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Romantic Music
         Romantic ~ Spiritual ~ Passionate

This selection of CDs is one that incorporates a spiritual component of interconnectedness, passion and romance. They are soothing, erotic, and exotic leaving room for desire to grow and moments of sensual ecstasy to explode. These selections are also great for meditation and moments of watching a sunset or times were appreciation of love and life are calling. They make for great gifts or as part of one of our gift baskets.

Romantic CDs On Sale

This selection of CDs is one that incorporates a spiritual component of interconnectedness, passion and romance. They are soothing, erotic, and exotic leaving room for desire to grow and moments of sensual ecstasy to explode. These selections are also great for meditation and moments of watching a sunset or times were appreciation of love and life are calling. They make for great gifts or as part of one of our gift baskets.
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The Sacred Fire- Nicholas Gunn
Unforgettable spiritual rhythms, haunting flute and stirring vocals that burn with intensity, evoking his eternal reverence for the ancient peoples who once tread delicately upon the Southwestern desert landscape.

Book of Secrets- Loreena McKennitt
McKennitt's recordings always have the quality of a spiritual sojourn; her songs are those of a seeker, whether she's setting Yeats, Scripture, or her own words to her compositions. It's this that attracts people to her music, and The Book of Secrets is no exception, whether it's the lazy rhythms of "Marco Polo," the sober joy of "The Mummers' Dance," the poignancy of "Skellig" or "Dante's Prayer," or the drama of Alfred Noyes's "The Highwayman." "The Highwayman" is a particularly strong effort, especially in comparison to her earlier setting of "The Lady of Shalott"; McKennitt has become much more skilled at musical narrative. This is music that can be enjoyed on many levels, from McKennitt's growing skill as a composer to the deeper questions posed by her lyrics.

Memory of Trees- Enya
To many people, Enya has become synonymous with new age music. Her haunting voice, clear and crisp above richly woven musical arrangements and adaptations, represents some of the best in the genre. Her performances on The Memory of Trees justify the Celtic songster's reputation. Songs like "China Roses" and "Hope Has a Place" complement the simple elegance of traditional folk music with luxuriantly layered instrumentation and highly crafted studio production. The ultimate effect is dazzling, to be sure. Whether she sings in English, Gaelic, or Latin, Enya conveys a profound, if slightly disconcerting, mix of spirituality and sensuality.

Celtic Journey- Various Artists - International - Europe - Celtic/British Isles
This wondrous CD opens up with "Nimue's Lament (Vocal Version)" by Alkaemy, and features beautifully themed vocals and a lush string arrangement. Backing vocals come courtesy of the great Miriam Stockley. "Secret Call" by Gingko Garden is a slightly more electronic version of Enya, with male and female vocals in tight harmony together. The beginning almost reminded me of "Smooth Operator" by Sade. "Into The Blue" by Ring is a beautiful Celtic-themed song with a laid-back march/hip-hop beat and elegant female vocals. "Angel" is another great offering from Clair Marlo. Her angelic vocals float atop light harps and percussion. "Celtica" by Govinda features a slightly sharp fiddle part played over a heavily syncopated beat accompanied by guitar and synthesizers. Overall- excellent music!

Turning Point- David Wilcox
Wilcox's handsome tenor bears an uncanny resemblance to James Taylor's and the younger man alternates intimate, acoustic ballads with electrified, jazz-pop midtempo numbers just like his hero. Turning Point is definitely easy on the ear.

Reiki: The Light Touch Merlin's Magic
Beautiful and empowering with simply haunting melodies. Great for meditation and revelation.

Heart of the World- Mary Youngblood
Flutist Mary Youngblood's CD brims with feminine beauty and Native American spirituality. With airy flute, hand drums, percussion, guitar, and the gorgeous vocals of Joanne Shenandoah, Heart of the World spins a wonderfully folkish, uplifting tribute to life on earth. "Loon Dance" sings with a light vibrancy, gracefully mixing the repetition of beautiful Native American melody and acoustic guitar. "Yuba" runs as slowly and sensually as the rivers it pays homage to. The precious value of this recording lies not only in its enchanting embrace of Native American culture, nature, and love, but the divine music it creates from simple, natural instruments. So much New Age music reaches for grandiose heights with electronic instrumentation that ends up sounding calculated, arrogant, and corny on CD. What a refreshing gift to receive music that's made by instruments grown from the land and played by an ensemble with a heart.

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy- Sarah McLachlan
If you're looking for a CD to unwind with, this is IT! The lyrics, arrangements, and melodies are almost perfect. Simply, a beautiful piece of work. A must have that will be a favorite forever.

Polishing the Stone- Rachel Cahn
First albums, like first novels or first films or first anything, are very revealing. They often show great potential, but only partially realized. Rachel's first album is as polished as works by musicians who are working on their 30th. It is a marvelous tapestry of sounds, textures, moods and mindsets that achieves that most magical of artistic achievements -- it takes you places. You simply cannot listen to it and remain in the same place you were when you began.

Spirit- Jewel
She started with "Pieces of You" and kept it up with "Spirit" Her beautiful voice and inspiring music make this CD a must-have. This CD is magic.

Peasants, Pigs & Astronauts- Kula Shaker
Kula Shaker manage to fuse the great rock sound of the late 60s and the melody of Indian ragas with a modernism and aplomb that is unparalleled! I have listened to this CD a 100 times and I love it! These guys rock and at the same time have a melodic undercurrent running through all the tracks.

The Charity of Night- Bruce Cockburn
Imagery of night and darkness, shadow and storm pervades Bruce Cockburn’s twenty-third album (and first on Rykodisc), The Charity of Night. Held in high regard for his “poetic, innovative, often provocative song writing," Cockburn’s lyrical introspection sometimes leads him to the more secret corridors of the heart and soul. He also believes that, on this album, he is at something of a turning point.

Further Adventures of Bruce Cockburn- Bruce Cockburn
Remastered 1996 reissue on True North, the CD debut of his 1978 album for High Romance. 10 tracks, including 'Rainfall' and 'A Montreal Song'. Cockburn's story-telling style and the slightly jazzy, folky, sometimes almost experimental music can be hypnotic.

Dream- Kitaro
Kitaro is well known for his new age style and, as in SilkRoad here we have a masterpiece. Jon Anderson has three faces: With Yes he takes on symphonic rock, as a soloist he wrote new age as well and he has collaborated extensively with Vangelis in his classic albums Friends of Mr. Cairo, Page of Life and especially Short Stories. Here the collaboration between Kitaro and Jon works. Both exceed every expectation and every song is great.

Torched- Michael Hedges
Torched is the album Michael Hedges was reputedly working on when he was tragically taken from us in a car wreck in November 1997. It reveals Hedges exploring his fervent desire as a singer/songwriter. Torched is his spiritual search and romantic yearnings

Passion- Peter Gabriel
For listeners looking for Gabriel's usual pop or rock, this soundtrack is something of an oddity: no lyrics, no catchy hooks, etc. From the haunting tones of "Troubled," to the purity of love in "With this love," Peter Gabriel has created a work of art so incredible... whether you are listening to relax or to set the mood for a romantic moment, "Passion" will come forth from your stereo and take a life of it's own. It will transport you to a world of sand, wind, and raw emotion with a magical sound that will leave you begging for more.

Ancient Journeys: A Vision of the New World- Cusco
Ancient Journey's is almost a continuous journey off the Apurimac Series. If you like extraordinary music that uplifts, makes your mind wander, and your soul speak; this may be what you need. No words, just instruments. Cusco uses techno influences merged with wood instruments from primitive lands to make a unique blend of music now recently coined Techno Tribal. It is not harsh to the ears, just pleasant and serene. Great music for relaxing, hiking, reading, drawing, or sleeping.

Eternal Champion- David Arkenstone
Something of a "greatest hits" collection, this disc from one of the New Age genre's finest composers is a soundtrack looking for a movie. He explores the possibilities of modern synthesizers, and the results are impressive: a mix of his rock roots and a classical sensibility that makes several pieces sound as if they were performed by a full-blown symphony orchestra. Eternal Champion is an excellent introduction to this composer's work.

The Ladder- Yes
The opening title track is a mini-epic that features some nice sections, and, in particular, the beauty of the piano/acoustic guitar coda is mesmerizing. It Will Be A Good Day (The River) is another good song in the same vein. Lightning Strikes is also a strong track, that features a surprisingly-cast horn section. If You Only Knew is a highly touching ballad. The Messenger and, especially, New Language are great tracks that recall classic 70's Yes without sounding dated or trite.

Earth Mother Earth- Jon Anderson (Sorry, no link on this one)
The singer and lyricist of Yes decided to make this solo album for himself as well as his fans. Simple and poetic, charming and spiritual, this acoustic album is filled with reverence for our home, the earth. Jon wanted to make this most personal album for years and finally we have the chance to join him in appreciation and in song about the glorious nature around us.


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