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Hitachi Magic Wand
Reviews, Features & How to Purchase

The Hitachi Magic Wand is now one of the most popular sex toys on the Internet, and there is good reason for it. Below we will tell you why.


To begin, the Hitachi Magic Wand is one of the most powerful vibrators on the market. This is in part because it is an electric sex toy and requires an electrical outlet to work. The reliable, strong motor mixed with the current of the outlet make for a powerful ride for it's user. With a low and high setting, you can adjust it to meet your vibrational needs. Knowing that it will never run out of battery power also allows the user to relax knowing the ride will last as long as you want it.

Ease of Use-

One of the things that women and men love about the Hitachi Magic Wand is its sheer ease of use. With many smaller vibrators one must flex or bend a bit to find that right spot and even when you find that right spot, you may find that your hand is cramping after a while just trying to hold it there. The Hitachi Magic Wand has a very comfortable and long handle to allow for ease in holding it for long periods. It allows the user to lay in the most comfortable position without having to reach or bend to get there.

Read Why This Is Excellent Overweight Women

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With Cool
Attachment Options!

The G-spot Attachments-

Now, for any of you thinking that you may not want the attachment... we beg to differ. The "Gspotter" attachment is not just for g-spot pleasure, but prostate as well. Let's explore this further...

The G-spotter is amazing as it allows the user to insert the phallus tip inside the vagina or anus to stimulate the g-spot or prostate while stimulating the clitoris or anus. It will rock your world!

Female Ejaculation

Women who have used the Hitachi Magic Wand with the attachment have often said that they achieved female ejaculation without even trying. We have to agree... it is almost hard not to do it when you use this toy. The more powerful vibrations from the motor are a perfect combination or simultaneously stimulating the g-spot and the clitoris, making it a superior sex toy.

Prostate Stimulation

Men who like having their prostate stimulated know how hard it is to do the old reach around to really do the best job. The Hitachi Magic Wand allows one to more easily insert the attachment and experience a mind blowing orgasm while you simultaneously stimulate your penis and prostate at the same time. One tip that a few of our male customers provided was that using it while sitting on it against some pillows is the most comfortable way to use it during solo use.

Concentration On Sensitive Spots-

Another nice feature is how you can use the entire head of the Hitachi Magic wand to give a low frequency, powerful vibration to your sensitive parts (including nipples) but also use the tip of the phallus on the attachment for a more focused area such as the clitoris when not using it for penetration. We have even heard from customers who have said that they were struggling with Erectile dysfunction and it helped them become hard and to ejaculate.

Thrusting It-

Many women and men love that they can easily thrust the attachment in and out of them with barely any effort because of the way the handle allows them to glide in and out so effortlessly.

From using this toy for sexual pleasure, to simply using it for a nice neck and back massage... this is the one toy we recommend above all others for anyone wanting a high quality toy for thousands of pleasurable hours of fun!

Customer Reviews

I had to write and encourage all who don't have one of these to get one as soon as possible. As a guy who loves to masturbate, I decided to purchase one of these for myself, after several females told me how good they felt. I had used them on my leg muscles, etc., but when I tried it on the back of my penis head, I became addicted to the greatest invention ever. The Hitachi is marvelous !!! It brings the greatest pleasure one can imagine. It really feels so good, that it almost hurts and will bring you to your knees ! I encourage guys to get one, if not, use your partners then. Just make sure you get one whether as a couple or if you're single.
Daniel - Brooksville, Fl

You were not kidding! I thought I was sexually experienced until I tried the Hitachi Wand you told me about. WOW, that is all I have to say about it as it encompasses my thoughts completely... WOW!
Missy- Des Moines, IA

When I called and asked for the best toy to start with and was recommended to get the Hitachi Magic Wand with gspot attachment I was a bit nervous... especially never having owned a sex toy. This is a new world for me, I have become Multi-orgasmic and female ejaculated when I had never done either before! Oh my, how can words ever express my gratitude. Thank you for everything, you are an amazing company and bring so many people happiness!
Robin- Burbank, CA



Easy use for prostate massage facilitated by handle-


Hitachi Magic Wand
This is hands down one of the most loved sex toy by staff and customers especially with the blue, nontoxic, gspot/prostate attachment.

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