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Molding Kits of Your Own Penis / Vagina
Low Price Guarantee / Made by Empire Labs

Example of a Clone A Willy Kit

If you have ever wanted to copy of your penis or vaginal lips then there is only one reputable company that has put together kits to make it easy for you. In fact, all the pictures shown are actual molds by real men and women and show off smallest anatomical details like veins and ridges in your flesh.

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Clone A Willy Plus Balls
Clone A Willy Kits
Clone A Pussy Kits
We carry all of the Clone A Willy Plus Balls kits and offer a low price guarantee on all of our products so you will be sure to know that you are getting the best price anywhere. Make an exact replica of your own penis. Enjoy the following kits: Deep Skin Tone, Glow in the Dark, Hot Pink, Jet Black, Light Skin Tone, Neon Purple.
We carry all of the Clone A Willy kits and offer a low price guarantee on all of our products so you will be sure to know that you are getting the best price anywhere. Make an exact replica of your own penis. Enjoy the following kits: Light Tone, Deep Tone, Edible Chocolate, Glow in the Dark, Jet Black, Hot Pink, Plaster Caster, Soap on a Rope, Wax Candle, & Refills.
We carry all three of Clone A Pussy kits and offer a low price guarantee on all of them. Make an exact replica of your own labia (outer vaginal lips). Enjoy the following kits: Light Tone, Deep Tone & Edible Chocolate.
RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)
Make A Dildo & Clone A WIlly Accessories
Extra Rubber for Make Your Own Dildo and Clone A Willy Kits
FAQs for Make Your Own Dildos & Clone A Willy Kits
Many people do not realize that you can not just change the colors of your Make Your Own Dildo, Clone A Willy & Clone A Pussy Kits, but you can also adapt them to make them harness compatible, have a suction cup bottom, add a handle the the base or other added features. In addition, you can use things to make the process easier and more effective. Explore more possibilities of enhancing these kits with some unique accessories only found here.
When you want to make more than one mold of the Make Your Own Dildo, Clone A Willy & Clone A Pussy Kits or you want a back up, we carry extra molding powder an extra medical grade silicone here so that you may just purchase those instead of the entire kits all over again. We also sell extra vibrators that will fit the kits as well. We also sell glow powder that you can add to your the Make Your Own Dildo to make it glow in the dark along with extra vibrators for them.
Get your questions answered before you purchase these wonderful kits. Created by special effects guys in Hollywood, the Make Your Own Dildo, Clone A Willy & Clone A Pussy Kits make an exact replica of your penis or vagina using nontoxic and safe ingredients. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about how to make a perfect copy for yourself or someone special for them to use or simply admire.

Media Coverage

These are a long time favorite of customers and have been featured in Oprah's O Magazine as well as on shows like The Osbournes and Jersey Shore. Make Your Own Dildos, Clone A Willy and Clone A Pussy kits are manufactured by Empire Labs which was started in 1996 in San Francisco. These products were originally designed for prosthetic and medial uses, but because of their safe and excellent quality materials, requests for such molds increased and became more and more popular until a much larger production began to be made for the general public making Empire Labs the only reputable company to make such products. That is why they are trusted all over the world by millions of satisfied customers.

Novelty Supplement July 2003 "The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow and make it almost impossible to go wrong - even for us porn stars." - Jeremy Jordan
VICE MAGAZINE Vol. 10 #1 2003
"I made a dildo that is an exact replica of my dick"
"...it was an exact replica...perfectly represented."
"Make Your Own Dildo kit has become the best way to create a detailed, medical grade silicone duplicate of one's own penis and scrotum with a simple process that can be performed in the privacy of your home."
"We tested it out in the Penthouse Forum lab…This will all be worth it. Promise."
"The molding gel…could duplicate any appendage…"
NUGGET March 2001
"Comes complete with everything you need, including easy to follow, step-by-step instructions"
"…the kit allows you to construct a true-to-life medical grade silicone copy of any size male genitalia, complete with penis, balls, and every detail of hair follicles and bumps."
"…the medical grade silicone was pleasantly turgid and flesh-like in color and texture." "I was holding in my hands an exact replica of my unit."
"This 'homemade' dildo not only looks like the real thing, right down to every tiny vein and bump, but it even feels somewhat like real skin. We were impressed by the detail this product exhibited. This may be the ultimate Valentines Day gift."
"…make your own high quality dildo that's so exact, each vein and ridge is reproduced just as it is on the body…" "Your dream penis can be yours full time -and fully erect!"

"...easy, fast, and fun." "Cast your erect penis and give it to your partner. We did!"

Make Your Own Dildo™ has been featured in numerous magazines, web sites, and talk shows, including live demonstrations on Playboy's SEXCETERA TV, The Stephanie Miller Show, KABC Talk Radio, KSEX Radio, and KSJO Radio, to name just a few. Even Snooki and JWoww were discussing them on the MTV show Jersey shore.

AKA- Make A Dildo, Clone A Penis, Clone A Dick, Clone A Cock, Molding Kits, Clone A Vagina, Mold Your Penis, Mold Your Vagina, Clone Your Vagina, Mold Your Pussy.

Why These Kits Are So Popular-

Make Your Own Dildos were what the original kits were called but they are now called Clone A Willy Plus Balls Kits. They are the same the only difference is the name change.

These Make Your Own Penis kits and Vaginal Lips kits are some of our best selling products and have been for many years. The reason is that they really work and there are of course many reasons for wanting an exact replica for your penis or vaginal lips. Some of our best customers for these products are those who travel or are in the military. Often times husbands, boyfriends, wives and girlfriends want to be a part of their lover's long distance relationship by being with them in a unique way. It allows their lover to have a part of them, if you will.

Because the medical grade silicone style kits make great sex toys, the Make Your Own Dildo kits and Clone A Willy are especially popular. On Valentines day, the milk chocolate kits are a favorite. They are also popular as gag gifts and we often get requests to send them as such or they are made and then presented as a funny gift. The varieties of soap and candles make for some pretty humorous ways to express yourself.

One of our customers had a sexual website that had a fan base and he used them to make molds of his penis to sell to his fans. Often times we see that with male strippers and male porn stars that want their own dildo. The same goes for female strippers and porn stars who will sell to their clients.

Another one of our customers made a mold of herself and painted it so that she could put it on her coffee table. We are certain that made for quite the discussion piece. Another woman called us and told us that her husband was going overseas and she wanted several molds made of his penis because she wanted only him and never wanted to use a regular dildo again. Other women have bought them for bachelorette parties as part of wedding gifts or something for the honeymoon.

No matter the reason you decide to get a Make a Dildo Kit or a Clone Kit, we are happy to help you with the lowest sale price and discreet shipping.

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