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Carolina Highway
Erotic Story By Anonymous

We were driving down a well lit Carolina highway on a night that was fit only for ducks, fish and being with you. You had your hand resting on my thigh and with a mischievous look in your eyes you began to run your hand upward until it rested on my lap and you giggled as you felt my manhood begin to stir under your gentle massaging. I ask you if you think that this is a good time for this sort of foreplay and you respond that any time is good when you are with me.

I quickly look for a place to park the vehicle and address or undress the issue at hand. I spot this deserted looking dirt road and turn onto it and drive for awhile to be sure we will not be disturbed. Finally in frustration I just stop on a lonely stretch and take you in my arms and our mouths lock in a wet embrace as our tongues dance with each others and you are already unzipping my slacks and reaching in to free my throbbing cock.

There is almost an electric shock as I feel your fingers close around my shaft and begin a steady up and down stroking. You then dive down with your hot lips and wet mouth and engulf my dick completely taking everything into your mouth except my aching balls.

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As you are totally lost in sucking my cock, I reach over you and begin to inch up your skirt until I can feel your silk panties against my fingers. You feel me and moan as you spread your thighs allowing me easy access to the ultimate goal of my searching fingers. I slip under your panties and ease my fingers along the lips of your warm and wet cunt. You moan louder as my finger slides up inside of your pussy and I begin a rhythmic fucking motion in and out of that sweet but tight little hole.

Before I can tell you that I am about to cum, I let out a groan of my own and start shooting spurt after spurt of hot cum deep into your throat and you swallow every drop all the while milking my balls with your hands until I have emptied myself into your mouth. I ask you to get out of the car and I take you to the front. I reach around and undo the buttons on your blouse exposing your wonderful cleavage.

I unsnap your bra that is restraining those very firm breast and watch as they come free and into the light as the rain falls across them. My mouth moves to your nipples, sucking them into my mouth and gently biting on them. I lean down and engulf one of your breasts in my mouth and suck on it like an infant sucking on a mother’s breast.

I move back up your body and our lips find each other again in a fevered battle to devour each other. I turn you with your back to the car and lift you onto the hood, The rain is coming down harder but we hardly notice. I suck on your nipples again with my tongue and fingers, as I kiss down to the top of your skirt and slowly lift the hem.

My hands move up your thighs to the edge of those sexy silk panties, which are soaking wet from your already many orgasms. I unzip your skirt and pull it from your body and now the only thing between me and the object of my intense raging hard cock is a very thin pair of panties. Your body looks amazing in the moonlight, the rain pouring down on it, and running across your naked body.

I kiss my way up your beautiful thighs to the edge of your panties. I stick out my tongue licking the rain and already thick cum that has made it's way out of your cunt and into your panties. You wrap your legs around my head, as I put my whole mouth on your mound, letting you feel my hot breath through the fabric of your panties.

I slip my fingers to the waist band and peel them down exposing your beautiful sexy pussy mound. I think your pussy is the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen. I look at it in the rain and moonlight only for a moment then I move quickly to your pink slit. Using my fingers I part the wet folds of your labia and flatten my tongue, tasting your sweetness as I move my tongue up to your swollen hard clit.

I flick my tongue across your clit in rapid movements bringing deep moans from my beautiful naked lady. I flick my tongue across your clit and then suck it into my mouth, pushing it hard against my teeth.

Massaging it with my tongue slowly at first and then in rapid flicks of my tongue bringing deep moans from my lovers throat telling me she is in the throes of multi-orgasms. I can feel your clitoris "pop" as it slips between my tongue and lips.

You begin to moan and squirm with extreme sexual pleasures coursing through your body and you scream my name over and over with demands for me to put my hard throbbing cock deep inside you now!!! I begin to alternate between sucking, flicking and massaging your little “man-in-the-boat" until I can almost feel him swelling in my mouth like a man's cock would. You reach down and grasp my face in your palms pushing my face into your warm wet pussy and you arch your back as your orgasm washes over you like a flood of water. I continue sucking on your hard clit, as you begin to push my head away from your cunt because the pleasure is so intense. I know what I am doing to you so I slip my hands under your tight ass and pull you roughly against my mouth, sucking and licking your clit faster and harder, coaxing another climax from your excited naked body.

"I need your cock in me now", you scream totally out of control and breath. You quickly slide down off the car and drop to your knees in front of me and unbuckle my slacks pulling them down in one easy motion. Your hands grasping my thick hard shaft and quickly move them around to hold my ass and pull my whole body toward your mouth until my cock slips in between your lips and down your throat almost bringing me to a premature ejaculation. I step out of my pants and we are both totally naked with the falling rain pouring down on us. You lower your body back onto the car guiding my throbbing cock into your hot wet pussy.

Taking you by your ankles and spreading your legs in a "V", we both looked down to watch as my cock sank slowly into your tight wet and grateful at last, pink folds of your wonderful pussy. You raised your legs high and place them on my shoulders, as you reach back and pull on me making me sink deep inside of your warm body as I feel my balls come banging down against your ass cheeks.

We can see and feel the rain coming down on our bodies as I plunge my hard shaft deep inside and slowly pull it out almost to the head and then back in again. Our rhythm begins to increase as you lay back and enjoy my thick cock pounding your tight cunt. I bend forward and take a nipple into my mouth and bite on it and then begin licking the sweat and rain from you breast. I slowly stand up straight, holding your legs apart and begin a steady pounding as I relentlessly stroke in and out of your warm, pink flesh. You dig your heels into my waist as I lean into you driving my shaft as deep as I can. You can now feel my balls steadily slapping against your sweet ass each time I plunge my cock into you all the way to the hilt.

I watch your body, as I sense your body arching, your breast become more tight and your nipples firming as you prepare to achieve your greatest climax. I reach down a grab your thighs, pulling your pelvis up tight against mine. My cock now deeply inside hitting your G-spot.

All of a sudden a scream of pleasure erupts from your throat and you tell me "I’m cumming, I'm cumming, drive your cock harder and don't stop." As your orgasm washes over you, I quickly pull my cock from its tight confines and drop to my knees. I suck your slit into my mouth as a yet another orgasm hits your body.

Your body is moving in all directions at once, as I suck hard on your clitoris. Your fingers digging into my scalp, trying to push my face deeper into the folds of your pussy. I sense all of a sudden a change of direction as you try to wiggle away from my sucking mouth and flickering tongue because you are having one orgasm after the other.

The rain begins to let up as we both are gasping for air. You slowly slide from the car hood and down in front of me as you take my rigid cock in your mouth and with only two or three deep throat maneuvers I erupt into a flood of cum down your throat until it runs down your chin.

I reach down and lift you into my arms, our bodies naked, wet but satisfied as never before and I put my mouth on yours and kiss you deep and long.


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