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Oprah Magazine- O
Reviews Sex Toys

If you haven't caught the June 2006 issue of Oprah's Magazine that reviews sex toys then here is the scoop. Basically, Lisa Kogan goes to a sex toy shop to review sex toys with Hilda Hutcherson, MD (sexpert). She comments on how pretty and sculptural they are and even says "... you could really have them on your coffee table without anybody realizing they're vibrators."

"My eyes light on the holy grail, the Rolls-Royce of sex toys. Drumroll, please: Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Rabbit Habit."

- Dr. Laura Berman on the Oprah Network - OWN on her show In The Bedroom

Lisa Lawless
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.
Psychotherapist & Sexuality Expert

CEO & Founder of
Holistic Wisdom, Inc. & NAASAS

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I suppose because I teach sex education for a living it always amazes me that many women know nothing of sex toys. There are concerns of addiction that are brought up in this article and I wanted to take a moment to address that because I agree with what is said about it.
There is no more a risk of addiction to sex toys than getting addicted to lemonade. Some people like lemonade more than others, some drink it all the time, some people find it is not for them and others like it once in a while. The same thing applies to sex toys. They are what you make them.

Many women use them in relationships to enhance love making with their partner, some use them solo. No matter whether you are with a partner or not when you use them, they can make you feel wonderful, allow you to embrace your sexuality in new and creative ways and are truly a great advancement for women. There are many women, have never experienced an orgasm until they used a sex toy. Sexual intimacy with ourselves and partner is one of the greatest physical pleasures we humans can have... why would we miss out on using sex toys by ourselves or with our partner in order to be more creative and enjoy a rich and fulfilling sex life? It is simply every woman's God given gift to experience sexual pleasure... we should graciously embrace it with open minds. Read our article about Vibrator Myths for more information about this topic.

Lisa Kogan makes note of a few items that pique her interest here is the list-


Kama Sutra Honey Dust
Astrea Vibrating Panties By Berman
Rabbit Habit
These not only taste and smell delicious, you will simply be a tempting treat! Imagine your lover's surprise when they taste your sensual skin only to discover an erotic blend of honey, fruit and flowers. Remote control vibrating thong provides discreet, hands-free stimulation. With a remote that is operational up to 12' away you can give control to your partner. From the original makers of all the Rabbit sex toys today. This dual-action vibrator with soft bunny ear ticklers for clitoral stimulation. Swiveling beads.
RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)
Fukuoku 9000 & Power Pack Finger Vibes
Make Your Own Sex Toy Kits
The Silicone Finger Teasers are made of hygienically superior silicone. Each sleeve slides over your fingers to give a new sensation to foreplay. Available In Two Designs and made with Hygienically Superior Silicone. Recommended In Oprah's Magazine O June 2006 These one-of-a-kind make your own dildo kits will create an "identical twin" of yours or your lovers penis and scrotum or outer vaginal lips, using the same patented replication technology employed by special effects houses in Hollywood! Make in rubber, chocolate, soap and even a candle! Small multispeed vibrator, compatible with attachments for added stimulation. Water-resistant, Strong and High-Quality, Unique and Versatile, Powerful Mini Vibrator, Attachments Available. Recommended In Oprah's Magazine O June 2006
RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)


Lubricants That Taste Terrible

There are a lot of flavored lubricants that taste like cough syrup to me so I agree with Lisa in the article about that. What I can tell you is that my staff and I have searched the flavored lubricant industry up and down and there are a few that we recommend with top ratings. Below is a link to our favorites. They actually taste like the fruit they claim to and have the benefit of being waterbased and condom safe.

See our flavored lubricant reviews to see what we REALLY think about the different brands.

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