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The Famous Rabbit Pearl
Are Rabbit Sex Toys As Good As The Hype?

The Rabbit Pearl has been a top-selling toy as it was really one of the first of it's kind. I was just talking about this as I was getting my haircut with a few women in the Salon the other day and one of them said that they were hesitant to get it because it was expensive and the place where she was going to get it wanted $89 for it and they weren't sure if it would live up to it's promises.

I of course smiled and said that they were being overcharged in my opinion at $89 and that we sell it for a lot less. More importantly, I stressed that she would want to get the right brand because there are a lot of knock offs these days and the last thing you want is a copy cat breaking down in two weeks.

Lisa Lawless
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.
Psychotherapist & Sexuality Expert

CEO & Founder of
Holistic Wisdom, Inc. & NAASAS

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The company that invented the Rabbit Pearl is Vibratex and is owned by a couple whom I actually know and really admire. They have manufactured many great sex toys and are based in Vallejo, California. As far as what a dual action vibrator can do... oh, honey hold on to your panties!

Dildo Feature-

Dual action vibrators are both vibrators and dildos and can be used separately or together. Because the sex toys we carry are all phthalate free and made by reputable manufacturers you have nothing to worry about when it comes to toxins in them. Dual action vibrators have a phallic shape and provide internal pressure as they rotate pressing against the gspot. Remember to use lubricant make sure it is waterbased to ensure that there is no chemical interaction with any of the materials that were used to make the sex toy.

Vibrator Feature-

Most dual action vibrators have multiple speeds and functions. Therefore, all you have to do to make your dildo a vibrator is turn it on. Start slow and turn up the speed, or vary the speeds and functions throughout to suit your personal preference.

It's a Gyrating Shaft-

Unlike other toys, the Rabbit Pearl and other rabbit vibrators don't just vibrate, some of them gyrate. When you switch on the vibrating shaft, the upper half of the shaft moves in a circular motion, massaging your gspot, the inner walls of your vagina. The shaft does not typically vibrate, although that will depend on the product as some thrust while others stay in one position and create pulsing sensations that make them feel like they are moving.

Pearls & Beads-

The reason the Rabbit Pearl is referred to as a pearl is due to the rotating pearls inside. Many later models do not have some form of beads in them as they were sometimes causing problems with jamming. Some manufacturers solved this by having the beads rotate in order rather than randomly and in some cases run on a track. The beads are designed to stimulate the labia (vaginal lips) however, some women find them to irritate them and that is why many prefer the models do not have pearls or beads.

Clitoral Stimulation-

Like the Rabbit Pearl, many dual action stimulators have 2 power controls: one for the vibrating and the other for rotation. This enables the user to use the sex toy just as a clitoral stimulator so that you really do have two toys in one. You do not have to insert the dildo to use it and can use the shaft as a handle when just using the vibrator. You can also use it on nipples and other sensitive parts.

Caring for Your Rabbit Vibrator-

See our article on how to clean any sex toy.


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