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Keeping Tight & Healthy with Kegel Exercise

Just as men benefit from taking care of their equipment and can do exercises to enhance their penis size and control, women benefit as well when they address their sexual health through vaginal exercise.

The Kegel exercise is named after Dr. Arnold Kegel who studied the pubococcygeal muscles (or muscles of the pelvic floor). These muscles form a hammock style of muscle fibers that span the area between the anus and the pubic bone.

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Kegel exercises help tone, tighten and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are important for proper tone of the bladder, urethra, vagina, uterus and rectum. Kegel exercises should be done by all women, but especially after the delivery of an infant, as a treatment for urinary incontinence and pelvic relaxation that often comes with the aging process, and for improving sexual relations by improving pelvic floor control.

Good vaginal muscle tone and control are important for several reasons:

  • It supports the bladder: In some circumstances, especially after childbirth or a hysterectomy a woman can find that it may lead to a dropping down of the bladder. This can result in loss of control and leakage of urine due to sneezing, coughing, laughing, running or straining.
  • Allows for easier placement and support of a diaphragm.
  • It reduces the chance of vaginal infections: By bringing an increased blood supply to the vaginal lining.
  • Improves tightness for increased pleasure during sex: Increased interest, greater participation and more satisfaction as it allows for better control in tightening the vaginal walls as well as have better control during orgasm and female ejaculation (although it is important to note that a woman can female ejaculate without having an orgasm and can do both without doing such exercises).

For more information on this see our book
"The Art Of Female Ejaculation."

How To Do Kegel Exercises

The muscles to be exercised are the pelvic muscles. These can be felt by purposely stopping the flow of urine in midstream and starting again. The muscles that squeeze the urethra and anus are the ones involved.

  • Remembering what it felt like to control these muscles during urination, a woman tries to contract them when not urinating.
    (If the stomach or buttocks muscles tighten, the muscles are not being exercised correctly.)
  • A woman tightens these muscles for 3 seconds and then relaxes for 3 seconds.
  • The exercises should be repeated 10 to 15 times per session. A woman should do these at least three sessions per day for it to be effective.
  • Kegel exercises can be performed while traveling, at work, or at odd moments during the day. No one will be aware that a woman is doing the exercises.

Kegel Weights & Electro Stimulation

Kegel exercises can be greatly enhanced with Kegel weights. Think of doing any exercise without weights... you can tone, but adding weights can make them even stronger. In addition, to weights, there is a new product called the Intensity which is available to women that allows them to do the exercises without any effort using electro stimulation.

There are new products that provide a form of Bio-Electric Stimulation Therapy (BEST), also known as micro current electro therapy (MET), which delivers small amounts of current to the body. It is used with these products to enhance strength of the Kegel muscles while intensifying sexual pleasure and reducing pain. They are commonly referred to as erotic electrostimulation or estim products.

Vaginal Creams & Gels

We often get asked if these work and the answer is yes they do, but the level of tightness is no more than using a face mask on your face and it is temporary. Often women use them thinking there is going to be a dramatic difference, but that is not what these are capable of and having realistic expectations of these is keys to your level of satisfaction.

Bottom line... toning will make you tighter and this is not just good for sexual pleasure, it's good for your health!


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