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Rechargeable Sex Toys
Things You Should Know

Many sex toys these days are rechargeable, so we have put together a few reminders on how to best charge your sex toys most effectively. Also, make sure to read tips that may help you problem solve issues if your sex toy is not charging or holding a charge as well as ways to keep your sex toy working properly as many times it is something very simple to correct.

Tips for Properly Charging Sex Toys
  • Make sure to charge your sex toy for the stated amount of time within the instructions when the product arrives. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions as they better understand the requirements for their products and the batteries that they have used in their product.

  • Charging a sex toy from a lap top may not be a good idea if it goes into a "sleep" mode. This may cause a problem with it getting a proper charge. Please try charging it from a wall charger; most cell phones have a removable cord and other devices that can be charged from the same wall outlet.

  • Some sex toys have a charging mechanism that does not click into place, rather, it is a magnetic contact. This may make it difficult to know if you product is actually charging. Make sure that when you walk away from it that the charging indicator light is still on because any movement can break the connection and keep it from properly charging, thus, causing the product not to have the power to work.

  • Many rechargeable sex toys have a travel lock on the to keep them from operating when you are transporting them. Make sure that you have turned off the travel lock before attempting to turn it on as many people mistakenly think that it is not working when in reality the sex toy is simply electronically locked.

  • While many rechargeable sex toys are waterproof, make sure you check before cleaning them and always make sure that the charging socket is dry before attempting to charge the sex toy.

  • Before charging inspect the charging port for any dust or lint that may keep the connection from occurring to properly charge your product.

  • If you purchase a rechargeable sex toy that does not have a universal USB charger and you are outside of the USA and are attempting to use a power adapter to convert a standard 120 volt plug used in the USA you may be causing damage to the sex toy and we highly recommend you contact us to purchase a model that is specifically designed for your power outlet as many manufacturers have them available. (US Plug type: US polarized ETL)

  • Many rechargeable sex toys light-up or flash while charging so you may wish to charge these during the day or cover-up the light when sleeping.

  • If you have different chargers for a variety of sex toys you may want to label your chargers to keep track of which chargers belong to each sex toy.

  • Make sure to keep your sex toy in a temperate environment avoiding overly hot or humid conditions as it may cause the internal battery to run down more quickly.

  • Prolonged exposure to heat reduces battery life with most sex toy batteries using consumer-grade lithium-ion batteries so you should not charge them at temperatures below 32 °F or above 113 °F.

  • Most sex toys today use lithium Ion (Li-ion) batteries and with these types of batteries you do not need to worry about overcharging them as it does not affect their life span. This is why rechargeable sex toys are more expensive as the Li-ion batteries are a higher quality and more expensive to put in these sex toys.

  • Some rechargeable sex toys will drain energy when inactive, so remember if it has been a long time since you have charged the sex toy, you may need to recharge it again to get full use out of it. If you don't plan to use your sex toy for a while (more than 1 month) you may want to store it with at least a 30 - 50 percent charge because storing a fully discharged battery in a sex toy for a long period can cause it to lose its charging capacity. If you continue to store your sex toy without using it make sure to charge it a little to keep it at the 30-50 percent charge level once every six to twelve months. The reason for the optimal amount of a 30 - 50 percent charge is because a battery that is fully charged and left unused for a long period of time may also cause the sex toy to lose its effectiveness. Running a Li-ion battery down completely will also diminish the charging capacity so leaving some power in it is the best way to store it.


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