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Hello Touch X
By JimmyJane

The JimmyJane Hello Touch X turns your fingers into a dual functioning stimulator. It provides vibration or electrostimulation and features 10 power levels and 6 pulsation modes. The Hello Touch X comes with two sets of interchangeable pods to provide the vibration or electrostimulation (up to 120 volts) features to stimulate the clitoris, labia, G-spot, nipples and other erogenous zones. It is USB Rechargeable and features medical grade silicone pads that is body safe with phthalate free. It comes standard with a three year limited manufacturer warranty.

Read more about Electrostimulation and why it is becoming a very popular sexual stimulation tool in and out of the bedroom.

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Jimmy Jane Hello Touch X

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Cleaning & Care

Wash gently with mild soap and water. Dry with a soft, lint-free cloth. Never use chemical cleaners or abrasives. The Pleasure Pods and Finger Pads are fully waterproof and can be submerged during cleaning. For best results, remove the Pleasure Pods from the Finger Pads by squeezing the sides of the Finger Pads at the end opposite the opening. Do not pull on the wire to remove the Vibration Pods or E-Stim Pods, as this puts unnecessary strain on the connections. The Control Dock is splash-proof, but not submersible. Clean it by wiping with a damp cloth. Keep the Cap on the Control Dock during cleaning to prevent water from damaging the electronics inside. The Wristband is machine washable (but make sure to remove the Control Dock before washing).

Conductive gels work best with the electrostimulation device.

Please read our safety warnings in our estim article.


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Phthalate free
Green Sex Toy
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USB Charger
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Included Finger Pad Size
3-Year Limited Warranty
USB Charger
Travel Case

Depth .3"
Height .7"
Width .9"
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On Sale: Now Only-

Press (~) button to cycle through modes. There are six modes:

  • Mode 1: Short buzz, short pause
    (.045 seconds on, .12 seconds off)
  • Mode 2: Long buzz, long pause
    (.5 seconds on, .5 seconds off)
  • Mode 3: Longer buzz (2.4 seconds),
    short pause (2.4 seconds, 1.5 seconds off)
  • Mode 4: Cycles through first three modes
  • Mode 5: Wild card
  • Mode 6: Constant buzz

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Customer Reviews

Most Helpful Positive Review

I had never tried anything like an electrostimulation device before and I was blown away by the Jimmyjane Hello Touch X. I had read the reviews on the original Hello Touch so I was not expecting the vibration levels to be that strong as I understood them to moderate in the older version and they are still moderate. I found them stimulating but it was the electrostimulation part that was incredibly strong and powerful and I found myself really enjoying that. The silicone finger pads were easy to put on and stretchy so they were comfortable to wear and clean. The product comes with instructions so after reading them I was confident I knew how to use it and found it pretty easy to start up. I live alone so I planned on using this just on myself but I imagine it would be pretty cool to use on a man's penis as well. I used it on my nipples and found that just a little stimulation went a long way for me. I was never able to take the stronger estimulation stimulation on my clitoris... I am just to sensitive for that, but luckily I found a lower setting that worked quite well for me. It kind of felt super tingly and intense but not painful. I like that you can charge it through a USB port and that you can also wash the Neoprene wrist cuff as I like to keep my sex toys in good shape and clean.

Tammy - Danville, VA

Most Helpful Critical Review

The Hello Touch X is a well made product, comfortable to wear on your hand and the estim device is pretty cool. It is the vibration settings that I wish were more more powerful so I am deducting some points for that, but if you buy it knowing that you will be using it for mild vibration or more as a estimulation sex toys then you will be pleased.

Jenn - Central Islip, NY

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