Electrostimulation Gels
Paraben Free: Safe for all Electrostimulation Products

When using electrostimulation products using the right gel will increase the strength of the stimulation by as much as 40% as the electrostim gels are designed to lower skin resistance and are conductive. We carry only paraben free electrostimulation gels. If you opt not to use a gel, you can use waterbased lubricants (without glycerin) as an alternative, however, keep in mind that it will not conduct the stimulation as well as a electrode gel. Please make sure that you NEVER use any lubricant with silicone, glycerin or mineral oil with an electrostimulation product as the conductivity of it will be affected and it may also eventually lose all conductive properties.

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ElectraStim Conductive Gel
Electrostim Gels- Paraben Free
Mystim Goldfather Electrostim Conductive Gel
Paraben Free
Paraben Free
Paraben Free
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RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)


Avoid Electrode Gels with Parabens Like These-

Parbens have been shown to alter estrogen levels, heighten allergic reactions, decrease sperm count, cause problems to fetal development for pregnant women and spurs the development of skin cancer. Read more about Parabens in Lubricants.

Electrode Gel
Mystim Electrode Adhesive

This is a non-greasy electro conductive electro gel that can be used with Electro Stimulation products such as the Intensity by Jopen. It ensures good electrical contact between the accessory and your skin which is essential in achieving the ultimate sensation. For External use only. (2oz).

The Mystim Electrode Adhesive Gel is a paraben free electrode gel that is safe to use with any electostimulation device that requires electrostim pads (self-adhesive electrodes). It eliminates hot spots and keeps pads in place. The adhesive gel intensifies the electrostimulation to maximize the conductivity between your skin and the electrostimulation device. 1.7 oz (50 grams).


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