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There are four classes of seaweeds which are green, brown, red and blue-green. They all have health benefits when you consume them; however, what you may not know is that seaweed is classified as an aphrodisiac. It is a good source of manganese which is a mineral known to help increase your sex drive. Additionally, seaweed aids in sexual functioning as it contains vitamin E which helps produce healthy sperm by fighting free radicals in the sperm membrane and regulates the function of sex glands.

Seaweed also has a high vitamin B2 content which contributes to healthy hormone production. A study that specifically utilized the seaweed bladderwrack indicated that it may delay the ending of the menstrual cycle through menopause. The study showed that this was possible as seaweed exerts anti-estrogenic effects in women who are pre-menopausal.

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Additional Health Benefits of Seaweed

  • Seaweed is high in potassium which is great for healthy blood-pressure levels.
  • They contain calcium, soluble fiber, iodine and selenium.
  • Seaweed is low in fat and calories and is high in vitamin B1, which fights fatigue and depression.
  • Seaweed contains magnesium which acts as a natural diuretic and reduces bloating.
  • The seaweed wakame has a pigmentation called fucoxanthin which is known to improve insulin resistance and burns fat.
  • It also contains vitamin C which is a potent antioxidant as well as B12 which is great for cognitive functioning.
  • Seaweed also contains taurine, which helps control cholesterol.
  • Kombu in particular is rich in fucoidan which is a a phytochemical that acts as an anticoagulant and stops blood clots from forming.
  • Seaweeds have antiviral properties which makes them wonderful for keeping you healthy and flighting off illness.

How to Eat Seaweeds

Now that you know how healthy it is, you may wonder how one eats seaweed. For those that do not like the taste, there are capsules that you can swallow and there are shakers much like salt shakers where you can sprinkle it on your food and not really taste it when it mixes with other flavors.

Consumers are going so wild over the health benefits of seaweed that you can now easily get seaweed chips and rice cakes. The most common way to eat it is with sushi, in soups like Miso, over rice or quinoa and in salads. However, there are many ways to prepare seaweed.

There are two great cookbooks for seaweed recipes-

  • Seaweed: Nature's Secret to Balancing Your Metabolism, Fighting Disease, and Revitalizing Body and Soul
    by Valerie Gennari Cooksley

  • The New Seaweed Cookbook: A Complete Guide to Discovering the Deep Flavors of the Sea
    by Crystal June Maderia and Josephine K. Spilka

Edible Seaweeds

  • Arame
  • Badderlocks
  • Bladderwrack
  • Carola
  • Carrageen moss
  • Channelled wrack
  • Chlorella
  • Cochayuyo
  • Dulse
  • Ecklonia cava
  • Eucheuma
  • Gutweed
  • Gelidiella
  • Gracilaria
  • Hijiki or Hiziki
  • Hypnea order
  • Gigartinales
  • Irish moss
  • Laver
  • Limu Kala
  • Kombu
  • Mozuku
  • Nori
  • Oarweed
  • Ogonori
  • Sugar kelp
  • Sea grapes
  • Sargassum Types
  • Sea lettuce
  • Spiral wrack
  • Spirulina
  • Thongweed
  • Wakame
  • Hiromi


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