and one with another. She was so aroused, so hungry for him... she wanted more of him, she wanted him to fuck her harder.

She moved her pelvis into him taking him a bit by surprise as he had not expected her to receive him so well and with as much enthusiasm as her grinding pelvis was conveying to him. She moaned "Oh god," as he thrust into her with more assurance and force and her nails dug slightly into his back as she wrapped her soft thighs tighter around his firm ass. She loved the feeling of his muscles flexing and controlling her from outside and now from within. She was his completely and as she felt this wash over her she became controlled by a building wave of pleasure deep within her hot cunt.

He moved slowly trying not to cum too quickly, but the movement of her tight, wet insides along his shaft was too much to restrain from and soon he began to feel himself unable to hold back his explosive load. His strong, tan body tensed and he thrust harder into her than he had before and she let out moans of ecstasy as her quivering pussy contracted pushing waves of cum that ran down her thighs and supple ass.

As he gave her a final hard thrust he made the familiar animalistic noise he made when she would make him cum and the sound of his pleasure pushed her over the edge brining her to an intense climax as well. Her clit was throbbing from grinding against this pubic bone and her hot, virgin fluids released around his throbbing cock and made his sheets wet and warm.

His body collapsed onto hers and they both breathed heavily holding one another tightly as they continued to convulse from their loving yet primal release. She could feel him warm and still somewhat hard inside her pussy which was still contracting tightly around him. They lay like this for some time taking in the intensity of this moment and feeling elated from the expression of their love for one another.

As they lay in bed he quietly asked her if she was alright and with a smile she coyly asked, "Can we do it again?"

"In a few moments," he laughed as he kissed her.


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