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Lubricants & Massage Oils
A Guide For Choosing What Is Best For You

Let's face it... personal lubricants make everything feel so good! Whether you are using a sex toy or grinding up against your lover you can always have more fun when you use it.

Important- lubricants are directly absorbed into the body without being filtered through you liver and kidneys like food is, you should be even more careful what you use and is why we tell you what lubricants are the most pure. The most pure is aloe base lubricants as they actually offer healing properties.

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Lubricants help to make sex toys and sexual stimulation not only feel great, but also prevent chafing and tearing. When you are aroused, your body naturally creates lubricants so that you and a partner or sex toy does not cause damage. However, sometimes, the addition of extra lubricant can enhance sexual pleasure but also help when the body does not make as much as it needs to for the level of friction that is occurring.

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Personal Lubricants

Using a lubricant does not pertain to just using it for use with a partner. After all, friction also occurs during masturbation for both men and women and can greatly enhance sexual pleasure. With the new lubricants on the market now that make sexual play feel more intense and pleasurable it is even more fun to add them to your sexual regimen.

How to Pick the Right Lubricant

Lubricants come in a variety of formulations and that means that everyone can look at what is right for them when it comes to the desired affect. From water-based, silicone, silicone blends and petroleum based to stimulating, warming and cooling you can experience a variety of appetizing sexual sensations.

Water-based Lubricants

Waterbased lubricants are the most common type of lubricant and the one that we recommend the most. The reason for this is that it is typically healthier when it comes to being absorbed by the body and they are condom and sex toy compatible.

Waterbased lubricants with glycerin are not recommended for women with chronic yeast infections or whom are sensitive. They are also more sticky on the skin, and can stain linens.

Waterbased lubricants without glycerin, such as Aloe Cadabra or Sliquid may be used on virtually any body part, vibrator, masturbation sleeve, erection ring or dildo. It is the most universal lubricant, and is shown to be one of the safest. An advantage of waterbased lubricants are the easy cleanup as they rinse off with water easily and do not require soap to remove.

Silicone-Based Lubricants

Silicone lubricants are a great choice for use in the water as they do not gunk up hot tub components and drains the way that oil lubricants can. To wash of silicone lubricants you can just use soap and water. If you opt for silicone lubricants they are typically safe for use with 100% medical grade silicone sex toys, but other sex toys may break down from using them. Why do people enjoy oil and silicone lubricants? They tend to be more slick in the way that they feel and offer longer lubricating effects. There are now silicone blends which are also an option.

Petroleum-Based Lubricants

Petroleum based lubricants should be avoided but if used should be used for male masturbation. They are not recommended for vaginal penetration as they can make it more difficult for harmful bacteria to be removed from the body. They can also clog pores. They can be used for anal sex, however, we would recommend a water-based lubricant for any type of sexual activity that involves anal or vaginal penetration.

Do not use a petroleum based lubricants with anything made of sex toys, condoms, or other products as they can break down your sex toys and condoms.


Intimate Organics Defense Lubricant

Flavored Lubricants

Flavored lubricants are great for oral sex and we highly recommend them. There are a lot of them that taste like cough syrup and our staff and customers agree that there are only a few that taste like real fruit.
See our flavored lubricant reviews to see what we REALLY think about the different brands.

Aloe Cadabra

Using Lube

  • The best way to apply lubricant is to use a small amount at first, especially if it is silicone or oil based as you will not need a lot of it.

  • If you are using a Cyberskin sex toy you must use waterbased lubricants and you will most likely need a lot of lubricant as they along with other types of porous sex toys absorb the lubricants easily and you will find it needing to be reapplied from time to time.

  • If you are a man using a masturbation sleeve you should lubricate your penis and put some in the sleeve by pouring some inside and rubbing it around with your finger before you try and enter it.

  • The general rule of thumb when using lubricant is that if it does not slide in a comfortable manner than you need more. The main point is to reduce friction, so add a dime size until you can achieve that. Once you figure out what you want to use then it will be easier the next time to get that amount right the first time. If that if it doesn't slide in comfortably, you probably need more lubricant.

Massage Oils

Keep in mind that oils tend to stain sheets, so we recommend using something that you do not mind getting oil on. We sell waterproof blankets that are perfect for massages, and sexual activity so that when you are done you just throw it in the wash and your clean up is done. Also, remember that if you are using massage oils and will also be using sex toys are condoms you will not want to get the oil on them. You will want to pre-warm the oil in a warmer or by rubbing the massage oil in your hands first before applying.


Electrostimulation Gels

When using electrostimulation products using the right gel will increase the strength of the stimulation by as much as 40% as the electrostim gels are designed to lower skin resistance and are conductive. We carry only paraben free electrostimulation gels. If you opt not to use a gel, you can use waterbased lubricants (without glycerin) as an alternative, however, keep in mind that it will not conduct the stimulation as well as a electrode gel. Please make sure that you NEVER use any lubricant with silicone, glycerin or mineral oil with an electrostimulation product as the conductivity of it will be affected and it may also eventually lose all conductive properties.

Mystim Goldfather Electrostim Conductive Gel

Yam Lube

See our article specifically regarding yam lube to better understand if it works and how.


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