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Liberator Authorized Dealer
Why You Should Only Purchase Them Through One

Only purchase your Liberator products through an authorized Liberator dealer. The last thing you want is to get a used sexual product, one that is damaged or even stolen. You also want to make sure you are reliable for the manufacturer one year warranty and buying through an authorized Liberator dealer will assure that you are eligible

Make sure the company you purchase from is an authorized dealer. If you cannot verify it, then you may want to not purchase from them. Holistic Wisdom, Inc. is an authorized dealer and this can be verified through the Liberator corporate office.

Authorized Dealer
Liberator Authorized Dealer

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Companies that sell below 10% off the MSRP (manufacturers suggested retail price) are often violating the manufacturer's agreement and are considered to be unauthorized sellers. When a company sells products as an unauthorized dealer, the manufacturer will not honor the one year warranty on the product. That means if the product were to break you would not be able to get any form of compensation through a replacement or repair.

There are some companies that sell wholesale to the general public. This is forbidden by the manufacturers that supply the products they sell and they are at risk of not being able to carry such products once the manufacturer discovers this violation.

A Health Warning to the Consumer-

Extremely low priced products may be stolen or refurbished (used sex toys) in these situations the old adage of 'too good to be true,' may apply. We suggest you use extreme caution when purchasing products that are well below the manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRP).

We Sell Only New Sex Toys as an Authorized Dealer for the Following Reasons-

1) We believe strongly in treating our customers with respect. Due to the nature of our products we want to make sure that our customers are protected. Therefore, we only sell new products.

2) Due to risks of STDs it would be a huge liability to be sending a sex toy that may have been used. No business should ever risk a customer's health and we feel very strongly about this issue because we care about your health.

3) We abide by the manufacturer's rules and regulations so that we can keep receiving the products and offer you all of the manufacturer's warranties.

Beware of Scams with Low Prices-

There are a few reasons why selling low is done as you must remember that all businesses must make money to stay around, so if the price is too good to be true, it most likely is as you will be paying for it in other ways.

We do not do any of the following as we respect our customers.

1) Selling of Your Information -
Even with large, mainstream companies this is done.

2) Advertising to You -
They will bombard you with all kinds of sales pitches by email, phone and mail. Some may be pornographic.

3) Stolen or Used Merchandise-
Some people and stores will resell used sex toys. There also may be a chance that the merchandise was not purchased wholesale, rather it was stolen.

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