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Male Multiple Orgasms
Myth Or Reality For The Common Man?

What Is Male Multiple Orgasm And How Can The Average Guy Learn It? Can you get it up again and again each night after orgasm?

For many, recovering following ejaculation isn't easy. The older you get the harder it is. Or the softer it is. For some of us, quick recovery is an impossible dream. The delay in getting turned on enough to do it again, technically called the refractory period, is a natural part of physiology. Is getting or staying hard after ejaculating what multi-orgasmic men learn?

By Jeffre & Somraj

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Learn to prevent premature ejaculation forever naturally with our best-selling ebook for men and their lovers, Ultimate Ejaculation Mastery. It offers powerful exercises, explicit sex tips, and proven advice that explain the ultimate Tantric approach to making love for as long as your partner wants, while you experience more ecstasy than you ever imagined possible.

No. Male Multiple Orgasm means learning to have a series of phenomenal climaxes without ejaculating. Yes, you can learn to separate orgasm from ejaculation. Multi-orgasmic men experience many "dry climaxes" before they choose the wet kind.

Can only vegetarians do this? Do you need drugs? Special world-class DNA? Years of yoga and deprivation?

No, definitely not. Any willing guy, like you, can learn to time his ejaculation with a little practice. And to give and receive as many orgasms as he and his partner wants.

Interested in learning how?
Read on to find out exactly what a dry orgasm is, to take a closer look at the difference between orgasm and ejaculation, and to discover how you can become Multi-orgasmic.


An orgasm is defined as a sexual climax, a few seconds of the most intense pleasure during sexual intercourse, usually accompanied with explosive release.

Think of how much trouble we all go to for these occasional few seconds. If you orgasm for 10 seconds, three times a week (the high end of national estimates), for 50 years, were only talking about 21 hours. That's less than one day of pleasure for an entire life of average sex.

But what if you could orgasm multiple times every night? What if you could go on continuously for hours? Is that possible?

Tantric gurus of the East have been studying all aspects of pleasure and human existence for thousands of years. Through Tantra, the ancient science of sacred sexuality, it is very possible to learn to extend your sexual stamina and virtually go all night.

Here's what Patrick from North Carolina wrote us: "Before I took up Tantra, I couldn't last for more than 4 seconds. Now that you have enlightened me about Tantra, I can go for hours. After 4 months of practicing Tantra, I can now go for 7 hours! I just can't believe that it is just that powerful."

Men, aren't you just a little curious? Women, don't you want to help your lover go on and on? The pay-off of longer-lasting ecstasy is definitely worth it.


Masters and Johnson broke sex down into four stages: arousal, excitement, explosion, and resolution. The explosion phase, ejaculatory orgasm, is a two-step process. First, after reaching the point of no return, the muscles around your prostate gland contract and empty semen into the urethral canal. Second, the smooth muscles around your pelvic floor rhythmically pump the released fluids out the end of your pleasure stick.

If you're interested in teaching yourself multiple orgasm, a great way to start is to become more aware of these processes with this enjoyable exercise...

  • Self pleasure up to the point of no return. (Nothing to feel guilty about, doctor's orders!)
  • Relax completely.
  • Pay close attention to what happens as you ejaculate.
  • Can you feel the involuntary spasms around your prostate and the contractionsthat propel your semen outward?

With a little practice, you'll notice each distinct change and sensation as they happen. Some students repeat this exercise over and over in the interests of scientific inquiry. We applaud them for their dedication!


Tantric adepts view ejaculatory orgasm as building energy in the erogenous zones, getting swept away by passion, and exploding with ejaculation. When the excitement climbs higher than you can contain, all your juice finds the path of least resistance out through the genitals, releasing built-up energy and the inevitable wet spot.

What could be better than the rush of that fantastic 10-second expulsion? The Tantric Orgasm is a long series of slow, intensely pleasurable, full-body vibrations accompanied by surge after surge of orgasmic energy. If they continue without ejaculation, the waves of ecstasy climb to unheard of heights. By conserving energy instead of throwing it away by ejaculating, you get higher and hotter all over your body.

To experience Tantric Orgasm, you just pump built-up sexual energy away from your genitals. When you recirculate intense arousal without explosive release, you can still feel those exquisite smooth muscle contractions around your pelvic floor. The slang for these inner energy climaxes is "dry orgasms." Actually, they feel more like implosions, the inner explosion of unrestrained sexual power inside your body.

Temporarily after a dry orgasm during intercourse, excitation typically decreases enough so that you can enjoy more vigorous stroking without ejaculating. Tantric lovemaking rises slowly to a peak, stops to savor the pleasure, pumps fast for a bit, reaches another ecstatic peak, and then repeats over and over. Sound like fun?

There are many ways for men to interrupt ejaculation just before the point of inevitability. For example, if you press on your prostate gland through the perineum (the soft spot between your testicles and anus), or squeeze the base of your penis, you can prevent the fluid explosion. You can learn this kind of control, but Tantric methods are by far more pleasurable.

To learn multiple Tantric Orgasm, first, learn to relax completely while you're highly aroused. This is the opposite of most guy's programming, which is to tense up when excited. After relaxing, sensitize yourself to sexual energy, you know, that inner vibration like electricity that stimulates your nerves, warms your body, and titillates your erogenous zones. Instead of focusing on the Big O, the next time you make love, try this...

1) Start slowly without a goal or agenda about what's going to happen.

2) At each moment, concentrate on what you're feeling and where.

3) As the energy collects strongly in your genitals, slow down, breathe deeply, and relax.

4) Visualize your sexual fire streaming up your body away from your genitals.

5) When the excitement surges intensely, stop all movement and enjoy it. You might
    feel hot waves of ecstasy all over, or you might ejaculate strongly, or you might
    just orgasm without ejaculating.

Through dedicated practice, which is loads of fun, you can learn to monitor your level of arousal, relax when you're too excited, interrupt ejaculation, and spread sexual energy for full-body orgasms. Fortunately, these exercises, when done regularly, are proven to be 95% effective.


  • Orgasm does not have to equal ejaculation.
  • Relax your sexual muscles at the right time.
  • Go higher and higher by conserving energy, not exploding.
  • Circulate sexual energy inside for implosive orgasm after orgasm.

You see, it's not a myth. You can orgasm again and again while you last and last. When your female lover learns to savor this same pace, you can ride the wave of bliss together to unimaginable peaks.


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