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The Clitoris
Why It Is Important To Stimulate

Many people think that the clitoris is just a button-like protrusion, when in actuality, is it shaped like a wishbone. When you see the ultrasound picture below, you will begin to understand the complex system of a woman's sexual functioning and how it actually interacts with the paraurethral glands (A.K.A.: G-spot, G-Area or G-Region).

As you may already know, we all start off in the womb as female. When a Y chromosome is added, a male is developed, so essentially we all have the same equipment to start with and then it gets moved around and developed differently. The head of the clitoris is very similar to the head of a man's penis, but is more sensitive as it has more nerve endings.

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What is the Clitoris?

The big news when it comes to the clitoris is that it is much more than a little 'love button' that is visible when you look at it externally. Rather, most of the clitoris cannot be seen externally. In fact, it is similar looking to a wish bone; wrapping around the vagina wall. When the clitoris becomes stimulated it becomes firm and literally hugs the vaginal walls.

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In the picture to the right, you can see that the arrow points to the tip or head of the clitoris and it then extends much further into the body (as seen via ultrasound).

Now you can see why our 'love button' is very important to stimulate when it comes to achieving orgasms and why we love vibrators that stimulate them so easily and effectively.

Vibrators send waves of vibration through the entire clitoris, rather than just rubbing the external head, thus, causing the entire clitoral system to be stimulated.

Vulva - Diagram of the Vagina, Clitoris, and more

It is also no wonder why the gspot (A.K.A.: paraurethral glands). is now also considered part of this complex system of pleasure producing instruments within the female anatomy.

To best stimulate the clitoris, you will want to start off gently. Some women find that they prefer indirect, rather than direct stimulation; while others enjoy when their hood is pulled back and full contact is provided.

It is best to communicate at first, so that you can get an idea of what she enjoys. Some women even have a preference regarding stimulating one side of their clitoris over another.

When rubbing the clitoris, it is best when lubricated. It reduces friction and provides enhanced stimulation; just as it does for a man when he has his penis stimulated.

The popularity of clitoral gels to help provide increased stimulation is proof that more people are understanding the importance of the clitoris. Not all clitoral gels are the same however, as some are warming, while others are stimulating through herbal extracts. It is best to look for a clitoral gel that is all natural and oil free for health reasons and to prevent condom and sex toy corrosion.

Many people think that gspot stimulation is the key to helping a woman achieve an orgasm and in actuality, it is just a part of a larger picture. Keep in mind that the clitoris can be a big part of arousal for a woman. If she is not stimulated through her clitoris, some women find it difficult to climax.

LELO TIania Demonstration

Couple's Vibrators such as the WeVibe 4 can be worn during intercourse for dual stimulation of the clitoris and gspot.

That is why vibrating rings are so popular as they allow a male partner to stimulate the clitoris while having sex. Now with the invention of couples vibrators like the We-Vibe 4, there is increased pleasure for both the clitoris and gspot during intercourse. There are also sexual positions that help a partner better stimulate a woman's clitoris during intercourse with the partner's pubic bone or provide access to stimulate it with their fingers or sex toy.

Another tip to keep in mind is that if a woman has lost her sex drive, the old adage of "if you don't use it you'll lose it" does actually apply. Studies have shown that if a woman is regularly stimulated sexually that it helps her sex drive increase. Vibrators can help increase sex drive by bringing increased blood flow to the genital area and are very effective at stimulating the clitoris for increased arousal and ability to orgasm.

Using a vibrator or other stimulation during a woman's period to achieve an orgasm can also reduce cramps and help her mood improve. As many woman do not like to have sex during their period or use dildos; using a small waterproof vibrator that is easy to clean can be a great way to accomplish stimulation just to the clitoris.

Clitoral stimulation for women is wonderful. It not only feels great, but actually promotes healthy sexual functioning.


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