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Vaginal Dryness
Why It Happens & What To Do About It

Many women experience vaginal dryness from time to time. This is when the vaginal walls do not produce enough natural lubricant and the vagina can feel tight, itchy and irritated. Without proper lubrication, sexual activity can not only be painful but damaging as well.

Vaginal lubrication is called leukorrhea and is not considered female ejaculation. Leukorrhea is a slightly thick fluid and is slightly acidic to prevent infections. When the vagina is dry it is from lack of vaginal epithelium which is dispersed much like the skin sweats (although it is not sweat). The medical community refers to the fluid as modified plasma transudate.

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Women are supposed to secrete this fluid even when they are not sexually aroused to keep the vagina healthy. It is produced in larger amounts when a woman is sexually simulated and makes sexual stimulation more comfortable, pleasurable and even increases the likelihood of pregnancy as it aids sperm in traveling up the vaginal canal.

In some cases women can experience excess vaginal lubrication and must use a panty liner to keep it from draining into their panties. Dryness on the other hand is also something that can be experienced due to a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons are stress, use of tampons and use of products such as douches and feminine hygiene products. Prescription medications can also influence vaginal dryness as can hormonal changes.

The most common hormonal changes that cause vaginal dryness are seen during menopause. As a woman progresses into menopause it causes a thinning of the vaginal walls (from nine epithelial layers to about three layers) and the loss of elasticity. Women also lose the ability to produce as much vaginal fluid. Hormone therapy may help as well a vitamins and holistic approaches to keeping menopause symptoms at a minimum. See our article on Perimenopause for more information on this.

However, it is beneficial to use natural lubricants that will replenish lost moisture. The one that I most recommend is Aloe Cadabra. The reason I think this or other aloe vera based lubricants are the best to use is because they not only lubricate, but they provide healing and prevent health problems and infections. In searching for a lubricant we are often looking at what is not going to cause harm or something that is neutral. In this case, an aloe based lubricant is actually beneficial to use. Below are a few that I highly recommend, however you can see all of our incredible waterbased lubricant recommendations here.

Make sure that when you select a lubricant for vaginal dryness to avoid using lubricants that contain Nonoxynol as this is more likely to irritate your vagina. There are a great deal of lubricants on the market and we recommend avoiding using cheap ones that contain parbens. The more natural, organic and pure you can get the better for your vaginal health. ALL of our lubricants are paraben free.

Four Rules For Finding A Good Lubricant & Addressing Vaginal Dryness


It is best to use a waterbased lubricant. You should never use a petroleum-based lubricant such as Vaseline as they make you vulnerable to cysts, infections and they will break down sex toys and condoms.


Be aware of the differences between moisturizers, anti-irritants and drying powders. Vagisil, for example, markets them all under the same name and this can cause for a purchase that may actually be something that you do not want.

Anti-irritant creams (often contain 5% to 20% Benzocaine) are used to numb the skin to keep itching to a minimum. These are intended to be used externally on the labia Majora, but should not be applied inside the vagina or on the Labia Minora.

Feminine powders and talc are used to to absorb excess wetness but like anti-irritants, should also not be applied inside the vagina.

Moisturizers and lubricants ARE intended to be used inside the vagina and on the Labia Minora such as the ones we have recommended above.

Remember that, unless the label on your lubricant claims otherwise, it is not a spermicidal (contraceptive), anti-viral, antibacterial or estrogen-supplementing lubricant. If you desire an estrogen supplement cream, you should first consult a clinical sexologist or a knowledgeable physician to determine the best one for your needs.

Vulva - Diagram of the Vagina, Clitoris, and more


In addition to avoiding artificial lubricants, keeping your pelvic floor in good shape will increase the blood supply to your vaginal canal and will help with prevention of dryness. Start doing Kegel exercises. Do Kegels at least twice a day and within a few weeks you should see improvement. There are some Kegel exercisers that also help in making these exercises more effective. Think of them like work outs with weights.


Sexual stimulation is also good for vaginal dryness. The old adage of 'use it or lose it' actually is true in this regard. Making sure that you keep healthy blood flow and stimulation to your genitals helps it to operate the way that it should. Using vibrators on your clitoris, labia and gspot is also helpful as they are very effective at bringing blood to the surface and stimulating your natural lubricants.


Vaginal Dryness Is Nothing To Feel Badly About

Most women have it happen to them sooner or later and the best way to deal with it is to keep your vagina healthy even before it happens. If it has already occurred, don't stop just because it gets better. Waiting for it to get uncomfortable is something you will want to avoid. After all an ounce of prevention is indeed worth a pound of cure.

Don't be embarrassed that you may need lubricant when sexual activity is started. After all, this is not necessarily a reflection of your desire for your partner and is not something to be ashamed about. If your mouth were dry, you would simply make sure you were better hydrated and perhaps have a candy to keep your mouth moist. This is no different.

Sexual health is often a source of concern and shame for people and it does not have to be. Enjoy and celebrate your sexuality and know that using sexual products that help is nothing more than pampering yourself the same way you put on face cream or shave your legs. So go ahead and take extra care of your Va-jay-jay... you deserve the best!


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