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Nipple Play
The Joys of Nipple Stimulation:

Nipple Stimulation Techniques & Breast Toys

When it comes to nipple stimulation, everyone is different. Part of this is because some people are more sensitive than others. Typically women's nipples are more sensitive as they have more nerve endings.

There are a variety of ways to stimulate nipples and communication is key in regard to finding out what a lover likes as there is a high level of variation when it comes to the types of nipple stimulation that people like.

Some people like gentle stimulation while others like firm and even painful pressure. There are also some that prefer no nipple stimulation at all and those that like their entire chest area massaged.

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What Can You Do With Nipples?

The main types of stimulation to nipples are pinching, rubbing, sucking, biting, licking, pulling, whipping and piercing. All of these can be done a variety or intensities based on one's preference. You can also apply things like hot wax, ice cubes and stimulating nipple creams for added sensations. A typical rule of thumb is to start off slowly and work up to more intense stimulation.

Nipple Clamps

Nipple clamps are what you would probably assume them to be... clamps that are applied to the nipples. They come in a variety of materials and some even have jewelry that hang from them. Nipple clamps can also be used on other parts of the body such as the labia, testicles and ears. You will typically want to clamp them on your pinky finger or wrist area first to see what they feel like before applying to a more sensitive area such as your nipples. Here are some examples of nipple sex toys-

Clover Clamps

Japanese nipple clamps (also called Clover Clamps & Butterfly Clamps)

Tweezer Clamps

There are a variety of tweezer clamps some have jewelry while others are connected to vibrators.

Magnetic Clamps

Strong magnets that pull apart from both ends and then pinch the nipple.

Vibrating Clamps

Vibrating nipple clamps can be used as a clitoral and nipple stimulator

Suction Bulbs

Bulbs are held on through suction and and can be pumped to create more intense suction.

Nipple Pumps

Nipple pumps can come in a variety of forms with some offering attached vibrators and bulbs for enhances suction.

Nipplettes- Nipple Sex Toy & Vibrator

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Advanced Clitoral Pump

Nipple Torture Clamps like the one shown to the left provide a screw that can be adjusted to the level of pinching that is desired. They can also come with vibrators. Moving around with nipple clamps can create added stimulation as they will tug at the nipple with their weight.

When To Stop Pressure

If you find that there is a cold or numb sensation in the nipples or they are discolored and white looking, you should release the pressure. If nipples have been squeezed in a clamp for a long time and you release the clamp you may find that it can become painful when the blood returns to your nipples. To reduce this possibly painful transition, you can use your finger tips to squeeze your nipples and gradually allow the blood to return to them rather then all at once. Some people enjoy the sensation, so it is really a personal preference.

Nipple Suction

Suction is another way to stimulate the nipples which of course can be done through the mouth and nipple suction cup sex toys. It can also be done through a technique called 'cupping' or 'fire cups' which is a technique taken from Acupuncture. It should only be done by someone who is well trained in cupping.

When To Stop Suction

Suction should only occur for about 10 - 15 minutes at a time. You can receive light bruising from suction which is normal and should not do any permanent damage.

Other Nipple Stimulation

There are a couple other types of nipple stimulation, one of which is using what is referred to as an 'Elastrator.' This is a rubber band that is tied around a nipple to make it more erect and protrude.

If you decide to pour honey, chocolate, use ice or warming lubricants, you may want to use a waterproof throw such as the one that we carry. If you decide to go with hot wax, you might want to consider a cheap shower curtain or even a painters drop cloth that can be discarded after as you cannot wash it. If you do use hot wax, also be careful with how close you pour as you can cause undesired burns. No matter what you choose to do when it comes to nipple stimulation, make sure to communicate and have fun!


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