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Electrostimulation (Estim) sex toys are popular for a few reasons including the ability to provide hands-free orgasms, provide easy Kegel exercise and assist with ejaculation in cases of Erectile Dysfunction. They were originally associated with BDSM sexual play but are better understood for their sexual pleasure and health benefits today and are thus, becoming more widely used. There are a variety of different types of electrostimulation products such as an EMS, TENS, Violet wand, and/or made-for-play units.

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Mystim Tension Lover Erotic Electrostimulation
Electrostimulation Neon Wand by Kinklab
Electrostimulation Vibrators
Impulse Estim Dual Vibrator
Holistic Wisdom Award Winner - Mystim is a small family owned company in Germany that began with the sales of electrostimulation devices for medical purposes. When it was brought to their attention that consumers really wanted to use them for erotic play they developed this special line specifically for electrosex. There are also vibrating sex toys that also have electrostimulation features built into them, thus creating complete erotic electrostimulation sex toys in one product
You can literally make the sparks fly during your sex play with one another. The Neon Wand from Kinklab is an erotic electrostimulation sex toy that glows violet when turned on while discharging static electricity across the skin's surface which create sensations that range from a warm tingle to stimulating stinging sensations.
These all in one electrostimulating vibrators are provides a vibrator and electrical stimulation device at the same time and they DO NOT require a nerve stimulator kit so no cables or added devices needed. They feature two vibration motors: one in the tip and in the shaft with 8 different vibration programs and 5 different intensity levels along with 5 electrical stimulation programs with 10 different levels of intensity.

The Impulse Intimate Estim is a remote controlled dual Kegel exerciser which uses zinc-alloy stimulator pads to help tone and strengthen the pelvic muscles responsible for arousal and climax. This weighted kegel vibrator also offers 7 vibration functions, 5 electro-stim levels and a flexible retrieval cord. Designed to help tone, strengthen and tighten pelvic floor muscles through powerful sensations from up to 32 feet away.

The USB rechargeable Impulse Intimate E-Stimulator Dual Wand uses both vibration and estimulation to provide sexual health and pleasure to women. With 5 independent electro-stimulation functions and 7 vibration functions it is designed to strengthen and tone pelvic floor muscles responsible for intense orgasms.


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