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Holistic & Transpersonal Psychology

Enjoy our list of recommended books that explore areas of holistic health as well as transpersonal psychology which is a sub-field of traditional psychology which integrates both spiritual and modern psychological aspects of the human experience.

Holistic & Transpersonal Psychology Books

Asian Health Secrets

By Letha Hadady, D.Ac.
The first interactive guide to herbal medicine, presenting breakthrough guidelines for self-diagnoses that help readers understand how to evaluate their personal health needs and use readily available herbs to treat common maladies, boost the immune system, prevent illness, maintain wellness, and ensure longevity. The author is a herbalist and acupuncturist.

Eastern Body Western Mind
By Anodea Judith
It is rare to find a book that tackles issues as diverse as Jungian psychology, spirituality, metaphysics, somatic therapy and the New Age in a single volume while still doing justice to each individual. It is rarer still to find a book whose diverse references together create a single, whole, and very powerful theory. Eastern Body, Western Mind is just such a book.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies
By C. Norman Shealy, M.D.
A complete health reference explains what various alternative therapies are now available, what they are successful at treating, which therapy is suitable for which ailment, and how to choose and find a good practitioner.

The Holotropic Mind
By Stanislav Grof, MD
Hailed as "the successor to Jung and Freud" (Richard Tarnas, author of The Passion of the Western Mind), Stanislav Grof presents his revolutionary unified model of human consciousness that explains our behavior, evolution, personality, and the mind-body connection.

Beyond the Brain

By Stanislav Grof, MD
Discusses not only the author's experience with psychedelic therapy and non-drug techniques, but, equally valuable, the insights and conclusions he has come to as a result, culminating in a radical new view of human nature that corresponds with the ancient spiritual wisdom: that each of us is both body and spirit, and we are striving to reconnect with our original wholeness/divine origin.

Spectrum of Consciousness
By Ken Wilber
A synthesis of religion, philosophy, physics, and psychology that started a revolution in transpersonal psychology.

The Atman Project

By Ken Wilber
Wilber chronicles individual psychospiritual development. New Foreword by the author.

The Eye of Spirit

By Ken Wilber
Wilber's widely acknowledged "spectrum of consciousness" model integrates numerous different and important fields, from art and literary theology to cultural studies, from anthropology to philosophy. Using the spectrum approach, he shows exactly how the essentials of these various fields can be brought together in a coherent, comprehensive, and compelling fashion, thus providing an "integrative vision" for the modern and postmodern world.

A Brief History of Everything

By Ken Wilber
This account of men and women's place in a universe of sex and gender, self and society, spirit and soul is written in question-and-answer format, making it both readable and accessible. Wilber offers a series of original views on many topics of current controversy, including the gender wars, multiculturalism, modern liberation movements, and the conflict between various approaches to spirituality.

Psychotherapy and Spirit
By Brant Cortright
Presents the underlying assumptions and the psycho-spiritual framework of transpersonal psychotherapy, and explores the centrality of consciousness in both its theory and practice. Reviews and assesses the major models such as those by Ken Wilber and Carl Jung; explores various existential, psychoanalytic, and body-centered approaches; and examines some key clinical issues such as meditation, spiritual emergency, and altered states of consciousness.

Paths Beyond Ego: The Transpersonal Vision
By Walsh & Vaughan
This book is a clarion call for an expanded vision of human possibilities. The 50 essays that make up Paths Beyond Ego apply transpersonal thinking to individual growth, psychotherapy, meditation, dreams, psychedelics, science, ethics, philosophy, ecology and service. The result is an integrated and comprehensive overview of the many dimensions of human experience.

Transpersonal Psychotherapy
Edited by Seymour Boorstein, M.D.
Offers a summary of the state of the art of transpersonal psychiatry, with essays by pioneers in the field focusing on the scientific healing/mysticism alliance. Describes a variety of uses of traditional and spiritual approaches, with articles on areas such as transpersonal currents in Western therapies, Western psychotherapies and Eastern traditions, and implications of birth and death experiences. For professionals and general readers. Originally published in 1980, this second edition contains new articles by key figures in the field.

The Perennial Philosophy

By Aldous Huxley
Both an anthology and an interpretation of the supreme mystics, East and West.

Thoughts Without A Thinker
By Marl Epstein, M.D.
Drawing upon his own experience as therapist, mediator and patient, Mark Epstein, a New York-based psychiatrist trained in classical Freudian methods, attempts to integrate Western psychotherapy and the teachings of Buddhism. Repressed memories, painful emotions, narcissism and destructive energies can all be uprooted through Buddha's teaching on suffering, delusion, wisdom and non-attachment. Epstein argues that in recognizing his or her self-created mental suffering, a patient can overcome neurotic behaviors and even overcome a deeply ingrained negative sense of self.

Going To Pieces Without Falling Apart
By Marl Epstein, M.D.
In the era of self-empowerment and the relentless glorification of self-esteem, Mark Epstein is questioning whether we have it all backward. As a psychiatrist and practicing Buddhist for 25 years, Epstein has come to believe that the self-help movement has encouraged us to spend enormous amounts of time, money, and mental energy on patching up our egos, rather than pursuing true self-awareness. Instead, Epstein suggests we carefully shatter the ego, as if it were a fat piggy bank, to see what's inside a scary prospect for those who spend their lives in fear of falling apart. But fear not. Epstein artfully shows readers how to patch the pieces together again into a far richer and more meaningful mosaic.

Man And His Symbols
By Carl G. Jung
illustrated throughout with revealing images, this is the first and only work in which the world-famous Swiss psychologist explains to the lay-person his enormously influential theory of symbolism as revealed in dreams.


By Carl G. Jung
Jung's theorizing on working a dream.


By Carl G. Jung
A parapsychological study of the meaningful coincidence of events, extrasensory perception, and similar phenomena.

Dreams: A Portal To The Source

By Edward C. Whitmont & Sylvia Brinton Perera
Represents a thoughtful, critical examination of dream interpretation from multiple perspectives without premature closure or adherence to dogma.  



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