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Rabbit Sex Toys
How To Use Your Dual Action Bunny Vibrator

It all began with the originator of the Rabbit sex toy the infamous Rabbit Pearl made by Vibratex. Featured on the HBO show Sex in the City, it fast became one of the most popular sex toys on the market.

Since it's invention, there have been many companies scrambling to make their own version of the dual action vibrator because these sex toys can stimulate both the clitoris and the g-spot at the same time, making women adore them. There are now cordless and waterproof versions as well a variety in sizes and styles.

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Different Types

As to which one to get, well, there are a few factors to consider. Looking at the quality of toy is the most important first step. After all, you don't want to spend your hard earned money only to find that the sex toy you just purchased is broken after only a couple uses. That is why we feature only a few companies that make them because we want to ensure that the toy will last.

To see the dual action vibrators that we have given awards to for their high level of quality and performance as well as fantastic customer reviews, check out our sex toy reviews page.

Another factor to consider, is the material of which it is made. Because the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) is not currently monitoring sex toys closely and what they are made of, many knock off companies are making them with cheap plastics and other materials that may be harmful. Read more about harmful materials and toxins in sex toys.

In regard to what style... there are several options. Some women like the dual action vibes that have pearls or beads that rotate inside the shaft, while others find it irritating to the vaginal opening and opt for a smooth rotating shaft.

There are dual action vibes that light up for exhibitionists and those that cradle the clitoris for more intense stimulation on both sides of the clitoris.

There is also the issue of whether to get one with a battery pack or the cordless versions. In addition to all these varieties, there are also differences in the little clitoral teasers from bunnies to nondescript. The reason that the bunny ears are so popular is because they tend to cradle the clitoris on both sides and provide amazing stimulation. However, some women enjoy direct stimulation and can apply the face of the bunny or clitoral teaser directly on top of the clitoris. There are a large variety of sizes from mini to large, remote controlled to those that can be worn during sex.

Using Your Dual Action Rabbit Sex Toy

Whatever you choose or have already, you can have hours of ecstasy with your little bunny buddy. Here are some tips-


The dual action vibrators are designed to stimulate two to three key erogenous zones simultaneously: your clitoris, your vaginal opening and G-spot. The long-eared vibrating animal attached near the base of the shaft is strategically placed to provide clitoral stimulation. The rotating shaft strokes the G-spot, and if you have a pearl or beaded version it will spin at the base to stimulate the opening of your vagina or anus.

Most dual action sex toys operate independently of one another, meaning that the shaft can be turned off while the clitoral stimulator runs or vice versa in addition to them going at the same time. Therefore, if a woman wants to use just one feature at a time she can. Some women find that using the shaft as a handle while using just the clitoral stimulator is a great way to get warmed up and ready for penetration.

Use Lube

Lubricate your dual vibe using a waterbased lubricant (safe for use on the material of which this toy is made). By lubricating the shaft and clitoral toy you create increased sensitivity to the nerve endings by reducing friction and enhancing the vibration and rotations.

Anal & Nipple Stimulation

Don't forget that you can use your bunny on more than just the obvious areas. Using it on your nipples and anus can be quite a thrill. For use anally, simply insert the shaft inside the anus and glide the clitoral stimulator over the vaginal lips for added stimulation.

Remember that if you use it anally you will need to wash it with soap and water before inserting into or placing it around the vaginal opening to prevent urinary tract infections. To help make transitions easy, or if using a sex toy with porous material such as Cyberskin, TPR, TPE, etc. you can simply place a condom over your bunny shaft before placing anally, when you are finished, dispose of the condom. Pearls or bead band models will intensify anal stimulation.

Clitoral Then Gspot

If you want to extend your sex session with your bunny, turn off the rotating shaft and leave only the clitoral stimulator on. Hold the shaft like a handle and lay over your clitoris and focus just on working yourself into a frenzy. When you feel you may orgasm, stop and turn your shaft on and insert into your vagina with or without the clitoral stimulator on... delaying your orgasm may intensify it your climax. Also, the bonus to a dual action vibrator is that you can potentially have a dual orgasm of g-spot and clitoral climax. Be aware that dual stimulation can produce female ejaculate.

Dancing With Your Bunny

Getting on all fours and straddling your bunny allows you to reach underneath and push the shaft in and out. Laying on your back with your feet up on your headboard or wall also allows for deeper insertion. Remember you can spice it up by swirling it around, and sliding the shaft out and letting it rotate toward the outer part of your vaginal lips. This is absolutely wonderful.

Pressing Your Bunny

Once you insert the shaft vaginally and have the clitoral stimulator pleasuring your clitoris close your legs and squeeze the shaft with your PC - Kegel muscles and bear down. Closing the legs will also allow you to hold on to the toy with just your legs allowing you to be hand free.

You should note that doing this will, however, slow down the rotation of a rotating shaft as these toys are not designed to take a lot of pressure in the shaft. The less you clench down, the more freely it can rotate, so keep this in mind as you use it.

Best Material- Silicone

The best material to get for a dual action vibrator is silicone as it is the most hygienic and nonporous. However, silicone, especially the thicker it is can dampen vibration.

Dual Action Vibes Are Not Just For Women

Men can enjoy the magic of the dual action vibrator through a few approaches. Nipple, anus and perineum stimulation can be achieved by placing just the clitoral simulator on those areas. Also, men can use the shaft anally (prostate massage) and turn the bunny on for stimulation of the perineum or testicles.

Triple Action

Beyond the average dual action vibrator is the triple action vibrator which stimulates the clitoris, penetrates the vagina and anus.

Nurturing The Bunny

Make sure you keep your sex toys clean to prevent infections and keep the material in good shape. You will also want to remove the batteries when not in use to extend the life of the toy.

Turn Your Current Toy Into A Dual Or Triple Action

If you have a dildo that you already love, but wish that you could make it a dual action or even a triple action sex toy... all you have to do is get a vibrating cock ring, put it on and presto, you now have a combination sex toy! You can also do this with your finger or his penis. Our selection of single and dual action cock rings to compliment your dildo, finger or penis are shown below.


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