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Fleshlight Review
Male Masturbation Sex Toys

The following review was provided by a customer of Holistic Wisdom after having purchased the Pink Lady Fleshlight as shown to the right. Over 5 million men have purchased them and that number is still growing. This is a nonpaid review and by an actual customer.

Hello Lisa and crew, (A personal product review and endorsement.)

The Flesh Light (Pink model) arrived two days ago as you are aware from a prior E-mailed "Thank you" for the extremely prompt service. Unpacking HER was a fun experience. It looked like "Vagina in a can" good grief what wont they vacuum pack these days? ... It looks, in fact, sexactly like my Darling wife's adorable whossis, sans the beaver coat ... she could have been the model for this one! :-). WOW!!

Discount Fleshlights

Due to other commitments we could not try her out (or IN ) on the night of her arrival. I did promise my wife NOT to get too familiar with HER alter ego until we had time to spend with HER together. All silliness aside ... my wife was (is) surprisingly VERY turned on by our new sex toy / partner. After probing and fingering it out of curiosity herself, she used it on me.

This is what we determined:

1. It (SHE?) does feel great and much like the real thing. Nicely snug and pliant. We did not take long to learn what rhythm works best and how much lubricant to apply!
2. SHE produced an orgasm from me in a few minutes or so, once she was properly situated. It may have taken longer if my deliciously nude wife was not the driver / operator!
3. We also used HER in advance of the intercourse as a sex ed visual aid. My wife had me eat our new friend while giving instructions with variations as to how she wants it done in the future. Bless her naughty heart for that idea! We wonder if any other couples have had similar thoughts?

We see other possibilities with HER as well. We have discovered that a small slender vibrator fits inside of our new friend's vagina. Another time soon we will reinsert it and use it for pleasuring my wife first. Soft pussy to soft pussy so to speak. She does like "hum" jobs!

That may be another way to get more mileage and fun out of HER for those couples that are thinking about buying one! (Perhaps a way to reach the BI and Lesbian communities as well, if advertised accordingly?)

5. The Flesh Light is also a way to engage in safe, non-threatening threesomes. Develop a mutually arousing fantasy and get busy ... it worked for us.
6. Now that SHE is a part of our erotic lexicon ... it seems appropriate to give HER a name. Until we can think of something better ... SHE will be known around here as "Ms. Pinkie."
7. As advertised, SHE is easy to clean up after SHE has been 'filled up'. My wife found it quite erotic to observe my 'deposit' leaking out of a realistic vagina (Her vagina by proxy!) ... Also, if HER other end is placed over a faucet ... for the clean up ... SHE gives a credible resemblance of F. E. (Female Ejaculation) in the process. Turn the faucet on full blast and watch HER "squirt." Ms. Croft move over ... you have serious competition here.
8. She can also be enjoyed without the canister ... simply hold HER around the midsection and squeeze and palpate HER when it seems appropriate. That feels like my wife's vagina during her orgasmic spasms! As the old TV ad touted, "Try it ... you'll like it!"
9. The only down side that was noted is that SHE does not moan and horny pillow talk during intercourse. However, if used with a cooperative 'friend' at hand ... the voice over audio can be simulated to a credible degree. My post orgasmic, voyueristic lady happily provided that. Hence a great and realistic erotic event was enjoyed by both of us!
10. On a 'satisfaction' scale of 1 to 10 ... Ms. Pinkie rates 11 or 12 ... off the chart!

Thank you again for making HER available. What else can we say but, ... "WOW"!

Love and light (Flesh Light) to you and yours,


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