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The Art of Female Ejaculation
Ebook Table of Contents

The Art of Female Ejaculation was first written in 2002 by Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D. and is copyright protected in the Library of Congress. The 150 page book was made into a hard copy in 2003 and later was complimented by The Art of Female Ejaculation DVD which proved to be a wild success.

Dr. Lawless' work has been read and viewed by thousands of people all over the world. It has provided beneficial sexual health information to women and their partners to help them better understand the origins and function of female ejaculation.

Dr. Lawless continues her work in the field of sexuality today through a variety of mediums and is well known in the field of sexuality and the adult industry as a specialist in female ejaculation.

The Art of Female Ejaculation eBook
This ebook is copyright protected through the Library of Congress and subject to the DMCA. See penalties.

Table Of Contents

       A Note To You From Author Lisa S. Lawless

       Why This Book Was Written

Chapter One- What Is Female Ejaculation?
        What your mother did not tell you because she did not know

     1) The Two Types Of Female Sexual Response Fluids From The Vagina

     2) Definition Of Female Ejaculation

     3) What Is The Fluid?
          a) What does it look, taste, and smell like?
          b) Factors that will influence the characteristics of the fluid

     4) How Much Liquid Comes Out?

     5) How Many Times Can A Woman Do It?

     6) Where Does The Liquid Come From?

     7) The Paraurethral/Skenes Glands vs. The Bladder

Chapter Two- What Are The Myths & History Of Female Ejaculation
        Why your mother did not know

     1) What Are The Myths Of Female Ejaculation?
          a) That it does not exist
          b) That only rare women can achieve it
          c) That only women with g-spots can achieve it
          d) That it can only be achieved through g-spot orgasms
          e) Gynecologists are educated about this issue and provide women with correct information
          f) That women who do it are incontinent
          g) That only women who have given birth are capable of this

     2) The Struggles Of Women & Men Regarding Female Ejaculation
          a) Women's Struggles
               1) Examples of problems with women who do it
               2) Examples of problems with women who do not it
          b) Men's Struggles
              1) Examples of problems for men when their female partner does it
              2) Examples of problems for men when their female partner does not do it

      3) Problems With Exploring Women's Sexuality
          a) The History
          b) Other Cultures

Chapter Three- Basic Female Anatomy Review
        Oh, Yeah, Right There Baby!

     1) Remembering That Male And Female Sex Organs Have A Common Origin

     2) How Do You Locate The Paraurethral/Skenes Glands?

     3) The Infamous G-spot, And Yes, ALL Women Have One

     4) The Myth Of A Female Prostate

     5) The Clitoris

Chapter Four- The Female Orgasms
        How Sweet It Is, And How Much Better It Will Get With Female Ejaculation!

     1) A Bit Of History On Female Orgasms

     2) Orgasms, Sexual Emancipation, Sexual Demons

     3) Orgasmic Facts

     4) Premature Female Orgasms

     5) Empty Female Orgasms

     6) Women And Quickie Orgasms

     7) Orgasms And Masturbation

     8) The Eight Magical Female Orgasms
          a) Clitoral Orgasms
          b) G-spot Orgasms
          c) Vaginal Orgasms
          d) Anal Orgasms
          e) Oral Orgasms
           f) Breast Orgasms
          g) Mental Orgasms
          h) Whole Body Orgasms

Chapter Five- Step-By-Step Instructions To Achieve It
        Getting Ready! Bring On The Towels!  

     1) The One Secret Key That Will Make It Happen

     2) Why Some Women Have Discovered It Vs. Women Having To Learn How

     3) My First Female Ejaculation Experience, And How It Can Help You
         Understand How To Achieve Female Ejaculation

     4) Why Female Ejaculation Makes Any Orgasm More Intense And Pleasureful!

     5) The One Secret Key That Will Make It Happen!

     6) Preparing To Gush
          a) Preparation- towels, pads, etc
          b) Environmental conditions
          c) Special toys and where to get them
          d) Detailed and very effective techniques

     7) Getting Creative And Having Fun~ Ideas & Techniques For Female Ejaculation
          a) Finger & Hand Techniques
          b) The Double Pleasure Clamp Technique
          c) The Pleasure Of The Penis, Dildos & G-spot Stimulators
          d) Clitoral Stimulation
          e) Will Kegel Exercises Help With Female Ejaculation?
          f) Golden Showers (Urinating) Versus Female Ejaculation

     8) Female Ejaculation Overview With Step-By-Step Suggestions
         a) Learning to Ejaculate With By Yourself Step-by-step
         b) Advantages To Having A Partner For Female Ejaculation
         c) Learning to Ejaculate Instructions For A Partner Step-by-step

Chapter Six- Obstacles, Inhibitors & Solutions For It
         I Think I Can, I Think I Can...
     1) Inhibitors
         a) Psychological Inhibitors
         b) Physical Inhibitors
         c) Intimacy Issues
         d) Psychological Inhibitions Concerning Morals & Femininity
         e) Sex & Spirituality

     2) Suggestions To Overcome Obstacles
         a) Regarding Physical Inhibitions
         b) Female, Physical, Sexual Responsiveness Issues
              1) Nerve damage caused by a hysterectomy or c-section
              2) Loss of blood flow to the genitals causing a decrease in sex drive
         c) Over The Counter Sexual Aides And Where To Get Them
         d) Avoiding A Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
         e) Warning for women who have pain with g-spot stimulation

Chapter Seven- Erotic Female Ejaculation Stories
        The New Definition To Slippery When Wet!

     1) Story One~ Erotic Revolution

     2) Story Two~ Vaginal Waterfall

     3) Story Three~ Got Towels?




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