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Have better sex through our unique and informative articles that offer insight and direction on how to improve your sexual health, sexual performance and empower you to explore and improve your relationships. Don't see something you want to know about regarding a sex tip or relationship advice? Contact us to suggest a new article topic!

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Men's Sexual Health

Men's sexual health articles and sex techniques for better sex. Explore how to enhance masturbation and lovemaking as well as what sex toys are most effective. Find out about stimulating how to make a mold of your penis, the truth about penis enlargement and sex drugs.
Sex Toys & Sexual Health Products

Helpful information in better understanding adult toys before your purchase and use them. From green sex toys to nontoxic sex toys, you can learn about what matters when it comes to your health, quality, and the environment.
Women's Sexual Health

Women's sexual health articles, sex tips, and techniques for better sex. Explore everything from how to enhance masturbation and lovemaking to what sex toys are most effective and safe for use. Find out about stimulating clitoral and G-spot gels and lubricants and get adult gift suggestions for something romantic.
Sexual Dysfunction Resources

There are a variety of issues that can affect both men and women when it comes to sexual health on a physical, mental, and emotional level. Find helpful solutions and empowering resources to address everything from STDs to common sexual performance issues.
STD Prevention & Education

It is essential to understand how sexual activity can affect your health as it can be as dangerous as your very life. Explore our articles on STDs as well as a variety of other sexual health issues that cover prevention, symptoms, and treatment options.
Sex & Nutrition

The articles in this section focus on nutrition and how it can benefit and maximize your sexual health. Enjoy learning about what foods can help a specific sexual dysfunction and symptoms, as well as how to use them in your daily life through recipes.
Sex Drugs & Sex Herbs

Using food, herbal supplements, vitamins, and medications to improve sex drive and sexual performance can be a very effective tool. See articles on these subjects to become better educated and empowered by them.
Sexual Techniques

Explore information on how to enhance your sex life and create both sexual health and happiness in your life. Find tips from basic safety to specialized sexual techniques and enjoy the pleasure that sexuality can bring.
Holistic Sex

The articles in this section focus on holistic health, which is an approach to health that goes beyond traditional medicine through the understanding that we are more than just our physical bodies. Holistic medicine focuses on the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of health while addressing the root causes of illness rather than just the symptoms.
Sex Advice

With so many emails coming in every day it is not possible for our founder to reply to all questions. However, if yours is selected, we will contact you with the reply and post it on our web site while maintaining your anonymity. See samples of answers to questions posed by our web site visitors.

Sex & Society

Explore some of the topics we cover when it comes to sex and society, from activism to varied viewpoints on how sex impacts us personally as well as the laws and policies that shape our lives.


Relationships can be beautiful, long-lasting, and very fulfilling if we nurture and care for them. Explore articles that will cover relationship issues so that you and your lover can provide your relationship with the spice it needs to stay fresh and give yourselves the happiness you both deserve.



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