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Ride On
Silicone Prosthetic Penis - Penis Extension
By Vixen Creations, Inc.

The Ride On by Vixen Creations is very realistic feeling hollow dildo that is available in three colors: Vanilla / Ivory, Caramel / Tan, and Chocolate / Brown. Ride On is suitable for slipping on to a smaller sized penis. Made with ultra supple platinum silicone there is a comfortable hole for the testicles and the material is slightly stretchy. The strap around the testicles allows for strong stable stroking. When held the silicone is rigid enough where it will not bend down but it does flex so while you can thrust with it on, it may sometimes bend. For men who are completely flaccid, you may wish to use this product with a harness.

Please note this is a very snug fitting hollow dildo on most men as it must be in order to offer an average sized penis on the outside for sexual activity. If you need something larger than a one inch diameter on the inside, see the larger version of this in the Colossus. The Ride On is a small, penis extender that is ideal for a flaccid penis on the inside and someone who wants to-

1) Extend their penis size to an average size.
2) Keep going after they have ejaculated.
3) For men who have erectile dysfunction (ED) .

RATING (1-5)

Ride On Hollow Dildo by Vixen Creations

Also see the larger version of this sex toy: Colossus.

Made in the USA

Quick guide for putting the Colossus on:

Roll the sleeve one third of the way down. Apply lubricant to the inside of the Ride On and/or your penis. Squeeze out the air. Place your penis into the opening and gradually release the pressure. Unroll the Ride On to the base. Pull the scrotum through the hole. Pull to one side and push through one testicle and then the other.

Cleaning & Care

You can use sex toy cleaner or even soap and water as this product is nonporous. As with any sex toy, we recommend only using waterbased lubricants to avoid any chemical reactions with the silicone texture.

Customer Review

Since I have Erectile Dysfunction I have become a bit of a connoisseur of hollow dildos. I also have the Vixen Colossus so I will compare these two. The key to understanding a hollow penis extender is that it has to be large enough to accommodate a man regardless if he is hard or soft inside. That makes it a challenge to find a normal sized hollow dildo because you are asking for someone to make it the size of you but you have to fit into it. Therefore, you are going to find that most hollow dildos are going to run very large. This one does not, but there is a trade off with that in that it is only about one inch in diameter inside which means that you are going to have to be either on the small side, completely flaccid or enjoy a very tight fit. When I am completely flaccid, I enjoy the Ride on by Vixen Creations, but when I am semi erect or even on the verge of being completely erect, I like the Colossus. My wife found that it took her some time to get used to the Colossus as it is rather large on the outside, but she eventually warmed up to it. The Ride On was one that she enjoyed right away... so again, it is a tricky combination of finding a product that will fit you and her perfectly when it comes to hollow dildos. I did find that using the Pulse by Hot Octopuss before hand allowed me to climax and I have really begun to love that as does my wife. Both the Colossus and the Ride on can bend a bit during sex as they have a flexible material but unless you are thrusting really hard, it typically stays firm throughout. Another thing that has helped with my ED has been acupuncture. For a while I was getting treatments and did not see much improvement, but then the practitioner needled by perineum and I was able to get an erection for the first time in years so for those men with ED, you may want to look into that. As for the Vixen Creations Ride On dildo, it is a great product, just make sure you pick the right size for both you and your partner and if you think that you may not be able to fit into a 1 inch diameter sleeve then go with the Vixen Colossus.

Tom - Boulder, CO

Safety Features Size
Phthalate free
Green Sex Toy
Sex Toy Materials

Total Length 9"
Dildo: 6.25" x 1.75"
Inner: 4" x 1"
Determining Size

On Sale: Now Only-


Vanilla / Ivory

Caramel / Tan

Chocolate / Brown


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