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Couple's Retreats, Parties & Events
Let Us Help You Make Your Retreat Or Event Amazing!

Dazzle your clients with the best, body-safe sexual health products through single products, goodie bags and/or gift sets. Make your party, event or retreat stand out by providing the latest in sensual delights while giving your clients something that they will use and enjoy. Receive bulk discounts as well as special access even to products not available on our website.

We cater to many types of business owners and party hosts looking to provide special gifts for their clients or party attendees while staying in budget.

Lisa Lawless
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.
Psychotherapist & Sexuality Expert

CEO & Founder of
Holistic Wisdom, Inc. & NAASAS


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Promotional & Swag Gifts For Your Event or Business

Parties, retreats, special events or even promotional gifts for your business or event can help enhance sexual health for the individual and/or rekindle romance and intimacy with couples. We have you covered whether you need something health related or sensual and romantic as we have the best in gift sets, goodie bags or even specific items.

Type of business owners that use our services-

  • Event Planners
  • Party Planners
  • Party Hosts
  • Retreat Owners
  • Mental Health Therapists
  • Physicians
  • Sex Therapists
  • Resort Owners
  • Sex Educators
  • Life Coaches
  • Club Owners
  • Holistic Business Owners


Who Uses Our Services?

We can tailor items, goodie bags, and gift sets to the type of party, program, event or retreat you are putting in place such as -

  • Women's Retreats
  • Men's Retreats
  • Couples Retreats
  • Couple's Therapy
  • Sexual Retreats
  • Wellness Retreats
  • Medical Conferences
  • Business Conferences
  • Wine Tasting Retreats
  • Fitness Retreats
  • Wedding Showers
  • Bachelorette and Bachelor Parties
  • Yoga and Ayurvedic Spa Retreats
  • Club Memberships
  • Parties
  • Healing Massage Retreats
  • Meditation Courses
  • Bodywork Retreats
  • Body Cleansing Programs
  • Medical Retreats


Giveaway Products & Swag Examples

Healthy Sex Gifts
We specialize in sexual products that address clinical issues such as low libido, painful sex, erectile dysfunction, female sexual dysfunction, urinary incontinence, menopause, diabetes, premature ejaculation, PMS, and more. Choose items for your clients that help solve sexual clinical issues and offer them better sexual experiences such as: Vibrators & Products for Erectile Dysfunction, Dilators, Kegel Exercisers, Menstural Cups, Sexual Wellness Herbs and much more!

Luxury Sex Toys, Massage Oils & Lubricants
We carry only the best in body-safe sex toys that are nontoxic, ecofriendly and phthalate free. Whatever you choose for your event(s) your clients will enjoy the quality of our products.

Wine Inspired Sensual Gifts
With wine, all the rage we have a few wine scented and flavored products such as wine scented bath bombs, wine soy candles, wine flavored oral pleasure lip gloss, wine scented massage oil, and wine adult gift sets.

The Sneaky Sack & Other Storage Bags
A clever storage bag is a perfect place for hiding personal items from kids, housemates, guests, and more. Our bags are designed to be used with sexual items but you can use it for anything your clients wish to hide.

Lipstick & Other Disguised Sex Toys
Especially fun for female-focused events are our vibrators that look like ordinary items. Choose from such cute designs as a rubber duckie, lipstick or even a mascara.

Adult Candy & Flavored Sexual Lubricants & Oils
Choose from a variety of options such as flavored body powder, oils, and lubricants as well as specialized adult candy and chocolate.

Sensual Bath & Body Items
From personal shaving to exotic bath bombs we have everything for the individual or couple when it comes to sensually pampering oneself.

Unique Sexual Products
We have access to every major sexual product manufacturer in the world. Let us know products you desire and we will research the best ones for your needs and provide you with options within your budget.


Avoid Spending Money On Items That Clients Will Throw Out

Don't waste your time and money on items that are just going to end up in the trash. If you go to most venues at hotels after an event you may find what gets tossed both revealing and depressing with expensive promotional items that end up headed for the dump. For example, here are a few items that get thrown out the most at such events/retreats-

  • Printed collateral
  • Anything that won't pass airport security
  • Super-branded items
  • Cheap, low-quality items

The airport security issue may be more important than you realize so, for example, giving out massage oil bottles that are more than 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) per item can result in them being thrown out if your client is attempting to bring it carry-on.

Give your attendees something they will love, enjoy using and be excited that you gave them. Simply tell us about your event, your budget and we will happily pitch you some options on the best options for your event/retreat.


How to Get Started
Simply contact us and let us know the following-

  • What type of event is this?
  • Will it be recurring or is it a one-time event?
  • How many people are attending?
  • Do you have a theme?
  • What types of products are you interested in or do you need suggestions?
  • What is your approximate budget?
  • Do you want special gift bags or will you be providing your own?
  • When do you need your order?

Also, be sure to include any other information that is important to you and we will provide you with ideas, a price quote, and a delivery ETA.



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