Email Confidentiality
Your Email Is Safe With Us!

We NEVER divulge our client's email addresses to anyone for any reason and keep them private.

We at Holistic Wisdom take personal privacy very seriously, and we can assure you that we will never give your email address to anyone. We also take great care in protecting our email addresses and store them in a protected server that is quite secure and has the latest in anti-hacker protection.

We will only email you under the following conditions-

  1. You place an order with us; we will email you a receipt.
  2. We need to clarify something about an order you placed with us.
  3. You email or call us and request us to reply.
  4. You sign up for our newsletter and/or rewards program and you confirm through a 2nd confirmation email that you really want to receive it.

That is it. Should you sign up for our newsletter and want to be removed from it, simply use the link at the bottom of any of our newsletter emails to remove your email address instantly.

Please note, we will NEVER ask you for sensitive credit card information, etc. by email as that is not a secure way to transfer that kind of information.

We know how annoying many companies are becoming with sending emails to web site visitors and customers and we will never resort to such practices.

Do Not Report Us For Spamming
We Do Not Spam And Will Take Legal Action Against False Spam Reports.

When you sign up for our newsletter, the subscriber agrees, by accepting our email newsletter subscription, to indemnify the publisher against false accusations of spam to include, but not limited to, payment of all damages, loss of web hosting fees and services, all damages for loss of business and goodwill, and any and all fees or fines that may be imposed against the publisher by any federal, state, local authority or civilian business entity as a result of the false spam accusation.

Things You Should Be Aware Of To Protect Yourself

New Internet Scams: "Phishing"

Below you will find some tips on how to protect your email address from those who unethically spam unsuspecting people like yourself.

What Is "Phishing?"

"Phishing" refers to a person or a group of cyber-criminals who create an imitation or copy of an existing legitimate Web page to trick users into providing sensitive personal information. Responding to "phishing" emails put your accounts at risk.

Be Aware of Phishing Scams-

Many companies like eBay are experiencing problems with hackers using a technique called "Phishing." This is when the name and logo of a company has been used without consent or knowledge by that company to acquire sensitive information from unsuspecting Web and email users. For example you could get an email saying that your eBay account needs to be updated. You innocently click on the link they send you which can lead you to a fake web site asking you for your password or credit card information or the link can be to a file that contains a virus. You need to take precautions. When it doubt, simply type in the real web site address- and contact customer service to make sure that the email is legitimate.

While our company, Holistic Wisdom, Inc. has not been compromised in any way, many large numbers of recipients from other more highly targeted companies like banks and online auction companies are being "spammed," without actual knowledge of their banking affiliation, with fraudulent emails like these.

If you suspect that you have received a fraudulent email by someone using our company logo or name, please contact us.

How To Prevent Spam

Removal Addresses: Never respond to the 'removal request' email address that shows up in some spam. Doing so is a quick way to end up on the list of dozens of other spammers. It's best just to complain directly to the spammer's service provider.

Usenet Newsgroups: Never post a message to a newsgroup using your real email address. A very simple way to cloak your address from the spam-robots is to add 'spam-bait' to it. For instance, if your email address is "" change it to something like "jdoe||NoSpam". This makes it easy for others to see your address, but the spam robots cannot make that distinction (yet...). Use spam-bait on email addresses in your news-reader program and in any signature files you use. Robots can get your address from there too.

Personal Web sites: If you have a personal web page as many people do these days... computer hackers target those and will "spider" (use computer programs to search through the site) through web sites to collect email addresses. When our web site first went up our spam and the number of viruses sent to us did too. We have since put a special Java Script code on our site that protects us from that.

Online Services: Never publish a 'user profile'. Find out if you can request exclusion from any member directories. Ask the service about setting up a separate user ID (with separate email box) that you can use for chat rooms or newsgroups. Also, ask if the service offers any mail filters to keep messages from known spammers out of your mailbox.

Online Software Registration: Always double check which options you are checking when registering your software. Online registration programs often let you choose to have your address added to a list of addresses so the business can send you email Sometimes you have to uncheck a box if you don't want advertisements.

Electronic News Subscriptions: The same warnings as above apply here. Read the options very carefully. Spam-Stopping Services- These services help prevent SPAM from showing up in your mailbox- Consumers Connect offers a Subscription to the Privacy Service. They can assist you in preventing unwanted email

Zero Junk Mail
This service requires a small membership fee, but they assist you in stopping junk email

Junk Mail Junction
This free service helps you get rid of junk email They also help prevent postal junk-mail. I hope these tips help you in figuring out where it is all coming from.

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