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Chromotherapy & Sex
Improving Sex Using Color Therapy

Chromotherapy is the use of color and light to bring one health and harmony by taking it into the body through your vision and beyond and here we will discuss how to integrate that into sexuality.

Color therapy is not a new approach to health as the Egyptians actually used color therapy. They built solarium rooms with various colored glass allowing the sun to shine through the glass onto the patient to achieve specific therapeutic benefits. Others used different colored silk clothes to filter varying shades of light onto their bodies. There is also evidence of others using colored waters and colored gels to achieve the same results.

Lisa Lawless
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.
Psychotherapist & Sexuality Expert

CEO & Founder of
Holistic Wisdom, Inc. & NAASAS

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Science has shown us that we depend on full spectrum light in order to live, that colors hold a unique frequency for every hue and they have been proven to impact our physical health as well. For example a study showed that epileptic seizures were reduced in patients that wore lenses that were tinted rose and indigo. Other studies have shown that white light used during the day helps with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), sleep disturbances and Alzheimer's disease; while another study showed that blue light positively affected women who suffered from rheumatoid arthritis.

In addition, phototherapy has shown that using specific types of colored light help to treat neonatal jaundice and erectile dysfunction. Examples of such light are dichroic lamps, full-spectrum light and polychromatic polarized light. Even the sun emits every single one of the color wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum and we know how important sunlight is to our health.

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Today, we know that everything that holds an energetic frequency and color in particular affects us on many levels through our mind, body and emotions. Every living thing depends on full spectrum light to be able to exist and recent scientific evidence suggests that light is in fact emitted by every cell in our bodies. We live in a sea of energy where color is working within us. Research and observation has shown us that specific colors bring balance to our physical and emotional systems and trigger certain psychological effects.

Using color to effect moods and associations has long been studied and proven. Think about the color green... many marketers know that it symbolizes health, rejuvenation, and relaxation. Look at many spa web sites, food packaging and you will begin to notice that green is used to convey that message. The essence of green that healthy plants convey to us creates psychological and emotional reactions in us without us even being conscious of it.

Why Use Colors for Enhanced Sex?

Your mental and emotional states are often neglected when it comes to sex and yet the impact of how they affect performance and perception of your sexual experiences are enormous. With only two-thirds of men responding to Viagra, there is a clear indication that we can't keep focusing only on the physical aspects of our sexuality while neglecting that we are a whole person with mental, emotional and even spiritual needs. In order to have the best sex life you can, you must open your mind to try things that empower, enlighten and return you to the magic of youthful energy which is and will always be within you regardless of your chronological age.

Most people miss what is going on for them in the moment; we often find ourselves in this fast paced society eating without even really tasting our food. We tend to be on automatic pilot missing many beautiful parts of life, including our sexuality. We all benefit when we take those extra moments to become more mindful of what we are doing and enjoy the essence of it. Things such appreciating the colors of sex are just one way to bring more pleasure to our senses.

Becoming more mindful of each sensation, our breathing, our environment during sexual activity, whether we are alone or with a partner allows us to become more highly aroused and more deeply impacted by the sexual experience. Integrating color into this process can be a fun way to produce a desired effect.

Try a Color Test Drive

Chromotherapy is considered 'breathing in' color; meaning that you inhale while visualizing a color. Other techniques are to surround yourself with that color using lighting, clothing and decor. Take a moment and try a little test drive -

Close your eyes and choose a color you wish to focus on. Clear your mind of anything else. Imagine only that color and how it makes you feel. Imagine yourself swimming in a beautiful pool of water that is filled with that color as it glows around you. Imagine the sky around you in this color as sunlight fills it with effervescent light. Now take a full, deep breath... breathing it in, breathing in its essence, filling your lungs with it. The color flows through your veins as you take it into your lungs with each deep breath. You bathe in it, you breathe it and it is flowing through you.

Then open your eyes and tune into to your mind, body and emotional state. How did that feel? Was it satisfying to you? Did you feel the essence of that color?

Learning to Go Deeper in Color

If you didn't feel that you gained much from the little experiment above, you may want to spend a little more time in a relaxing atmosphere experimenting with it as sometimes people have a difficult time shutting off the 'mind-chatter' of their daily task list and have a hard time letting go and really authentically allowing themselves to take in the energy of color at first.

If you did feel the benefits, try other colors and see what each feels like as you do it. The possibilities are endless. Using color for sexual trauma that has occurred can be a therapeutic way to work through upsetting memories while using the color to calm and heal. Using color can also assist in situations like impotence and other areas of sexual dysfunction. Using it to tap into your inner power and primal sexuality can provide mental and emotional states that support one's prowess.

Energy, Passion, Love, Power

Joy, Creativity, Warmth, Social

Mental Clarity, Energy, Cleansing

Hope, Health, Fertility

Improving Immunity, Release

Calming, Honesty, Freedom

Purification, Altered States Of Consciousness

Higher Consciousness, Purification, Spirituality

Promotes libido in those with subnormal sex potency.

Using Chromotherapy During Sex

The next time you are beginning a sexual experience, try using color therapy by using candles of that color, lingerie, lighting, and other items to bring certain colors into your environment. Then begin to experience the pleasure while breathing in the color you desire taking deep breaths as you fill your body with it. Before you know it, you will have a whole new experience with sexuality through the beauty and rejuvenation that colors bring us.

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