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The Vagina
Facts About It That You May Not Have Known

There are many mysteries surrounding the female genitalia and understanding such a basic part of a woman's anatomy is something that we should all be educated about. After all, it is where life is made and delivered.

Because women's genitals are internal, many have not even seen what their vagina's look like. We encourage women to get to know their equipment by holding a handheld mirror up and just taking a look at the beautiful flower you have.

This article will explore the facts and myths that surround a woman's vagina as well as give you some diagrams to better understand the location of it's major components.

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Most people say the word vagina when they mean the vulva. The vulva includes everything. Therefore, when you are referring to the external genitals on a woman you would call it the vulva.

Mons Pubis
The mons veneris also known as the Mons Veneris is the fatty tissue that covers the pubic bone. It is often where there is the most amount of pubic hair.

Labia Majora
The labia majora are the large, fleshier outer lips of the vagina. They cover and protect the vulva. They are usually covered with pubic hair and have sweat and oil glands.

Labia Minora
The labia minora are the inner lips of the vulva that help protect the vaginal opening. They also protect the urethra and clitoris. The appearance of the Labia Minora (vaginal lips) can vary from being short, long, thin, fat and varied in color. When sexually aroused a woman's vaginal lips will swell and pull apart. They are quite sensitive and are a good place for sexual stimulation.

Vulva - Diagram of the Vagina, Clitoris, and more

The clitoris is the equivalent of the head of a man's penis. It is a small body of spongy tissue that is very sexually sensitive. The clitoris is protected by a clitoral hood (a.k.a.: prepuce) which is surrounding tissue that is similar to that of the labia minora. When a woman is sexually aroused the clitoris may push out past the clitoral hood making it more accessible. The size of the clitoris varies from woman to woman just as penis size varies in men.

The big news when it comes to the clitoris is that it is much more than a little 'love button' that is visible when you look at it externally. Rather, most of the clitoris cannot be seen externally. In fact, it is similar looking to a wish bone; wrapping around the vagina wall. When the clitoris becomes stimulated it becomes firm and literally hugs the vaginal walls.

In the picture to the left, you can see that the arrow points to the tip or head of the clitoris and it then extends much further into the body (as seen via ultrasound).

Now you can see why our 'love button' is very important to stimulate when it comes to achieving orgasms and why we love vibrators that stimulate them so easily and effectively. Vibrators send waves of vibration through the entire clitoris, rather than just rubbing the external head, thus, causing the entire clitoral system to be stimulated.


The opening to the urethra is just below the clitoris and is where urine comes out. It is hidden under smaller folds of skin (called the inner lips or labia minora). It connects to the bladder and eventually to the kidneys (where urine is produced.) As the urethra is positioned closely to the anus, women are encouraged to wipe themselves after urinating from front to back to avoid bringing any fecal matter that may contain harmful bacteria into the urethra (which can cause a Urinary Tract Infection - UTI). The urethra is also where the
Skenes glands drain female ejaculate through the Skenes ducts.

Urethra and Skenes Glands AKA Gspot

Hymen Examples

The Hymen

This is what most people refer to when they say 'popping her cherry'. They mean breaking the hymen; which is a thin layer of skin that covers the vaginal opening. It is referred to as a cherry as it often bleeds when broken, but not necessarily in all cases. Because of this saying 'cherry' often means in pristine condition or pure.

For a long time having the hymen in tact signified whether a woman was a virgin or not. However, we now know that is a ridiculous notion as it can often tear naturally during childhood from trauma to the area such as horseback riding, ballet exercises, falling on a bike, fence or even using a tampon. In fact, some women are born without a hymen. The hymen, as you can see to the left, can cover the vaginal opening a little or a lot and can have multiple openings.

Sometimes, the hymen can be completely closed. This is called an imperforate hymen. When this occurs it is important to have a Gynecologist help to open the hymen to allow menstrual blood to be able to drain properly. Signs that a hymen is closed are severe menstrual cramping without any signs of menstrual bleeding as well as not being able to insert a finger or tampon into the vagina. If this is the problem, a Gynecologist can perform a very simple surgery by making an incision to open up the hymen.

Desperate women who live in areas with high sexual ignorance have actually had surgeries to restore the hymen, which is called hymenorraphy. If there is not a hymen left or there never was one, then surgery can be performed to take part of the vaginal wall to create one. In some cases doctors have even surgically inserted a fake blood capsule to simulate the breaking of the hymen.

It is a sad, dangerous and unnecessary procedure. We highly encourage people to be better educated about the hymen rather then believing in the myth that it must be in tact for a woman to be pure.

Also see our article regarding can a woman be 'damaged goods'.

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Fun Facts

  • The average vagina is about 3 to 6" deep.

  • The blue whale has the largest vagina which is about 6 - 8 feet long.

  • A woman who was 7'8" tall has the record for the largest vagina.

  • The longest clitoris on record is 4.5 inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter.

  • Some African tribes stretch their labia to be as long as seven inches in length.

  • The most orgasms that a woman has had in one hour has been recorded as 134. (A man was recorded as having had 16 in comparison).

  • The longest orgasm on record is 43 seconds with 25 consecutive contractions.

  • The longest pubic hair on record is 28" (71.12 cm) long.

  • In the middle ages women were thought to be less capable of getting pregnant if they had orgasms which is actually the opposite. Women are more likely to get pregnant if they have orgasms.

  • The birth control method of the IUD was invented in 1909. # Both the vagina and the eye are self cleaning organs.

  • Orgasms are great for women as they relive menstrual cramps. The muscles contracting during an orgasm moves the blood and lining away from congested organs and relieves tension.

  • The Gspot is named for Dr. Ernest Grafenberg.

  • A nymphomaniac is the definition of a woman who cannot experience sexual satisfaction regardless of how many orgasms or partners. # Eight out of ten women who use vibrators say that they only use them for clitoral stimulation not for gspot stimulation to have an orgasm.

  • Female orgasms are great for headaches as they are excellent natural painkillers.

  • Cleopatra apparently had a diaphragm made from cow dung and had two orgasms a day.

Vagina / Vulva Questions

Can you increase pleasure to the vagina during sexual play?

Yes, and there are several options. You can use clitoral and gspot gels that enhance stimulation. You can also use vibrators that increase blood flow and stimulate the clitoris, labia and spot. Clitoral pumps are also popular as they increase blood flow and sensitivity as well. You can also enhance sexual positions by allowing a penis or dildo to put more pressure against the gspot while the pubic bone rubs against the clitoris.

Is it normal to have one fold of skin larger than the other?

The size of the inner and outer lips can vary from woman to woman. Often women have one side of their inner lips that might be longer or a different shape. All vagina's look slightly different from one another just like a male's penis and this is normal. There are some women that do not like longer vaginal lips or a lopsided vaginal lip and so there is now cosmetic plastic surgery for vaginal lip reconstruction. We encourage women to embrace themselves as they are, however, some women find that it improves their sense self esteem.

Location of the gspot

Do Only Some Women Have G-spots?

All women have gspots and the ability of the gspot to get hard and engorged or stay soft depends on the level of sexual arousal a woman experiences. This actually explains why so many people have thought that some women have a gspot, and others do not. They have simply felt the gspot when it was not aroused and did not feel it because it.

If a woman is not aroused and the Paraurethral / Skenes glands are not filled with fluid, it will not create a firm and noticeable area inside the vaginal wall. It may also be more prominent in some women depending on how big their glands are and how many they have. Think about it this way - men's penises vary in shape, size, and angle and so do women's gspots.

See article on what is the gspot for more information.

Female Ejaculation Fluid Note

Paraurethral / Skenes Glands & G-spot

The Paraurethral glands are also called Skenes Glands. The quantity of glands, the size and the exact location of these glands varies within each woman. The gspot is found easily by inserting a finger into the vagina and can be felt approximately two inches inside and on the top front wall; on the same side as the pubic bone. During sexual arousal the these glands fill with fluid and in most cases are felt through the vaginal wall as a firm and engorged area. This is what people refer to as the gspot.

See article on what is female ejaculation for more information.

Female Ejaculation

What Happens Woman Is Sexually Aroused?


When a woman becomes aroused, her pelvic and genital areas fill with blood. This is called engorgement. This is the same phenomenon that makes a man’s penis hard, and we all know how much men enjoy having a firm penis. For both man and women, engorged genitals are capable of feeling more sensitive. When a clitoris is engorged, it can get three times larger than an unengorged clitoris. Since an unengorged clitoris is often quite small, it can be hard to pleasure. Thus, by engorging the clitoris first a man makes it easier to find the clitoris, and the woman feels more pleasure.


When a woman becomes aroused, her vagina also become lubricated however, how much depends on her hydration, how long she has been aroused, and her diet.


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