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Clone A Willy Kits
Molding Kits to Make Replicas of Your Penis
By Empire Labs

Make a vibrating, nontoxic, latex free, medical grade silicone copy of a penis. This kit contains easy to follow instructions and everything you need to make a life-size Medical Grade Silicone vibrating dildo that is an exact replica of your penis. You can make this harness compatible by purchasing our Clone A Willy Accessories.

RATING (1-5)
Seaweed Based Molding Powder
with an Silicone (platinum cure) Shaft

3 out of 5
Determining Noise

3 out of 5
Determining Power

Customer Reviews & Video Below

Shown Left to Right-

Black / Deep Skin / Light Skin / Glow in Dark / Hot Pink

Materials Used

The materials are completely safe to use and are the same materials that sex toy manufacturers use to make molds of porn stars and dentists use to make a cast of your teeth.

Molds Penis Without Testicles
Vibrator Only In Medical Grade Silicone Versions

Instructions Available In Spanish

Instrucciones Disponibles en Español a Petición

Each Kit Contains-
1 Molding Powder Packet To Make 1 Mold
1 Clear Latex Free Medical Grade Silicone Mix
1 Skin Tone Liquid Mix
1 Tube Without Testicle Attachment
1 Thermometer
1 Mixing Stick
1 Vibrator 5.25" (In Medical Grade Silicone Versions Only)

You Will Need-
1 Pair of Scissors
1 Pen
1 Measuring Cup
1 Timer or Clock with a second hand
1 Two Quart or Larger Mixing Bowl
1 Large Spoon or Spatula
1 Piece of Cardboard approximately 4" x 4"
8" of Duct Tape

Want Extra Materials?

Read the Clone A Willy Directions further down on this page to find out what you may opt to get in addition to the kits.

To change the skin tone darker or lighter than the kit-

We recommend using a Windsor & Newton artist oil color, which is available at any art supply store for about $5.00. Just a tiny drop of paint needs to be mixed into the Medical Grade Silicone material your pour it into the mold. A drop will be plenty to completely change the color so buy the smallest tube possible.


The mold will provide you with an exact replica like the one shown below-

Customer Reviews

Most Helpful Positive Review

My husband and I made this mold together and it is my absolute favorite sex toy. I love using it with him and when he is away. When we are together we enjoy using it when he is finished but I am not or sometimes for double penetration. He also likes to use it while he pleasures himself and watch me use it. Making it was not difficult, but it is clear that you need to have everything that you need out and ready to go before you proceed as following the instructions is key in making a perfect mold. We found that when cutting the tube to fit his penis that it should be a close as possible gave less extra space in the tube and conserved the Medical Grade Silicone which I think is a good thing. Also, you will want to make sure you get all of the water out of the bottom of the mold before you put in the liquid Medical Grade Silicone because if you do not it will leave craters and dents in the finished products. The vibrator is powerful and I can feel it all the way up the shaft. It is a bit on the loud side, and while that may be of concern for some, I did not mind it at all. The product is what it claims to be and something I would highly recommend for someone looking to create mold of their penis.

Leslie - Gilroy, CA

Most Helpful Critical Review

The kits work, I just found out the hard way you have to follow the instructions to the letter and have to have the water temperature just right. You cannot half-ass making them or your mold will not turn out right. Luckily I was able to get it right the 2nd go and have a great dildo to show for it. Just pay attemtion and if you have questions ask before you start!

Josh - Salem, OR

On Sale: Now Only-


Light Skin

Tan / Deep Skin

Jet Black

Hot Pink

Glow in the Dark


Safety Features Powered By
Phthalate free
Green Sex Toy
Sex Toy Materials
1 AA Battery Not Included


Cleaning & Care

As with any sex toy, we recommend only using waterbased lubricants to avoid any chemical reactions with the Medical Grade Silicone texture.

Helpful Tip-
Do not tap the powder down. Just keep it loose and wait to pour the Medical Grade Silicone in after the mold is completely dry.


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These kits are also known as:
Make A Dildo, Clone A Penis, Clone A Dick, Clone A Cock, Molding Kits, Clone A Vagina, Mold Your Penis, Mold Your Vagina, Clone Your Vagina, Mold Your Pussy.


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