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Female Ejaculation Experiences
Read What People Say About How It Happened For Them

We have put together some of the feedback that we have received about The Art of Female Ejaculation below. These are quick outlines of their experiences with female ejaculation.

We also have some very sexy and detailed stories about female ejaculation if you prefer-
Erotic stories about female ejaculation

"I have often been amazed at how some "talented" women seemed to gush cum when they had an orgasm. They seemed to not only turn me on beyond belief, but they also seemed to be having the most delicious time! I figured it was something only some women could do and never thought that my girlfriend was capable... until I bought your female ejaculation movie and eBook! I watched and read it with her and we tried your suggestions. That night was the best sex we have ever had, and now, much to my absolute excitement, she gushes cum ALL of the time when we get it on! Lisa thank you, thank you, thank you!"

- Jack, Kansas City, KS

"I just bought "The Art Of Female Ejaculation" three days ago, and all I can say is: Thank God! I used to think that only certain women could achieve female ejaculation and experience such powerful orgasms before I watched your female ejaculation movie. I have read books on female orgasms, but this female ejaculation book and video takes the cake! Not only is the orgasm more powerful using your techniques, but my husband loved the gush of cum that squirt out of me! It was the most intense orgasm of my life! No one could have ever described the pure pleasure that it brought! One tip to any of your readers... make sure to get out the towels because this "gush" is gonna get you really wet!"

- Jessica, Cedar Rapids, IA

"I found your site to be a great way to introduce my girlfriend to female ejaculation. It has long been a fantasy of mine to have her squirt during sex, but she never believed that it could be done. All the sites I went to in order to learn about it were either confusing, had little information, or would have offended her. As your site states, she would have the most intense squirting orgasms form doing it, and now I know she will be interested in your female ejaculation movie and book I just purchased, especially from a tasteful and erotic site like yours. I am hopeful that she will put it to good use. If only other women understood more about female ejaculation... Thank you so much for publishing such a fantastic book and producing the best female ejaculation video. You are truly my hero!"

- Jensen, Kansas City, KS

"Reading your eBook brought tears to my eyes, as I was always accused of peeing during sex. It not only made me self conscious, and ashamed, but it also made my sexual pleasure go from a ten to nothing. From then on despite an active sex life I never had an orgasm. I held back constantly during sex worrying that I would pee, and I felt I was repulsive to my ex-husband who always shamed me about it. I tried talking to my girlfriends about it, and either they were grossed out by it, or simply did not want to talk about it with me because they thought it was peeing too! After several years of horrible sexual conflict regarding this with my ex, I started on a quest and went for psychotherapy as I thought something might be (psychologically) wrong with me. Your eBook has changed all that for me, and I finally feel good about my sexuality for the first time since adolescence. Thank you Lisa, for getting the facts out there, and for giving me back my sense of self worth and sexual pleasure again!

- Sara, Montgomery, AL

"I admit that I used to spend a lot of time looking at web sites that had women showing off their amazing ability to gush cum like a fountain! When I saw your site offering "The Art Of Female Ejaculation" online, I was intrigued, but skeptical that my wife would be able to do it. After I shared some of your amazing tips with her, she not only squirted once, but did gushed cum three times in one night! You made a 13 year marriage feel like we were on our honeymoon and having the most incredible sex of our lives! My wife thanks you, and I thank you!"

- David, Los Angles, CA
"My boyfriend of three years used to say that he loved the idea of a woman squirting cum. His sexual fantasy of a woman doing it was something I was not able to fulfill until now. It had caused a lot of friction, because I used to feel inadequate. I thought I was not able to do it, and that this phenomenon only applied to a few lucky women. He seemed to be so aroused by this, that our sexual relationship began to deteriorate over it! When I saw your book, I realized that if there was a chance that I could do it, that I would finally get the upper hand! I read your book, followed your simple instructions and gave him the surprise of his life last night when I came like a fire hydrant! I was in ecstasy from the intensity of my orgasm. I loved how much cum was squirting out of me, and I was quite pleased that I was finally able to make my boyfriend's sexual fantasy come true. This weekend he proposed! You not only made my relationship 100 times more erotic, but taught me the simple techniques of achieving the most pleasurable orgasm of my life through female ejaculation! I am forever grateful!"

 - Kathy, Vienna, VA
"Female ejaculation has ALWAYS been a huge turn on for me. It would get me hard just thinking about it! I had a girlfriend in college that used to do it, but the love of my life was not able to... until I shared the secrets I found "The Art Of Female Ejaculation!" You have allowed me to merge my absolute sexual fantasy with the woman of my dreams and I can not tell you how amazing and beautiful your female ejaculation movie has been in my life. Thank you."

- Frank, Denver, CO
"Lisa's "The Art Of Female Ejaculation" eBook is an exceptional guide to exploding orgasms! This isn't just a simple overview... it's a feature-rich, Sexuality Expert tool that's chock full of hard-edged information you'd expect to pay big bucks for, or waste a lot of time trying to learn on your own. Extremely thorough and well-written. More than just recommended, I'd describe Lisa's eBook as sexually essential!

- Theresa, London, England

"I've been married to my wife for 18 years and after we bought your female ejaculation movie, we are happy to report that she's ejaculated for the first time. She has done it five different times in the two nights we have tried. She gushed so much liquid that we estimated about two cups each time. Afterward she was totally glowing and says it has been the best sexual experience of her life. She is often exhausted and we both lay there with big smile on our faces. Outstanding flick, we feel like kids again!"

- Ken, Greensboro, NC

"I have been married for 10 years and while we have always had a good sex life, it became fantastic when we got your eBook and I began to ejaculate. Now I laugh thinking that I had all the signs of being able to ejaculate, and finding out about them and using your techniques, I now squirt all over my husband during sex! It makes our bodies slide across each other in sexual bliss! Your eBook is the best and I highly recommend it to ANYONE!"

- Carol, Bend, OR


Editorial Review

Now, for the first time, Lisa imparts wisdom gleaned from years of working with clients to enhance their sexual empowerment through The Art of Female Ejaculation. As a sex educator, and psychotherapist, Lisa has listened to women and men's most intimate sexual questions and responded.

In The Art Of Female Ejaculation, she responds to those questions; giving honest and useful sexual advice that empowers women and their partners. The Art Of Female Ejaculation is an indispensable resource for anyone looking for healthy and adventuresome female ejaculation.

Tabitha- Editor


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