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Fingering the Vagina
Techniques to Finger Her

Fingering her vagina can be an art form. After all, the female anatomy is not just sensitive, special preferences can vary from woman to woman. We can start off by saying that if you think that just putting your fingers in and out of her love box will make her impressed with your sexual skills, you might want to keep reading.

One of the best ways for a woman to know what she likes is to start off with masturbation. What side of the clitoris she prefers to how much pressure into the gspot she enjoys is something that is discerned over time and with experience. If you are with a woman who knows her own body well, then certainly take the time to ask her as you move your fingers around for what she likes most. If you are with a woman who is not aware of what she likes, you can whisper to her soft questions such as "You feel so good, do you like when I do this, do you want it harder or softer baby?'

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You of course do not want to conduct a questionnaire during the heat of passion, but asking questions is not hard to do during sexual play when done in a sexy voice and with a positive attitude.

How to Prepare to Finger Her

Clean Hands

One of the things you do not want to leave your lover with is a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). To avoid this you will want to make sure that you hands are washed well so that you do not introduce harmful bacteria into her vaginal opening or her urethra.

Avoiding A Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

The urethra (where the urine comes out) is where UTIs occur and if left untreated they can turn into a serious infection that spreads into the kidneys and should be treated with antibiotics. For all you women out there that have had one... you know that it can be quite painful and make all that sexual activity that caused it become a distant memory fast.

Shorten & Clean Under Finger Nails

This should be painfully obvious as to why, but make sure to trim fingernails, so as to not to cut her when you are fingering her. By also cleaning under your finger nails you are ridding your hands of bacteria that lives under your nails as well. A woman often loves to be fingered and having her lover keep her pleasured and not in pain is always a good idea.


Most of the time if you rub the clitoris or start with some sexy foreplay your lovely lady will be ready to go with a naturally lubricated VA-jay-jay but sometimes when you have been fingering her for a while, using a sex toy or if she is experiencing effects from a prescription medication or hormonal imbalance it becomes difficult to self lubricate, and you may want to introduce a lubricant.

Hot Tips

If you really want to surprise her with some sexual excitement, you can have clitoral or gspot stimulation gel or lubricants on your fingers before hand which will add to the pleasure of the experience. Using a finger vibe can also enhance intensity. We will show you our recommended ones later in this article.


If you want to create a sensual atmosphere for sexual play than you can start off with a sensual massage or even drawing her a bath. You can go straight into fingering from the massage or even in the bath. If you do finger her during a bath or in water, you should be aware that doing so may pull her natural lubricants out and may start to chafe so be careful about doing it too quickly if that is the case.

Fingering the Clitoris First

If you are going to finger her you will want to start off with just the outer lips and clitoris first. Sliding your fingers up and down the outside of her will help you to determine how lubricated she is first and allow you to help her produce lubrication by stimulating her in this way.

The clitoris is one of the most important parts of a woman's anatomy to know about when dealing with a woman's sexuality. It was not long ago that Masters & Johnson broke the myth that the clitoral orgasm was the only orgasm that a woman could have by showing that women could indeed experience an orgasm from gspot stimulation. However there is a reason that women climax so easily through clitoral stimulation. Essentially, the clitoris is similar to the frenulum (tip of the man's penis). Now, any guy will tell you that if he could not stimulate the head of his penis, that things would just not be as satisfying and the same applies to the clitoris. Even if she is ultimately going to receive gspot stimulation from you, it is a good idea to stimulate the clitoris first.

What Is The Clitoris And Where Is It?

As you can see by the picture, the clitoris is typically a pencil eraser sized nub that protrudes at the top and is covered by a hood that comes around it to protect it. Some women have a smaller or larger clitoris just as some men have smaller and larger penises.

The clitoris is abundantly supplied with nerve endings and is most sensitive at the head which is the part that you see. The shaft of the clitoris is under the hood and becomes more rigid as it fills with blood.

What Does It Feel Like?

Clitoral orgasms can vary in intensity and length as can gspot stimulation. For men the best analogy is having the tip of your penis stimulated. After an orgasm the clitoris can retract and become highly sensitive to the point of being painful so after she orgasms you may want to stop stimulating the clitoris and move to the vaginal lips or gspot.

Fingering The Clitoris

Any lover will want to give the clitoris the ultimate respect. It is extremely sensitive and comparable to an 'on button' in most women sexually speaking. If you have rough hands or rub it overly firmly you may only find that you have agitated her rather than having given her pleasure. You will also want to understand that some women do not like direct stimulation and prefer stimulation over the hood, others like one side of their clitoris stimulated over another and still others like direct contact and stimulation. Communication is truly the number one tool in great sex and it is no exception here. You can speak sensually to her asking what she likes if she likes one side better than another, etc. Let her help you and do not base it on her moans as many women fake orgasms to make you feel good about yourself. One way that you can tell if you are on the right track is to watch if she begins shaking, tearing up or becomes very wet or even ejaculates. These are true indicators of sexual arousal.

One common mistake that lovers make is assuming that variety is what most women prefer, when in reality, most women prefer you stick with the best spot and provide repetition in you movements in order to climax. Think about it this way, when women use vibrators on their clitoris they will often hold it in that one spot that feels so good until the climax builds and finally releases. Moving it around provides arousal, but it also can delay the intense build up that clitoral stimulation can provide.

Pulling back the hood

If you decide to pull back the clitoral hood, to directly stimulate the clitoris, you may want to make sure she is fully aroused as direct contact is typically preferred by most women when they are at the height of arousal. The best way to pull the head back is to simply have her spread her legs and pull up at the top of the mons to expose it.

Range Of Motion

Repetition in clitoral stimulation can take on a variety of forms. You can do tiny circles, side to side or up and down motions. Another way to stimulated the clitoris is to roll it in-between the thumb and pointer finger, however this should be done gently.

The G-Spot Orgasm

The gspot is the equivalent of the prostate in males and becomes swollen when a woman is sexually aroused. It fills with fluid which can be expelled when she bears down and pushes it out either during sexual play or an orgasm. This is referred to as female ejaculation. You can feel the gspot when it is engorged but if a woman is not aroused it may be more difficult to feel.


What Does It Feel Like?

Gspot orgasms are best achieved from a pressured rubbing up into the gspot rather than just across it. Women often describe a gspot orgasm as almost a full body orgasm that is deep and fills the entire vaginal area with a euphoria that spreads throughout the entire body. These orgasms can bring on an emotional release and make a woman feel vulnerable on a deep level. It is a very satisfying experience with the right lover.


Double Pleasure Clamp Techniques

1) The Clamp Fingering Technique

Using the thumb to stimulate the clitoris while 1-3 fingers stimulate the gspot. How many fingers you use depends on a woman's comfort level and should be explore gently initially and then with more fervor if she reacts positively and without grimacing from pain. You can always pause and ask her if she likes it and take it from there.

2) The Two Fingered Clamp Fingering Technique

This fingering technique is best used when a woman is turned away from you with her behind toward you. Basically, you flip your hand in the opposite direction as the clamp fingering technique shown to the right and you used your thumb to stimulate the gspot and your two fingers in the shape of a v to stimulate her clitoris.

Often women prefer a rhythmic type of thrusting that allows her to relax and let go rather than not being sure of what is coming next. Do not under estimate repetition when it comes to stimulating a woman sexually to the point of climax as it can be highly effective. Whether to thrust hard or softly really depends on the level of arousal and a woman's preference.


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