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Sex & Sound
Using Toning To Experience Sexual Release

Sound waves are a proven and very powerful healing tool these days. Modern medicine now uses sound waves to break up kidney stones and gallstones. We all know that when a singer hits high notes, they can break a glass by using their voice, but how does that happen? When a singer vibrates a glass with their voice, they have matched the sound frequency of the glass. As the singer increases the volume of their sound, the resonance becomes too great for the forces that hold the glass together and it shatters.

Every organ, every bone, every cell in the body has its own resonant frequency. Together they make up a composite frequency like the instruments of an orchestra. When one organ in the body is out of tune it will affect the whole body, including sexual functioning.

Lisa Lawless
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.
Psychotherapist & Sexuality Expert

CEO & Founder of
Holistic Wisdom, Inc. & NAASAS

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Those who teach sound healing take the stance that it may be possible to bring any diseased organ into harmony with the rest of the body, hence avoiding the need for drugs or surgery. This has a lot of potential for healing, including assisting those who struggle with sexual dysfunction as well as for those who simply want to enhance their sexual functioning.

Music To Enhance Lovemaking... Better Than You May Think

You may have read Don Campbell's book The Mozart Effect, which shows how music, particularly Mozart’s, has all kinds of beneficial effects for human health. Scientists suggest that listening to Mozart helps us to improve our powers of concentration and enhances our ability to enhance our intuition, by organizing the firing pattern of neurons in the cerebral cortex.

We do know that the pitch and rhythm of music influences the limbic system, affecting our emotions. Scientists have concluded that preferred music ‘may elicit a profound positive emotional experience that can trigger the release of hormones, which can contribute to a lessening of those factors which enhance the disease process’. That is why playing music your lover likes is a good way to get them in the mood!

Music is now used to reduce pain and anxiety of patients undergoing dental treatment and surgical operations. In a study of 59,000 patients, 97% of patients stated that music really helped them to relax in the postoperative situation and during surgery in regional anesthesia. So, with that said... using it to enhance lovemaking and sexual prowess is certainly feasible.

The Human Voice

Research has shown that the human voice has an added component which cannot be found in any other instrument. The human voice carries its own "spiritual" sound and is what makes the voice the most powerful healing instrument. Studies have also shown that once you vibrate a part of the body with sound the blood cells carry this resonance to the whole body very quickly. This means that you or your lover can make certain sounds which then vibrate through your entire body and produce a desired effect!


Toning is defined as making sound with an elongated vowel for an extended period. Toning with other people can create a feeling of unity. It is why it is encouraged in our society... such as singing the national anthem or happy birthday together. It also helps us to release stress and repressed emotions. Regular toning and humming helps to re-energize the body and restore health to the mind, body and spirit.

Toning has a neurochemical effect on the body, boosting the immune system and causing the release of endorphins. A harmonious sound projected at a person who is in a state of disharmony will eventually bring them into resonance with the harmonious sound. Our atoms, molecules, cells, glands and organs all have a vibrational frequency. Sounds from outside our body will stimulate sympathetic vibration in the molecules and cells of our body. I must point out that "outside the body" can still include your own voice.

When we stretch, we often make a groaning sound to accompany it. When we sigh, it’s a sound. When we feel pain, we moan or cry out. As babies we make soothing sounds as we lie in our cribs and respond to the soft sounds our mothers use to quiet us. When we use the voice to elicit a healing response from our body, we call it toning.

The Importance Of Holding A Positive Intention

The sound created by a person will carry information to the receiver of the sound even if made by ourselves. We all know that a song can be sung with a loving intention or through aggression. When a mother sings a lullaby to her child, the child feels the love in the mother’s voice and is rocked to sleep. At a football match, fans sing aggressive chants directed at the opposing supporters and their team they are doing so to intimidate.

This is truly an important point to be made as I think we too often forget that our very intentions resonate in our tone and are felt by ourselves and others. We often forget that when we break down ourselves and all that is around us... we are simply energy interacting with other forms of energy. So, no matter what you use to make sound with from your voice to playing music, the intention that is conveyed through it is key.

A Little Experiment

Take a moment to listen to this sample of music of Deva Premal's The Essence CD- CLICK HERE.

When you listen to it, you will hear a voice that is conveying spiritual love, open yourself up to it... allow it to flow through you.

Afterward, perhaps having listened to it a few times... ask yourself how it made you feel. Did it affect you positively? Was it something that made you feel good?

What this sample is here for, is to give you an opportunity to experience what it is to let go a little, to allow yourself a voyage, if you will... into music, into sound.

Sexual Vibrations

Sympathetic Resonance Between Lovers

When two objects have similar sound vibrations that allow them to vibrate at the same frequency, they form a partnership. When a ‘C’ tuning fork is struck, another ‘C’ tuning fork close by will also begin to vibrate without even having been touched. For healing to occur there must be a common bond between the giver and receiver... that is what makes lovers such a good match for doing toning. However as mentioned before, this can be done all by yourself as well.

How To Do It?

There are many vowel sounds in the human language. For toning we begin with several principal sounds. Remember, this is not a list of universal truths, just some traditional suggestions for you to begin with. Ultimately, you must discern for you what tones work best for you as your intuition for what is right for you is your greatest teacher.

Don't Feel Embarrased About Your Voice-

It doesn't need to be "pretty." If it's real, it's beautiful.


Remember that going up from the base of your spine up to the top of your head the tone should get higher pitched; as the base of your spine is the root and is a lower physical tone whereas the top of your head is more connected to spirit and thus a higher pitched tone. Sexuality is connected to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual so all points are worth working on.

Places on the body that are great to work on are the chakra points as shown below.

Click the sound to listen to it.

  • UU (rhymes with who) grounding, calming, relaxing, awareness of physicality, gives sensation of depth, base of spine.

  • OH (rhymes with go) conscious self-image, identity issues, solar plexus self-confidence, individuality.

  • AH (rhymes with ma) centering, expanding, pleasant heartfelt emotions, gives sensation of breadth, heart area.

  • EY (rhymes with lay) self-expression, communication, listening throat and neck.

  • EE (rhymes with knee) energizing, awakening, mental and physical stamina, gives sensation of length, head.

  • MM (rhymes with humming, lips closed) balancing, harmonizing and integrating, the subtlest and most powerful sound.

  • UU-AH-EE-MM Balance and energize. Morning wake up.

  • MM-EE-AH-UU Balance and relax. Before bedtime.

Let your intuition choose a vowel for you. Spend several minutes toning it. Begin in the comfortable middle of your vocal range. Then try a lower pitch, then higher, always with moderate volume and without straining. If the vowel feels physically or vocally "wrong" right now, leave it and choose another.

Toning Positions

Enhance toning with different movement can deepen and enrich the toning experience. Explore different positions and movements while toning, such as: sit on the bed or in a chair, with your spine expanded vertically stand, either motionless or using intuitive movements of any kind (expansive arm motions are particularly balancing).

Lie quietly on your back with your hands at your sides experiment with eyes closed or open, focused or gazing softly. Tone while making love and try it in different positions. Also try doing directly on your lovers genitals, and other sensitive spots.

Your Experience Of This Is Uniquely Your Own

While toning, pay attention to everything that may be awakening in you. What is the effect of the tone? Is it soothing? Agitating? Balancing? Focus on the here and now. Open your awareness, and let your intuition guide you. It is very natural to experience physical sensations or emotions while toning, and it may not always be pleasant. At times you may feel boredom, anger, or any other emotion, positive or negative.

Similar experiences are also well known in meditation, yoga, or any contemplative activity! Know that these feelings are natural, and that they will pass. Don't analyze the feelings or judge yourself for having them. Persevere with open heart and mind, and you will begin to see results, sometimes subtle and sometimes surprising and amazing!

Physical Guidelines For Toning-

  • Do not tone for more than 20 minutes at any one time. Too much can feel exhausting.
  • A little bit goes a long way. It's often more beneficial to tone more frequently for shorter periods.
  • Relax, especially the tongue and jaw.
  • Maintain a comfortable and moderate loudness, don't force your voice.
  • Be mindful of healthy posture and deep, full breathing.
  • Yawn, stretch, swallow, and move occasionally to release mouth and neck tension.
  • Have water and some tissue handy; the energy and physical activity of toning can make your throat dry, or produce excess saliva and mucous. This is common and harmless.
  • If you feel tension or discomfort in your mouth or throat, stop for a few moments, breathe, stretch, yawn, and resume. Sip water.
  • Do not force your voice. Stop whenever you need to. You do not have to endure physical or vocal strain.


Learning any art takes time, patience, and regular practice. It's more beneficial to tone daily, even for a few minutes, than to tone only infrequently for longer periods. With regular daily practice your body and mind will quickly learn to respond to the tone and vibrations.

I’ll conclude with a quote from Professor Donald Hatch Andrew, Musical Scientist of John Hopkins University. He summarizes his conclusions as follows: "All things in the universe, including you and me, are nothing more than a mass of vibrating waves. All we ever see is the outward shadow of the reality – the wave form. That is why it seems to me that the true values in the universe are spiritual values." He concludes: "The more we try to pin down reality in electrons, the more it vanishes under our fingertips. The universe apparently is composed entirely of music. The human spirit is the ultimate reality of life on earth, and the spirit of the universe is the supreme reality."

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