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We are a company that cares greatly about you and that is why we have staff that carefully review each order to ensure that not only is your order processed perfectly but also to ensure that every detail of your credit card information is correct to protect cardholders from fraud. We use highly secure and tested technology and we do not store your credit card information nor do we share ANY of your information because we value your privacy and security.

If you are attempting to place an order with us and are having difficulty getting your charge to go through, please contact us so that we can assist you. Also, please review the top reasons cards are declined and check to make sure that none of these apply if you are having difficulty getting your transaction to go through.

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Information Not Entered Exactly As Your Credit Card Company Has On File

This is the most common issue we see with customers who are having a hard time placing an order. If you use today's technology it is easy to mistype or have Auto-fill programs put in your information incorrectly or accidentally put things into the wrong fields. Keep in mind that credit card companies use the precise details of your name, address and even the telephone number they have on file for you in addition to your credit card number and security code. If one digit is off in your zip code or you put in your cell phone number when you have another phone number on file with your credit card company it can cause the transaction to be declined. Because we use such a secure system, all the information has to be correct so if you have been using your card online with other companies using Auto-fill programs that fill in the fields automatically and have not had problems then it may be that their security systems are simply not catching the errors.

We also see people wanting to make their order more discreet by leaving off their last name when this is information that is actually needed by your credit card company to authenticate the charge. We truly understand your desire for discretion as that is why we specialize in discreet billing and shipping so rest assured your order will be discreet but please know that with credit card companies needing that information to process your transaction it is necessary to put it in.

In most situations, simple things like this are what cause orders to not go through so if you are trying to put an order through and you have been initially declined, make sure to check even the smallest of things such as if your zip code was typed in with inverted numbers or if it was put into the wrong field. Even basic things like if the wrong country was selected or you put the street number in the 2nd line of the address rather than the first. All it takes is one simple error to keep you from getting your order to go through so make sure to really look at each part of your information when putting in your payment details. This is of course also really important for shipping your order as the last thing we want is to ship your order to the wrong address.

Unusual Credit Card Activity

If you have been traveling or are using a credit card that has not been used in a while the credit card company may think that the purchase you are making is a fraudulent attempt. Something as simple as renting a car, checking into a hotel or using a card in another state or country can cause your card to have a security hold put on it. Other reasons this can occur are that you are placing a large order or are ordering more than usual which can be detected by your credit card company and flagged as unusual spending patterns. Your purchase then may trigger fraud protection on your card to protect you.

This is easily resolved by simply calling your credit card company and letting them know you have received a decline and it is a legitimate purchase. When you call we understand that one thing our customers worry about is if the credit card company will know what you are ordering and we can assure you that they will not. Your credit card transaction does not state what products you are ordering and our discreet company name (Holistic Wisdom) will not flag them to know that you are ordering sexual health products.

Other Common Reasons For Declines
  • You've reached your credit limit - Keep in mind that if your credit rating has recently dropped then your credit limit may be reduced.

  • You've missed credit card payments.

  • Another user deactivated your card.

Let Us Help

We are happy to help you place your order by phone if you are having problems online. You can also email us to ask questions as we can see what the error code is given by your credit card company when your card is declined. We are here to help and will do everything we can to keep credit card transactions secure and discreet because we are a family of professionals that care very much about our you.


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