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Tantric Tips
Supercharge Spiritual Love

Remember when you were first smitten and all you could think about was ripping each other's clothes off and going at it? Your pent-up passion made you totally focused on sex, didn't it? We sure hope that this still happens to you frequently, as it does for us after many years together.

It's just a too-common experience of many couples that the early explosive fire dies down as time together wears on. Your passion fades, sex becomes routine, and you have less drive to jump in the sack together.

Dhyan Jeffre & Dhyan Somraj
Tantra At Tahoe

Holistic Wisdom Guest Authors

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Re-igniting The Fires Of Passionate Love & Unbridled Lust

Maybe this doesn't apply to you. But to those of us who're aging, we just can't take the basic realities of sexual turn-on for granted anymore. Erections aren't as reliable, lubrication doesn't always come naturally, turn-on and orgasms can't be depended on like they used to.

The standard rap from sex therapists and manuals is that you just need more foreplay. To be sure, in Tantra we make all kinds of loveplay more exciting. But you still have to want to play. And your motor has to rev up when you do.

It's easier when your raging hormones dictate when you make love. As the forces of lust subside inside, you need to make a conscious choice to keep your sex life alive. You realize that without the continuing coming together, you're putting your entire relationship at risk, don't you?

The Secret Of Combating Waning Desire

Here's a powerful tip to combat waning desire: focus. That means, when you choose, putting all your attention on your bodies, your sensations, and your pleasure. When lovers describe their heights of orgasm, they so often explain that it seems that the rest of world disappears as they become totally consumed with the pleasure surging between them. It's clear that such intense concentration heightens the ecstasy. In fact, total focus may be one the main reasons why orgasm feels so good.

Awakening The Sacred Gate
to Supreme Bliss

Here's the complete guidebook to supercharge your sexual play with Female Ejaculation and Tantric G-Spot Orgasms of incredible power and emotional sweetness. No longer will your or your lover's G-Spot be mysterious and elusive. Read Somraj and Jeffre's latest ebook to know exactly how to awaken it, find it, and touch it for supreme pleasure. With frank language, step-by-step instructions, real pictures, and clear charts, you'll learn how to excite the G-Spot with fingers, tongues, and sexual intercourse. This new how-to sex manual guides you to expand your capacity for pleasure by giving and receiving the amazing ecstasy of Female Ejaculation.

Learn How To Purchase

You know that if your mind is elsewhere, you won't enjoy sex as much. You may have seen our comments about the pinnacle of Tantric Sex resembling sexual meditation. If you have a meditation practice, it can greatly enhance your sexual experience if you bring that inner stillness and mental quiet into your loveplay.

That's why you'll find various meditation techniques in each of our eBooks. The simple version of meditation is sit still, don't try to think or do anything, and watch your breath moving in and out. Or in the case of sexual meditation, concentrate on the sensations coursing through your body.

How To Focus Your Focus On Passion

How do you enhance and use focus to stimulate your passion? The two suggestions we include here are to remove distractions and stimulate your senses.

A vital part of Tantric Sex is to make your lovemaking arena beautiful, sensual, and enticing. We call it a sacred space, because the location of our lovemaking is something we hold dear to our hearts.

Creating a sacred space certainly means cleaning up your dirty laundry and putting away things that are distracting. It means dimming the lights, bringing in fresh flowers, lighting candles, changing the sheets, spreading a beautiful sarong on the bed.

Don't we all have images of the exotic harem where the sultan's wives live? Silks and satins, soft candlelight, erotic background music, subtle incense. Why not use these images in your mind to decorate your bedroom erotically? Of course, you can do this consciously anywhere you choose. For a special afternoon or evening, we lay out futons in the living room in front of our fireplace.

The act of decorating together is a wonderful way to focus your energy together.

Turnoffs & Turn-Ons For Maximum Turn-On

Certainly, turning off the phone and TV is a must. In fact, we don't have either in our bedroom. It's our temple of love.

But we do have a high-quality stereo. Advocates of Tantric Sex like us specialize in all sorts of different kinds of music. Sometimes we like soft harmonies, sometimes strong primitive beats. But we rarely play vocals while we're making love. Our job is to focus our minds on the sensations in our bodies, not on thoughts and outside images.

With busy lives full of important activities, timing can be everything. When can you best focus on what's important? Do you leave sex as the last thing when you're already tired? Maybe that's not the best time for you to devote your full attention to exchanging sensual pleasure.

We understand that creating a sacred space of sexual focus and sensual concentration is more challenging when others are around. If you have young children, you need to work extra hard to maintain your commitment to the health of your relationship through regular lovemaking.

What Is Most Important In Your Life?

Focus on what's most important is a discipline when your hormones aren't raging routinely any more. Build on our suggestions here to maximize attention to your beloved and removing distractions from your loveplay. If you have to schedule time for love in your already packed existence, then show you mean it when you say your relationship is important. Clear the slate before you begin. Lock the door. Don't answer the phone. Put your eyes on the most beautiful thing in front of you. Put your mind on what counts most to your life in the long run. And, yes, guys, you have to say it. Say "I love you" and mean it. Put your heart behind it. Gush with all the things you appreciate about each other. Put your attention on gratitude. Focus on the chemistry -- the mystical forces -- that brought you together. Celebrate the spark that still jumps between you. And when you play with sexual energy, think of nothing else except how great you're making each other feel.


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