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Penis Enlargement & Size
Beyond the Motion of the Ocean Answer

It seems that as a society we have slammed men for worrying about their penis size and their ability to become erect by telling them not to be concerned with it. Yet, we have social messages that emphasize penis size and virility all the time. I believe that men have a right to voice their concerns… it is a legitimate issue to them and I think it deserves more than some pat answer like "it isn't the size, it's the motion of the ocean."

This article will review why penis size matters to men, how it affects women, healthy techniques and solutions to address these concerns. I will also touch on a woman's need to contribute in keeping her equipment in good condition and how all of this relates to female sexual arousal.

Lisa Lawless
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.
Psychotherapist & Sexuality Expert

CEO & Founder of
Holistic Wisdom, Inc. & NAASAS

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The average penis length is
5.1 – 5.9 inches.

The average girth is
4.71 in circumference.

Penis Size Concerns

An article in Psychology Today conducted a poll of 1,500 readers and found that 71% of women polled thought that men overemphasized the importance of their penis size as well as the shape. Again, those who think that men are insecure or even egocentric to think about the size of their penis are not sensitive to the fact that it is so often brought up and made a big deal of in our society. Thus, it is no wonder why men wonder and sometimes worry about it.

In fantasyland we expect perfect lovers; in reality, we can all use improvement, particularly in education about sexuality. What men need to know more than anything is that the truth when it comes to penis size is that it is not as important as they may think but there are some things they should know which we will cover below.

Generally, men who are concerned about it are concerned for two reasons-

  1. They want to be thought of as a virile lover who offers their lover something really pleasurable through their penis. They want to be adored and have their penis appreciated.

  2. They want to please their partner sexually with a thick, long, hard member.

What I have found in my interviews for my book The Art Of Female Ejaculation, is that the opinions expressed publicly are different from opinions held in private. The truth is that penis size, parameters, shape, and angle do matter to both men and women but not in the way most think. Men may be surprised as to how women really see them and the good news is that women typically have a more flattering view of them than they think.

Women are typically not looking for a massive penis, they are looking for an average sized penis. Don't believe me? Well, one of the biggest requests we have noticed is the many years we have sold sex toys is that the large majority of our female customers, when purchasing a dildo, often say that they do not want something too large, they want something that is an average size of a man's penis.

One of the biggest complaints we receive about a dildo? It was too large for them. They saw the size when they bought it thinking they wanted something bigger and realized that was not at all what they wanted. You see, the penis size emphasis is often brought to a realistic halt when a woman gets what she thought she wanted in regard to penis size. This is not to say that some women do not enjoy a larger penis or dildo, but the majority do not.

The truth is that most women want average when it comes to size. What they do not want is an average lover in skill and that is easy to improve upon. However, if you want to enhance the size of your penis there are some healthy ways to do that which we will cover through resources later, but for now, let's look at how women's orgasms work and why average size works better.

Penis Size & Making a Woman Orgasm

The Vaginal / Cervical Orgasm

Because vaginal / cervical orgasms involve the cervix, which is located further up inside the vagina, a long object (or penis) thrusting into the vagina will better reach the cervix and be more successful in aiding a woman to reach this type of orgasm. Hence a longer penis is going to feel more arousing inside a woman that desires this. However, the good news for average sized men is that most women are too sensitive when it comes to their cervix and do not enjoy it being stimulated. In fact most women will tell you it is downright painful and means that a longer penis by most women is not desired. In a study conducted through the University of Texas Pan American women were surveyed about their perceptions of what was more sexual satisfying length or width and it was determined that due to the overwhelming majority of responses indicated, width was more pleasurable and that extending the length of one's penis is not where emphasis should be.

Clitoral Orgasm

You can see to the right how the clitoris (shaped like a wishbone) wraps around the vaginal wall and how it is influenced during intercourse. This is why women often talk about the width of a penis being important, however, as you can see that can be heavily influenced by angle (which can be enhanced with Liberator Shapes) and adding something as simple as a penis ring or penis sleeve to thicken your penis.

Gspot Orgasm (A Great Orgasm Aiding in Female Ejaculation)

Like the vaginal orgasm, a gspot orgasm usually takes longer to build. Because the gspot is not stimulated by friction as much as through pressure, using a rhythmic pushing against the gspot is more pleasurable than a light rubbing. Hence, a wider penis is going to feel more arousing inside a woman within reason. If the penis is very wide it can cause pain particularly around the vaginal opening. Therefore, having a very wide penis is not as desirable as is the angle in which the penis is thrust up into the gspot.

Penis Size & Enlargement Facts

  • There is only one product we recommend for safe penis enlargement called the MaleEdge.

  • Penis size is far from being what makes a good lover. Scent (pheromones), chemistry, technique, emotional connection and many other factors impact sexual satisfaction and desire. Penis size is simply one factor and everyone has a different preference so there is no standard expectation.

  • The size of a penis doesn't have a relationship with anything else on a man's body. For example a man with big feet does not necessarily have a 9 inch penis.

  • One study showed that at least 12% of men thought their penises were too small even though the medical diagnosis of a micropenis (under under 3 inches in length when erect) only affects less than 1% (only 0.6 percent) of men.

  • The penis is not a muscle and those that promote programs to work it out are often scamming people. The penis is actually made out of spongy tissue that relies on blood to fill the tissue to become erect. The heart and blood flow is one of the most important contributors to getting a healthy erection.

  • It is not possible to tell how large a man's penis is when he is not erect as men can look identical in size when soft yet can be dramatically different in size when erect.

  • Penis enlargement pills DO NOT work. We at Holistic Wisdom refuse to sell them and we warn consumers that they most likely will cause health problems.

  • Penis enlargement surgery varies; in some cases the ligaments in the penis are separated so it will hang further from the body. In other cases fat is injected into the penis to increase girth. These procedures can be dangerous and data is lacking on patient satisfaction.

  • In India some men use weights at the end of their penis to extend the penis. Other use a stretching method called Jelqing which can damage the penis tissue. However, it is certainly not as crazy as what some of the men from Topamina in Brazil do... they encourage poisonous snakes to bite their penises to get a larger size for 6 months at a time.

  • While Viagra works well at allowing increased erectile rigidity (a better hard-on), size is a different matter. There are a lot of gimmicky programs out there that are a waste of time and money and I warn you to become an educated consumer before you buy into them.

  • There are some studies that have shown that penis size may not be completely determined by genetics and may be heavily influenced by environmental factors such as diet, toxin exposure and culture.

  • In the case of toxin exposure from chemicals the main concern is centered around endocrine disruption which has been linked to genital deformation in both sexes as well as other health problems. Toxins include but are not limited to parabens and phthalates. This is one of the reasons why we only sell sexual products that are paraben and phthalates free.

Women Have A Role Too

Let's not forget that women are part of the picture and can aide in solutions as well. Doing Kegel exercises to keep her vagina muscles toned can be one of her contributions as well as using other toys and products.

Open communication is the key, and women should discuss what will most pleasure them in detail with their lovers as that will provide their lover with a guide, rather than leaving them in the dark as to what will make them sexually pleased. All women are different, and while there are certain techniques that will pleasure a woman more... to what extent one prefers one technique over another will vary from woman to woman.


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