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Low Sex Drive In Women
Dealing With Hyposexual Desire Disorder

Traditional Approach

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder is a lack of sexual desire. It often causes compounded stress for a woman as she can feel frustrated with herself regarding her lack of sexual desire as well as have stress from the tension that it may cause in her relationship with a significant other.

The low sex drive includes a lack of and even an absence of sexual fantasies or thoughts. Often women who experience this disorder feel nothing regarding sex almost as if they are numb and indifferent toward the entire concept let alone partaking in sexual behavior.

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By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.
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It is important to note that a low libido should not be confused with an inability to reach orgasm. Many women with a low sex drive are capable of successful physical sexual arousal and may also achieve orgasm.

Potential Causes of Low Sex Drive In Women

  • Medications such as birth control as well as antidepressants, hormones and others
  • Emotional factors such as anxiety and depression
  • Relationship factors such as anger, and trust issues
  • Menopause that is brought on naturally or surgically
  • Sexual arousal disorder when sex is frustrating and / or painful.
  • Pregnancy
  • Eating Disorders such as obesity, bulimia, and anorexia
  • Illicit drugs and alcohol use
  • Sexual abuse or trauma

Emotional & Mental Factors

If you are experiencing low sex drive, one of the first things that you will want to rule out are emotional or mental blockages that keep you from feeling all right about your sexuality and sex in general. Have there been any past sexual abuse or trauma issues. What was your upbringing like when it came to attitudes regarding sexuality.

If the answer is yes to something as obvious as this, it may great help to find a therapist that specializes in sexual health who can help you deal with these issues. For treatment resources see our general treatment and therapy resources for traditional and alternative modalities.


Another area that should be explored are hormone levels. A few blood tests can help your doctor determine what your hormone levels are (especially if you are low on testosterone). You can also have your doctor rule out any physical causes that may need to be addressed.

Your free testosterone should be a minimum of 1.9 and you total testosterone should be a minimum of 20. If your testosterone is low you can explore options that you have with your doctor on how you can increase your levels. If your sexual response is low and that is feeding into your lack of interest due to pain, dryness, or lack of arousal or physical release, you should consider seeking evaluation and treatment of sexual arousal disorder.

Alternative Approaches

After medical causes have been ruled out, I can tell you that with alternative therapies such as EMDR therapy have provided positive results for many woman. A web site to find out more about that is as follows-

Also, if you are very analytical, introspective, etc. then you may need a more intensive, visceral way to release some of your feelings that are resurfacing and trying to get her attention to deal with them. Sometimes "talk therapy" is just not the way to go for those types. A type of therapy for that is Holotropic Breathwork. The national site for that is-

Breathwork.com You may also consider some massage therapy to allow you to get more acquainted with your body in a way that is healthy. Many sexual issues are dealt with effectively from therapeutic massage for a few reasons... one it brings them back in touch with their body and often sparks an emotional release during the session (Thus you should let the massage therapist know in advance about any issues you is currently trying to work through so that they can be prepared for you to have an emotional release).

Acupuncture is also a wonderful tool and something that is quite effective at dealing with the mind, body and spirit when it comes to sexual health.


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