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Hydropumps: X30 & X40, Xtreme X40, Xtreme X30
By Bathmate

The Hydromax Hydropumps X30 and X40 are designed to assist men in providing a larger penis and to treat ED or Erectile Dysfunction. They can also help men last longer during sex. They are safe to use when used as directed and come with instructions. Just using it once will provide results and using it 15 minutes per day when taking a shower will provide long lasting results. The manufacturer claims that these pumps are 250% more efficient than air pumps and that they can add up to 2" in length and 40% in girth.

We now also carry the Hydromax Xtreme X30 Hydropump and the Hydromax Xtreme X40 Hydropump which are the most powerful pumps to date with the same unique globally patented design with many additions. Xtreme is the first of our Hydropumps to incorporate into the design the option of a detachable handball pump.

Xtreme Kits include: Xtreme Hydropump, carry case, measuring gauge, cleaning sponge, handball pump, comfort insert pad, hose attachment, pump lube, security lock, and shower strap.

To learn how to use a penis pump see our Penis Pump Guide & Disclaimer

Hydromax X30 & X40 Hydropump

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RATING (1-5)
Phthalate Free
Polycarbonate / Rubber

Hydromax Hydropumps: X30 & X40, Xtreme X40, Xtreme X30
Hydromax Hydropumps: X30 & X40, Xtreme X40, Xtreme X30 The X30 vs. X40

The X40 is larger and has 15% more power than the X30 and is for men who have a 2.1" wide and 7.9" long penis or larger.

The minimum penis length for the X30 is 3".

Hydromax Hydropumps: X30 & X40, Xtreme X40, Xtreme X30 The Xtreme X30 vs. Xtreme X40

The Xtreme X40 is larger and has 15% more power than the Xtreme X30 and is for men who have a 2.1" wide and 7.9" long penis or larger.

The minimum penis length for the Xtreme X30 is 3".

Xtreme X30 & X30 Size Xtreme X40 & X40 Size

Weight: 10.3 oz
Length: 11.65"
Inside Compressed Length: 8.6"
Outer Width: 3.5"
Inside Width: 2.3"
Max Penis Length: 7.8"
Max Penis Width: 2"

Weight: 15.4 oz
Length: 13"
Inside Compressed Length: 9.5"
Outer Width: 4"
Inside Width: 2.62"
Max Penis Length: 9"
Max Penis Width: 2.4"

How to Use

  • Take a shower or bath to allow the pores on your skin to open up in the warm water.
  • Fill the Hydropump with water and place it over your penis.
  • Slowly begin to pump being careful not to cause pain.
  • Leave the Hydropump on your penis while you wash.
  • You will have to re-pump approximately every 5 min. or so to maintain a strong pulling sensation for up to 15 min. per day.
  • Do not pump too fast or over pump as abuse of the pump can cause injury.
  • Penis Pump Guide & Safety Tips

Cleaning & Care

Rinse with soap and water and let air dry before storing.


Red X30: $157.99

Blue X30: $157.99

Clear X30: $157.99

Red X40: $192.99

Blue X40: $192.99

Clear X40: $192.99

X30 Xtreme: $299.99

X40 Xtreme: $349.99


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ustomer Reviews

Most Helpful Positive Review

I have had many penis pumps and the Hydropump X30 by Bathmate is my favorite as it gives me the most noticeable results. I did find that the base pressing against me was sometimes uncomfortable but once I got the hang of it I found it worked well. I have found that with consistent use, the tissue of my penis has permanently expanded allowing it to become longer and more wide. After I use it I see a maximum increase of about .75" in length and .1.25" in girth and it lasts anywhere from 6 - 12 hours even after ejaculating and while no longer having an erection. Again, I have noticed that the increases have lasted after 12 hours and beyond but those more permanent increases are more about .25" in length and .5" in girth. I use my pump daily so I am not sure if it would be lost if I stopped. I use the pump for about 10 min. a day during a shower. I was having some problems with ED, but found this to help me get hard before sex so it solved that issue for the time being.

Brett - Santa Clara, CA


Most Helpful Critical Review

I got the X40 as I have a 8" long penis. I used it in the bath three times now and found that it does what it says it can. I noticed that I was more "plump" and a bit longer than unusual. I have not measured for exact dimensions but it is visibly larger and this lasts for about 24 hours. I would say I am pretty pleased. I found I had to push in the pump kinda firmly to get it to stay in place and it caused a moment of discomfort but nothing bad. It was more from pressing against the pubic area and did not make my penis feel uncomfortable at all.

John - Kimberly, WI

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