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Erotic Story By Bobjj123

Everyone said Jim Woodset was a nice guy. He was generally acknowledged to be a sensitive, caring human being; kind to animals and fair in his dealings with others. Some thought it strange that a young man, so fit and healthy, should live out here in the wilderness of Alaska so far from the fun, parties, drinking and women with no company with nothing but the wild animals of the forest.

He had come to this outpost nearly ten years ago, a young man just barely out of his teens and found work on a highway maintenance crew; then, when the winter season set in and he had lost his summer job, he’d stayed on and earned a meager existence doing odd jobs. After that first winter, Jim was accepted as a member of the community.

Since Jim was easily the most robust and handsomest man in the little community, most of the local women’s heads were turned at one time or another. For many he was a challenge. Several of the women in the small community had entertained day dreams of some illicit liaison with him but none ever made an overt move as they were respectable married women.

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To the men of the town, he was a challenge. He was physically, stronger, tougher and more confident that any of them and he knew it! As did the men in the community and peace was maintained. Of course, Jim held no grudges, spoke only well of everyone and was sensitive to the needs and wishes of those around him. He was said to have a good heart.

So Jim was accepted and blended into the small community as a ‘loner’ and without close friends or confidant... just a quiet, nice guy.

Several years passed and it was spring when a large road construction project got underway nearby which offered plenty of high paying jobs to the men of the village. Of course, Jim and the others worked as many hours as they could to earn the wages that would sustain them through the coming winter.

So it was when Finney Otoole, weary from fourteen hours on the job, was bringing his big scraper down the haul road when another was approaching from the side. The collision killed him instantly and left Maddie Otoole a widow.

Work continued the next day as if nothing had happened as the contractor used every summer day to his maximum advantage. Several of the men took off from their jobs only long enough to attend the funeral before returning to their work. It was up to the women of the village to provide aid and comfort to Maddie.

It was after the funeral, when the other men had returned to their jobs, that Jim lingered behind and moved to embrace Maddie. He spoke kindly with tears in his eyes, "Maddie, you’ve got a lot of friends here grieving with you. Please don’t shut us out." and was rewarded with a faint smile from the grieving widow. Then, he returned to work.

Over the next couple of weeks, Jim stopped by Maddie’s and inquired if she had any odd jobs that needed doing; then, having done those minor jobs, went on his way. Of course, the people of the community were quick to notice and equate Jim’s single status to the widow Otoole’s newly acquired single status and tongues began to wag.

A month passed and as careful a watch as the community kept, they could detect no sign that Jim’s interest in Maddie was more than that of a casual friend. Having nothing to feed on, the gossip soon moved on to other things.

It was late October and the first storms had shut down the construction work for the winter that the men of the village turned their attention to cutting and splitting firewood, winterizing plumbing, etc. Jim worked diligently to replenish Maddie’s fire wood for winter heating even as he did his own.

It was late in the evening, several hours past dusk, when Jim heard a knock at his door and, having had few visitors, wondered who it might be as he moved to open the door.

It was Maddie who faced him. Maddie in her arctic parka, bundled against the near blizzard conditions outside. "Come in!" he said and quickly closed the door behind her before helping her off with the heavy outer gear.

In a minute, Jim had poured mugs of hot tea and was seated, facing Maddie across the dining table. They sat quietly contemplating the tea and enjoying each other’s company. Then Maddie spoke, "Jim, I’m lonesome since my husband died. I couldn’t stand it another minute alone in my house."

Jim replied quietly, "I know Maddie." And saw that his words had antagonized his guest. She spoke, "How could you know? You couldn’t possibly know how it feels to lose a spouse.."

Then, to her surprise, Jim spoke, "I was married once for less than a year. She was murdered by a stray bullet in the city where we lived. Killed for no reason and I was angry. Angry at the world; angry at God who had allowed it to happen and angry with my friends because they couldn’t possibly understand. Don’t do that to yourself Maddie!"

Maddie sat, stunned by Jim’s revelation. Suddenly she understood a lot about him and why he lived alone in the wilderness shunning close friendships. Even more, she understood now that he understood! Tears formed in her eyes. "Jim, I’m sorry, I didn’t know."

Again they sat quietly drinking their tea until Jim spoke. "Maddie, I made some mistakes and I only told you this to try to prevent you from making the same ones. You’ve got to let us help you through your grief."

Maddie replied, "Jim, I’m lonely. I miss him terribly. Sometimes I just want to die and get it over with. Sleeping alone is the toughest of all and I don’t see how I can ever get used to myself alone.

Jim smiled as he heard her latest complaint. He too had that problem, one he’d never overcome. He still missed the close body contact and intimate feelings of sleeping with another person. Frequently, he still dreamed of a woman with him - wild, erotic dreams that frequently resulted in nocturnal emissions and involving unrecognizable women who titillated and taunted his erotic fancy. The passing years had not dimmed his erotic fancies.

As Jim faced Maddie, he sought to offer her comfort and support in her time of need with some words of wisdom. "I can’t help you there." he said, "I’ve never overcome that problem myself."

Maddie replied softly, "Sleep with me Jim. We don’t have to do anything, just cuddle up close and.you know." Then Jim replied, "Yes Maddie, I do know. I’d like that "

The evening passed slowly after that as the two understanding friends made small talk, popped popcorn and made hot chocolate. There was no hurry as they sat well into the eighteen hours of darkness.

Then, about eleven o’clock Jim arose and motioned to his bedroom where he assisted Maddie with preparing for the night. He provided the towels, toothbrush and essentials before changing into a sweatshirt and gym shorts - his usual attire for sleeping.

Maddie soon came from the bathroom wearing her long-handled winter woolies and after some initial embarrassment joined Jim in the bed. They snuggled and spooned together amid some friendly talk, giggles and laughter and prepared for sleep.

"Good night." Jim said but sleep did not come. Rather, it avoided them. They cuddled silently together as they made their effort to sleep, each not wanting to disturb the other. At the same time, neither was aware of their more rapid breathing and the more aroused senses that was the real cause of keeping sleep away.

At two-thirty, when Jim got up to put another log on the fire, he still had not slept. He tried vainly to determine the reason for his problem while overlooking the obvious - the lady who had been occupying the bed next to him. When he returned to the bed, he found Maddie feigning sleep next to him and felt a growing need rising in his gut.

He hadn’t experienced it in a long time and he hadn’t until just this moment recognized it. He was aroused and the reason was the lying in his bed, absorbing his warmth and looking to him for her comfort.

He considered; Maddie was not a strikingly beautiful woman nor was she flashy or particularly tastefully in her dress. Still, Jim was sure she was beautiful with her black hair, blue eyes, peachy complexion and ready smile. Her body was fuller and more rounded, softer, than a runway model, a few pounds overweight with firm muscles finely tuned by exercise in the outdoors. She was intelligent and carried herself with a certain grace, certainly a desirable woman by any standards.

Still, she was recently widowed and vulnerable and Jim would do nothing to further compound her troubles or make life more difficult for her. He thought, it had been her that suggested sleeping together but then he remembered her further admonition, "We don’t have to do anything."

His own ethics required that he was obligated to be her friend and he’d agreed to sleep with her under certain terms and conditions but with his growing needs and desires, he doubted he could control his own biological urges. As he considered his plight he strengthened his resolve and denied his own needs lest he somehow hurt her. He turned on his side and forced his mind to consider other matters.

Meanwhile, Maddie lay awake also, feigning sleep so as not to disturb Jim. She had napped briefly several times during the course of the night but had awakened each time after having experienced erotic dreams; vague dreams that she could not recall, only her arousal remained after she awakened. On awakening, the moistness between her legs and her sensitive nipples could not be denied.

Several hours passed and the house grew cold as the fire in the fireplace produced less heat. In response, Maddie drew closer to spoon with Jim; thereby getting the most benefit from his warmth. She placed her arm over his body to draw him closer to her and her hand accidentally brushed Jim’s groin. It was then that she felt his hard and erect penis under his shorts and quickly withdrew her hand upwards away from his groin.

Then, after her inadvertent touch, her initial excitement subsided and whether it was the warmth from Jim’s body or the knowledge that she may have affected him or that she was herself affected seemed to trigger a deep sleep.

She slept soundly until her dream when she found herself being pleasured by Jim. While it was unclear to her how he was pleasuring her she only knew that he was. Her body reacted and the nature of the dream was so overpowering that she awakened. Then, once awake she found her groin moist and her body aroused. She was filled with desire as as she could ever remember!

It was close to morning when Jim got up to attend the waning fire and he had awakened with a vague memory of a dream. He vaguely recalled Maddie’s hand on his penis, warm and pleasant. That dream had been so real.

Back in bed, he lay on his back thinking. It had been so real! It was then that Maddie moved and his hand touched her bare thigh. . . her woolies were gone! He rolled toward her and she toward him so that they met and embraced. Their bare legs came together and Jim was immediately enticed by the bare flesh he was touching.

Maddie spoke first, "Jim, I want you. Please be with me now, I need it." Jim responded, "Are you sure you want this?" and was reassured that she did. "I’ve got no condoms so we can’t go all the way." He said quietly. In response, she pressed herself against Jim hoping to develop the lust that she felt between them.

As they lay together under the big down comforter, they worked feverishly to remove the various articles of clothing that they still wore as they kissed and caressed and sought out each other. When they were finally nude together, under the big comforter, only then did Jim allow his hands to leisurely explore the physical features of the woman next to him.

For Maddie, it was a rather traumatic time of adjustment. She had already resolved that she wanted Jim for a lover. He was available and a fine specimen of a man. At the same time, she had a feeling of guilt for having lusted after a man other than her husband so recently and those feelings were holding her back.

She had come to Jim’s house earlier hoping that something like this would develop, although she’d had no clear plan of things were working out well. When she asked Jim to share his bed with her, she had fought her embarrassment and added, "we don’t have to do anything, just cuddle up" to save her self respect if he had refused.

Actually, she had hoped that he would make his move on her then and was disappointed when he didn’t. As she lay in the warmth under the big comforter with Jim adoring and praising her and softly caressing her body all over she thought about what was happening. Jim was good and she was more aroused than ever before.

Slowly, she tried to push back her feelings of guilt and allowed herself to fully enjoy the event. "God, I’m hot!" she thought. As he moved slightly over her to plant his lips on hers, Jim began to feel the good feelings that had eluded him since the death of his wife. He kissed Maddie on the lips, softly at first; then with increasing passion and finally when his tongue slipped between her lips he felt the thrill - the first of many as the couple experimented and played.

As Jim and Maddie played with each other, Jim felt his old hate and depression, that he had lived with since his wife’s death, being replaced by the friendly intimacy and high spirits that passed between Maddie and himself. He felt a new thrill with each new caress or kiss or fondling he administered and reveled in the pleasure of feeling Maddie respond. Soon, he felt her hands touching, fondling and caressing his own body and his passions continued to rise to new levels. There was no hurry as they toyed with and played with each other and told each other their likes and dislikes.

They experimented and found the moves that were most effective. When Jim began to suckle Maddie’s breast, her hands moved to the back of his head and directed his attentions for best effect. Maddie lay half beneath Jim as they played with each other. She had willed this to happen and she wanted to be on the bed, being adored but her mind was re-encumbered with her guilty feelings.

She fought with all her resources to control the unwanted guilt feelings even as she realized she was losing the battle in her mind. In a few minutes, she would lose the battle to her guilt. She had to act fast. Suddenly, Maddie cried out, "Do it to me Jim!. Do it now! Don’t make me wait any longer."

She spoke with an urgency borne of the fact that she feared her guilt would engulf her mind and she’d chicken out on the whole affair if they delayed their act much longer. Jim, thinking that her needs were those related to the heat of passion, quickly moved over her and into the old missionary position where he began his preparations for his entry into her waiting pussy. As he moved the head of his cock over the moist outer folds of her pussy, he felt Maddie’s hand grasp his cock and direct it into her waiting orifice. Still, Jim sensed something was not right between them. He hesitated. "No," he said as he moved back. Something’s not right between us and I can’t do this until we can do this right.

For Maddie, the battle in her mind was lost. And it was the breaking point for her as she broke out is a series of sobs. "I can’t seem to get over the feeling of guilt. He’s dead and gone forever and I have gotta’ move on with my life." And as Jim held her in a close embrace, she continued to sob, "I’m sorry! I thought if we could just do it I’d get over this."

As Jim continued to console Maddie, his needs for a woman had never been greater and he struggled to keep those feelings in check as he consoled the woman whose flesh he felt against him in a close embrace. He fought his growing needs and appetites with every bit of his resolve, his mind intellectually resolved to take no advantage of the woman while his biological urges impelled him to take her.

It was Maddie who moved first as she suddenly stopped her crying and with new resolve, turned on the bed and grasped Jim’s swollen cock which she held firmly as she planted a series of kisses up and down the shaft. Soon, she had taken the crown in her mouth and began to suck as the shaft sank deeper into her gullet. At one point, she choked and was forced to start over. She choked again. She was determined! Jim had never had his cock sucked before and he couldn’t know that it was Maddie’s first time too. Nothing in his experience had prepared him for this. He lay watching as she ministered to his tool.

Nothing had prepared her for the ejaculation that soon followed and she found herself overwhelmed as the spurts of semen coated her mouth and face with his cum. It had happened suddenly and Jim had been unable to warn her in time. With some of the tension relieved, Jim offered Maddie his undershirt to wipe her face and wipe away the mess before kissing her in a nice soft tender soul kiss that seemed to ease the tension between them. Then, they spooned together and slept.

Maddie slept contented and soundly at first; then, she dreamed. It was a pleasant dream as her former husband appeared and spoke to her with words of assurance that she should get on with her life. It was a powerful dream and she was awakened by the depth of emotion that she felt. As she lay awake, contemplating the dream, Maddie felt a release from her old guilt and all the bad feelings it entailed. The guilt seemed to be gone as she reached across the sleeping Jim and grasped his flaccid cock. There was no feeling of guilt. She continued to play with his limp penis and felt it rise to her ministrations. She felt the power she held over the man she was jacking off and she felt a need, a swiftly growing need!

Maddie moved swiftly over Jim still sleeping and with a knee on either side of his thighs, she prepared to mount the now risen cock. Jim had been in a deep sleep at first; then, he awakened in steps. . . slowly and steadily he became aware of sight and sound and then his reason began to return. Suddenly, he was fully awake and startled as Maddie sat over him preparing to impale herself on his rock hard pole. He moved slightly and opened his eyes. Above him he could see Maddie’s eyes in the dim moonlight and saw that all was well between them. Maddie, seeing that Jim had awakened moved quickly to insert the swollen member into her pussy which still lacked sufficient lubrication as the pole slipped deeper and deeper into her. Then, she felt the hairs of his groin and knew that he was fully embedded and leaned forward to lay on her lover belly to belly.

Jim raised his head to kiss her in a kiss that carried emotion equally as strong as those generated in their coitus. He felt her breasts against his own and moved to caress the sides with his hands. They lay together like this for some time as the big comforter fell off them and left them exposed to the cold room. Neither noticed. Only then did Jim think to ask, "Are you sure this time?" and was rewarded with a smile that said it all. They lay motionless, joined together and enjoying each other for some time. It was a time of closest intimacy.

Of course, the inaction could not be tolerated by bodies lusting for each other and Maddie found herself raising herself and then lowering herself onto his hard pole and he certainly knew how to use his large member to his best advantage! As she rode Jim’s cock she felt the exquisite pleasure of the friction of their union and her excitement grew as she pressed herself to her limits of endurance.

She had seldom found herself so totally immersed in the sensations and the emotions of the act, at least not since shortly after she had married. She rode harder. It was sudden and unexpected as Maddie suddenly felt her body quicken to a new height and before she could recognize the symptoms, her peak was upon her. She settled herself to fullest penetration and leaned forward to get every last bit of sensation she could derive from the moment.

Then, exhausted from her efforts, she grasped Jim with her hands and attempted to roll him over. Jim, sensing her plan moved with her and in a single move, still joined, they were in the missionary position where she lay relaxed and enjoying Jim’s ministrations from on top. Jim, full of energy began rapid thrusting of his cock into her now well lubricated pussy

Occasionally, Maddie raised her butt off the bed to meet his thrusts and after only the third or fourth time she felt herself peak again, more powerful than before. She cried out in a wild, animal sound! For Jim it was a time of increasing pleasure as he gave pleasure and was rewarded in kind.

Again and again, Maddie felt herself rise to a new peak; then, descend only to rise again to an even loftier peak . Time and space had no meaning any more as her total focus was on the large gristle that was invading her belly and conveying such intense pleasure. Time passed, seconds, minutes, hours, days... probably only minutes, as they fucked together in a perfect union! Jim, continued to pace himself to prolong their act and the pleasure it brought. They rested often, joined together in their coital union, belly to belly, where they allowed their ardor to cool and spoke intimately to each other only to renew their action refreshed!

This time, the end came with some warning as Jim felt the semen rise up in him. "I’m gonna’ come," he said. In seconds he was discharging large spurts of semen into her waiting vagina. But, it was not over. As they lay together, in their post-coital high, Maddie realized that this was the most orgasmic pleasure she has ever had.

She spoke as in the time honored fashion of a woman, "Was it good for you?" And Jim responded truthfully, "It was the best." By then, the peace and tranquility of the afterglow had descended to envelop them and they shared an intimacy that had been denied them since losing their mates.

They kissed and cuddled and fondled and played as they spoke from the heart. Although it was still dark and stormy outside, it was nearly nine o’clock when Jim arose and put wood on the fire. He prepared breakfast and the two lovers sat to eat in Jim’s robes discussing their situation. Neither wanted to be the subject of malicious gossip by the small community; yet, there was little chance of keeping their clandestine meeting a secret.

Two days and a lot of loving, later the storm had passed and the day arrived bright and sunny. Shortly after sunrise, Jim was seen shoveling a path through the deep snow to the plowed street; then, up to Maddie’s house where he shoveled a path from the street to her door. He went inside. A short time later, Maddie followed suit.

It was after noon when the couple decided to go to the café for lunch where they ran into several of the community’s women. Maddie spoke, "Girls, you all know Jim here. He and I are lovers. The looks on their faces were enough to make her giddy.


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