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Fantasy on the 11th Floor
Erotic Story By Arnie

Living on the condo’s eleventh floor affords me a grand view of the twenty two story complex directly across my street. On most nights you can see most of the windows curtain covered with their light shining through. Occasionally I will just glance out at some the apartments to observe briefly people moving around in their living rooms, watching television, or working on their computers.

I’ve never noticed anything unusual in the three years since I’ve been living here, until tonight. Just by chance I happened to see what appeared to be a naked human form in one room. I decided to grab my binoculars for a closer look even though part of me was thinking I was to become an unethical voyeur, or pervert about to invade someone’s private domain.

I focused on the window to enhance my view of a completely naked woman. She seemed rather young with long and intense red colored hair which hung all the way down her back.

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She was standing sideways looking in a mirror and gently rocking. What was she up to, I wondered? Then I saw she was clutching a blue colored object down by her crotch. “Oh my lord – it’s a dildo", I spoke aloud to myself. “She’s masturbating in front of a mirror". I watched as she seemed to slowly push the dildo in and out with one hand and caress her breast with the other. Occasionally she maneuvered her hand around her ass and then back up to her breast again. I kept watching this slow moving scenario for about ten minutes more and now I too was becoming aroused as my hard cock began to ache inside my pants.

Then she lifted her head up toward the ceiling and I could see her actually moaning as she quickened her thrusts. Then all at once she stopped, and to my surprise suddenly turned directly towards the window- walking straight ahead in my view. I could clearly see her beautiful young nude form with her red pubic and facial hair, nicely rounded shaped breasts, perfectly proportioned hips as she reached for the curtains and closed them. It was all over.

I sat on my bed contemplating what I just saw, as my whole body was flushed with erotic fever and my rock hard cock was begging for some release. “Maybe I should try and find her", I thought. “No – she’ll be either embarrassed or ticked off that some idiot lowlife male pervert was watching her."

My curiosity wouldn’t let it go, and I decided to perhaps find out then and there who she was. I looked out and counted up to the window – “Eleventh floor, it’s just one apartment beside the elevator", I deduced.

I walked out to her condo and went inside the elevator up to number eleven. I walked to her door shivering with erotic energy knowing she was just inside. “1146" was the number on the door. I didn’t have enough guts to knock and so retreated back down the elevator. The directory in the lobby register read “#1146 C. Danton". “I’ll go back and look her up in the phone book", I then plotted. My finger moved anxiously down the page in the phone book back in my room, and there it was – C. Danton 15th Avenue APT. 1146.

I dialed the phone number– she answered. “Hello – Ahh Cathy here", she answered in a flustered tone. “Well hello", I replied nervously. “Who is this?" she inquired. “You don’t know me – I’m a young guy that lives in the condo just across the street", I said. After a few seconds of silence I continued, “You had your curtains open, and well I... I just saw you."

“Oh shit, how much-what did you see?" she frantically asked. I decided to make my reply sound as calm and complimentary as possible to see if I could perhaps get invited up to her place and meet with her. “I saw your gorgeous young body as you worked your sex toy bringing you to the point of pure self ecstasy, when you suddenly went over and shut the curtains. You were very beautiful to watch, and right now as a result I must admit, you turned me on and I am a bit aroused by the whole thing.

Any chance I can meet up with you?" I expected at this point that she would hang up. “How old are you?" she asked. “Twenty-four", I replied. “Describe yourself – No wait- Perhaps I could have a good look at you. What floor- window are you?", she inquired. “I’m on floor 11, a small window across and to the left of yours. I’ll put on my speakerphone and go over and wave to you."

Excited, I grabbed my binoculars and headed to the window waving and watching. She opened her curtain and looked at me through her binoculars while standing there still completely nude. “Oh there you are", she said and waved her arm. “You look good." I sheepishly smiled. “Now listen to me carefully. I want you to go put away your binoculars and take off your shirt", she demanded. I complied and faced out the window towards her. “Nice, but can you find some better light so I can see you?", she asked. I grabbed a desk lamp and set it up on the window ledge and aimed it at myself.

“That’s really good now. O.K. So now take off your pants, but leave your underwear on. You do wear underwear, don’t you?", she asked. “Yes", I replied undoing my belt buckle and removed my jeans. My rock hard and thick cock formed a very obvious protruding shape under my skimpy underpants, unsuccessfully trying to hide my highly erotic state. “You ARE horny – aren’t you my big boy!", she said quite warmly and laughing in her phone.

She continued, “now turn right around and just pull off those undershorts so I can see your nice ass". I was happy to play her game and doing as requested I was quite relieved to discard them as my now throbbing full sized cock relished in its freedom by rising out into the open air of my room, still hidden away from Cathy’s view.

“Ahhh – nice now put both your hands on your ass cheeks and move them around", she instructed me further. “All Right!" she quite happily exclaimed as I followed her instructions all the while feeling as if my erotic peak was still further gaining momentum and heading towards its limit. “Now turn sideways so I can see what you’ve got".

Exposing myself now to her, slightly embarrassed I turned as she requested. “Gosh – that’s a REALLY big boy you have there. I’ll tell you what-let’s have some fun! Do as I say –o.k.? Pretend I’m giving you the hottest blowjob of your life. Do you have any lube around?", she asked. “I could grab some baby oil", I replied." “Go and get it – I’ll wait", she added, and I went into the bathroom and returned resuming my position clutching the bottle of oil. “Now grab the base of your nice big boy with your left hand and squeeze." I complied making my cock appear absolutely huge and flushed. “Oh Man – that’s good!

Now imagine my lips and tongue surrounding your cock-head. Put some lube in your other hand and rub it all around on top there". I continued following her instructions, feeling my juices pressurizing inside me. “Now I’m sucking really hard and swallowing your cock and taking it in and out– so go down slowly - up slowly, – down slowly – up slowly. Mmmm that’s excellent big boy, fill me up. I want to swallow all of you,– down slowly – up slowly".

While she instructed me, I pumped my right lubed hand up and down my hard shaft. I had to stop, shouting – “I’m going to cum in your mouth any second!", as I reached the edge just on the verge of exploding. “Wait!" she said. What apartment are you in?" “1132", I replied. “I’ll be right over and we’ll finish this together O.K.? Wait for me" and she hung up.

I couldn’t believe she was coming over to my place. I became nervous and anxious and stood by the door in anticipation of her arrival. My cock was throbbing, lubed and primed to the maximum. I yearned to run my hands through her long red hair and ready to fill her mouth with every drop of cum I could give.

The knock at the door sounded, and looking through the peephole I gazed at her exquisite young face and frazzled red hair. I opened the door and she entered wearing a long coat. She leaned against the closed door behind her, breathing quite heavily while staring at me. Silently she smiled to look me over from head to toe while I stood standing naked, waiting and yearning just to enter her mouth.

Her hands undid the coat buttons revealing her naked young, flushed body, while her feet kicked off her shoes. Clutching a small package in one hand she then threw her coat on the floor. Unwrapping the condom package, she then grabbed my cock to bring me closer.

Staring directly in my eyes she said “Cum now big boy –you can cum and fill me up" and she grabbed my ass quickly inserting my now condom wrapped cock inside her. She was definitely in control gripping my cock with one hand as her body pulsed and thrusted in and out of her red haired domain -slowly at first and then quicker. After only a couple of minutes I groaned and she felt my juices intensely gush and penetrated her beautiful body.

She lifted her head and repeatedly moaned in her pleasure and it seemed that every single muscle in her body convulsed as we both came together. Her hands still clutching my cock and ass, she held me firm and close to her for a few quiet minutes.

“Oh Yeah. that is what I really like", she said breathing heavily. She pushed me out. The condom was so full, I needed to go get cleaned up quickly. “I’ll be right back", I said heading to the washroom, and then I heard the sound of the door shutting, and ran to see that she had quickly vanished. “Could this be a dream or an episode of The Twilight Zone?", I wondered.

I ran to the window and watched her crossing the street entering her condo. I anxiously dialed her phone number five minutes later. “Hello, Cathy here", she answered. “Hello", I replied and she cut in immediately, “What’s your name?" “Brian", I said. “Brian – you fulfilled my greatest fantasy, but don’t ever call me again."

My heart sank. She continued, “It was really quite grand – you have such a nice and fulfilling big boy there, and you’ll make many girls very happy. And just so you know by the way, you were so much better than the guy on the 13th floor I tried out last week."


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