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Sexual Positions
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If you've ever wondered what most people are doing in their bedroom (or even outside of it) for sexual positions... you will find some of the most common listed in the following article.

Added Spice

There are also ways to spice up these positions a bit and I have put together some added suggestions as well as great sex toys that can be used with these positions.

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By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.
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Positions- Straight, Gay Or Bisexual?

Sexual positions for gay, lesbian and bisexual (bi) couples don't differ much from those geared toward heterosexual couples. Gay, lesbian and bisexual couples engage in anal and oral intercourse in many of the same positions. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and hetero couples also enjoy sex toys in much the same way... so don't feel that any position is off limits, no matter your sexual orientation!



This of course is one of the most popular positions for heterosexual couples to achieve vaginal and anal sex. However, gay couples can enjoy anal sex in this position and lesbian couples can enjoy penetration with a strap on dildo or double dildo (i.e. Feeldoe or the Feeldoe Slim) as well.

Missionary Position

In the missionary position, the bottom partner lies on their back with their legs spread to allow better access to the vagina and/or anus. If you do decide to go from vagina to ass... you need to remember you should not go from ass to vagina until you have disinfected your toys, penis, fingers, etc. so as not to spread harmful bacteria found in the anal area. For more information on this you can read our article on anal sex.

Another hot position for gay or heterosexual couples is to have the top male partner insert a Feeldoe or the Feeldoe Slim in his anus while inserting the shaft into his partner's anus. For heterosexual couples you can do this and have the male penetrating a woman's vagina at the same time for her to receive penetration anally and vaginally at the same time while the man receives anal stimulation. A truly wild sexual experience!

The partner on top can lie flat on the partner on the bottom if their weight is not uncomfortable for them, or they can support some or all of their weight on their elbows, hands or knees. Remember, the less weight one has on them in this position, the better they can thrust their pelvis.

The bottom partner can also wrap their legs around the top partner's hips or back, or even put them up over their shoulders. The further up the bottom partner's legs, the deeper the penetration the top partner can make as they thrust. A great tool for lifting the legs up higher is the Liberator Ramp.

Liberator Shape- The Ramp

Clitoral Vibrators Amp Up The Sexual Charge!

Clitoral Vibrators

Using a clitoral vibrator in this position can be made easier by having the female on the bottom put her legs up higher to allow for easier access.

A great vibrator for this position is going to be a strong, small one that is wireless (i.e. The Waterdancer or any of our clitoral vibrators). This allows for less interference between the couple.

Why Do People Love This Position?

This position is great for many reasons. It often allows for deep penetration and this aids in conceiving children if that is a goal. It also allows you to feel close to your partner as your bodies press against one another and you can kiss or gaze lovingly into one another's eyes.


Liberator Shapes - Help with Sex Positions


Partner On Top

There are so many names for this position... Woman Astride, Riding The Horse, etc. call it what you like, but one partner is on top riding a dildo or penis inside their vagina or anus.

Partner On Top Sex Position

This requires the partner on top to use some leg strength, and can be a bit tiring to one's leg muscles if you do it in the sitting position with your feet on the bed, floor, etc. To provide relief, you can alternate to your knees or simply wiggle your pelvis in a grinding motion. One great ways to help relieve some of that strain on your legs is to use the Liberator stage as shown below-

Liberator Stage Sex Pillow


Clitoral Stimulation with No Vibrator

For a woman to achieve a clitoral orgasm without a toy, lean your torso forward, arch your back, and keep your crotch close to the base of your partner's penis or dildo. Try using a rocking motion to maneuver the shaft instead of up and down. You should feel the firmness of their pubic bone pressing right against your clit to stimulate it. Also, for added intimacy, pull your partner upright into your arms for a special heart-to-heart moment.


Gspot Stimulation for Women & Prostate Stimulation for Men

For women, you can stimulate your gspot by leaning backward and resting on your hands while riding up and down on their penis or dildo. For men you can stimulate your prostate by doing the same.

Another maneuver for the partner on top is to grip your lover's penis and do a pelvic bump and grind by swiveling your hips with their penis deep inside you. Once you establish a rhythm, start squeezing your Kegel muscles.


Why do People Love this Position?

This position is great for giving the top partner control, it also allows for the bottom partner to watch as their lover grinds and encompasses their penis or dildo. It also allows for easy use of a vibrator for clitoral stimulation. If the bottom partner wanted to, they could also hold a vibrator to the top partner's anus for added fun. Here is where you can really get creative. Using handcuffs, blindfolds, and other toys can make this position a virtual play land!


Lover's Wrap

This position can be easily done on a counter top in the kitchen or bathroom as well as on a washing machine on the spin cycle! This position allows a woman to lean back as well as come forward as she is vaginally penetrated. It is not as easy for anal penetration due to angle... but it can be done.

A great vibrator for this position is again going to be a strong small one that is wireless (i.e. The Waterdancer, or any of our wireless clitoral vibrators).

Sexual Position- Wrapping Legs Around

This allows for less interference between the couple. You can also enjoy penetration with a strap on dildo. A variation of this position is having the standing lover on their knees, sitting or squatting as shown below.

Liberator Shapes Sexual Positions Guide

Doggy Style

This position is often great for g-spot and prostate stimulation. Obviously the kneeling partner can insert their penis or dildo inside their partner's anus or vagina and switch. Again, remembering it is okay to switch from vagina to anal, but not vice versa without cleaning off in order to prevent a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

Sexual Positions- Doggy Style

This is an awesome position for when you are feeling wild! There's something very primal about banging from behind that brings out the animal in even the most mild-mannered guy or dildo wielding chick.

This is an awesome position to bring out some fun sex toys. You can do all sorts of things in this position. If you want to have clitoral stimulation many vibrators will do the trick because you can straddle it and it will not come between you and your lover... unless you want to share the buzzzzzzzzzzz by pushing the vibrator back so you both get a dose. Feel free to bring out a more powerful vibrator like the Hitachi Magic Wand for this fiesta!


Getting Jiggy With It

For A fun filled 'rock her world' evening, have your lovely lady on all fours while she uses a Rabbit Habit or Hitachi Magic Wand With G-spot Attachment to service her clitoris and vagina while you serve it up anally with another dildo or your penis!

You can also use the Feeldoe or the Feeldoe Slim to stimulate you up the bum while you insert the shaft into her vagina and your cock inside her anally! All kinds of fun to be had here!

Liberator Pillows


Side By Side

This is a position that makes sex last a bit longer while increasing intimacy. There's not a whole lot of motion; that's why it delays climax. It's perfect for erotic embraces and intimate eye contact.

Side By Side Sex Position

To up the intensity, get into a gentle pelvic rhythm and look into each other's eyes while taking natural, deep breaths. For increased pleasure as with all sexual interaction, throw in some massage oil on your bodies to slip and slide off one another!


The Butterfly

Find a place such as a bed with Liberator Shape, high bed, desk, counter, or even the hood of a car - where your pelvis is about one foot lower than your standing partner. Lie back while they stand in front of you and then lift your legs and rest your feet on their shoulders. You can then tilt your pelvis upward so that your back forms a straight line and you angle upward with your hips. Put their hands under you so they can hold your behind at the perfect angle while they thrust. It really helps to have pillows underneath if this position is done for a long period.

Butterfly Sexual Position

Why is this position hot? The pelvic tilt gives their penis / dildo better access to your G-spot and builds more friction for both of you.



For More Sex Positions See Our Photo Gallery


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