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Caught In The Act
Erotic Story By Anonymous

I’m a married guy in my mid-thirties and my wife’s job involves her working away from home for long periods, and as my work has flexible hours, I regularly find myself alone at home. On the day in question, I had come home around 3pm and wasn’t expecting my wife to arrive until 8.00 at the earliest. I figured that I had plenty of time to myself before she came home, so prepared a meal ready to cook for her later.

Knowing that I had hours before my wife’s return I unzipped my jeans and freed my penis. I thought that I could take my time and pleasure myself and still be able to prepare for her arrival later that evening. To increase my enjoyment, I stripped completely naked and walked into the kitchen to get myself a beer from the fridge. Somehow my surroundings, although familiar, seemed different in my nakedness and I loved the feeling of freedom as I went from one room to the next utterly nude and occasionally stroking myself back to erection.

I laid on my sofa, sipping my cool beer and running my hands up and down my chest, my arms, legs, groin. To enhance the mood I picked out my favourite DVD which is a home movie I made of my wife stripping and playing with herself for the camera.

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As her body was displayed over every inch of my large screen TV, I took my cock in a tight grip, knowing that I would soon be powerless to avoid the inevitable onset of orgasm as I watched my wife inserting a huge dildo into her pussy on the screen. What I imagined was that other people were also viewing her most intimate moments with me, (which is a fantasy I have nurtured for some time), and that she would enter the room and take the viewers orally while I watched, each one ejaculating over her 34DD tits before she forces me to lick off their cum and fuck her too.

I have never even mentioned this fantasy to her for fear of her reaction, although unknown to her, I have made an edited version of the video and given it to a close friend to watch whilst his girlfriend was away from home. The DVD I shared didn’t have the most explicit moments, but did have her wearing sexy lingerie, bearing her breasts, showing off her naked ass and culminates in full frontal nudity. It’s nothing that would make a hard core pornographer blush, but to me it was intoxicating to know that a friend was lusting after my wife’s naked body, was staring at her tits, her ass, her pussy. The final scene of the DVD is a one second close up of my wife pulling her labia apart for the camera to have a close up as her juices trickle gently between her legs. It’s a “blink and you’ll miss it" situation, although I know that with DVD technology, a crystal clear freeze frame can be obtained easily, and a scene like that is motivational enough.

So there I was, naked, lying on my couch with a raging hard-on, watching my home-made porn. Then, to my horror, I heard the front door opening. The sound of laughter drifted into the living room where I laid, motionless, awaiting the humiliation that would surely happen imminently. I froze, my mind was reeling – Why hadn’t I locked the door? Why was she home so early? Why had I stripped and left my clothes in a different room? I was stranded, stark naked, my wife’s DVD forgotten in the panic that I felt.

And then she walked in. And she wasn’t alone. There was my wife plus two of her colleagues from work, who I had never met before, but was to subsequently discover were called Suzi and Deb. And there was I, still lying on the couch, my penis starting to ever so slowly shrink before the women stood there in front of me.

My wife’s first reaction was shock. She stood wide eyed and open mouthed as my face went a shade of crimson. Her friends were also open mouthed, but had a different, amused expression. For what seemed like an eternity there was silence, until eventually, Suzi exploded into hysterical laughter. That woke my wife and Deb from their stupor and they also shrieked loudly. My wife had tears of laughter streaming down her face, but then turned to see what I had been watching. She was greeted with 42 inches of plasma screen displaying her laying spread-eagled on our bed, inserting three fingers into her vagina. Her expression changed instantaneously and a look of panic spread over her face. She frantically looked for the remote control but was unable to find it. Suzi and Deb had realised what was happening and as my wife was about to turn off the TV, Suzi stopped her and said that she’d quite like to watch it. My wife hesitated, apparently unsure of what she should do, but the decision was taken from her by Deb who had found the remote, but made a point of putting it on a shelf away from my wife.

I felt slightly dazed but also momentarily relieved that the focus had been taken from myself. By now my erection had fully dissipated and I sat uncomfortably at the end of the couch, and to my amazement, Suzi sat down right next to me! It was almost as though it was the most natural thing in the world! Deb followed suit and sat next to her, and my wife, who by now had a bemused look on her face took a seat next to the couch.

I cannot explain how surreal it all seemed. There I was, my hands thrust between my legs to cover my nakedness, sitting next to two fully clothed women I had never seen before, with my wife in a chair, all watching graphic images of my wife pleasuring herself on my TV. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to get up and flee the room, but the honest truth is that the thought never crossed my mind.

I guess it was inevitable, but it still came as a surprise when Suzi turned to me and looking me square in the eye said, “So this is the sort of thing you like to watch while your wife’s out then?". For the life of me, I couldn’t think of any response, so I merely gave her a nervous nod. That was greeted with a titter from Deb, who was brazenly looking me up and down, which made me even more self-conscious, (if that was possible). My wife was mute and when I glanced at her found that for the first time in years, I couldn’t figure out her expression. But her friends were starting to get into their stride. The DVD now forgotten, all the attention had switched back to me. “So do you like to wank over your wife’s video then?" enquired Suzi with a grin. Again I found myself unable to formulate any words so an embarrassed look was her response.

“Don’t let us stop you then…let’s see you wank!"

My face must have been a picture. I looked at my wife with what must have been an expression of horror. She, with an icy expression remarked, “Yes, come on then, let’s see what you do when I’m out". My eyes must have pleaded with her, but she smiled a wicked smile and winked as she adjusted her seating position to face me.

Despite myself, I began to feel aroused. I looked from one face to the other, to the screen where my wife was moaning in the throes of orgasm. I looked at Suzi and Deb, both were now openly looking at my crotch. As if detached, I too gazed down into my lap where my penis was slowly growing. I looked at my wife – I don’t know whether I was wondering what I should do, but by now, she had a defiant look on her face as if she was saying “Let’s see if you have the nerve".

As if in a dream, my right hand went to my penis. I took it gently in my hand, my thumb caressing its purple head. I realised at that point that throughout my “ordeal", I had been leaking pre-cum juices onto the top of my thigh and as I touched my shaft I found it sticky and wet. Instinctively, I put my finger to my lips to taste my discharge. Immediately I regretted this as I had given away a little secret that nobody had known, and I sensed that my “audience" gasped a little as I had done this intimate action without thinking.

With my right hand I started a gentle rhythmic movement up and down the shaft of my penis whilst my thumb tickled the eye at the tip. I cupped my testicles with my left hand and squeezed, lightly at first but with an increasing pressure. After some moments, my left hand was gripping my balls tightly, and they began to take an angry purple colour between my clenched fingers. All the time my right hand stroked my cock with increasing momentum.

Without knowing I had closed my eyes as I carried out this familiar routine, but I snapped back to reality and saw Deb now leaning way forward to get a better view and Suzi, quite nonchalantly gazing at me as I masturbated in front of her. My wife was still inscrutable to me, but as I looked listlessly at her, I was simultaneously jerking my cock furiously and starting to feel the onset of orgasm. I glanced at the screen and saw an enormous pink vibrator disappear into a cleanly shaved pussy, and felt a twinge of disappointment as I observed both Suzi and Deb also taking a moment out from watching me to see this 12 inch plastic monster being consumed by my wife’s cunt. I felt obliged to issue a quiet moan of pleasure which had the desired effect of everyone once again watching the live floor show. It didn’t occur to me at the time, but in retrospect I must have started to enjoy being the centre of attention, and even relaxed to the point of almost showing off my cock to the girls as I continued to wank for their amusement.

Suzi must have noted my cockiness, because she took it upon herself to take the domineering approach, saying demeaning things like, “You have to wank because nobody wants to fuck you, you’re pathetic!" I don’t know why, but I accepted my role and began to act submissively toward her. I hadn’t stopped jerking, but was willing to take the abuse from her. Deb and my wife remained silent. But Suzi was getting into her role with gusto. “Don’t you dare cum until I say you can!" she barked. I meekly nodded. “Get down on your knees!" she ordered. I obeyed. Still pumping my penis I went on all fours in front of the two strangers, my naked ass to my wife.

“Now I want to see you drink your own cum!!" I feel ashamed to admit it, but I had done so on a few occasions previously when I’d felt uncontrollably horny. I couldn’t feel any more humiliated than I was already, so I lay flat on the floor and positioned my head against the wall. I threw my legs above my head so that they were resting on the wall above me. My rock hard cock stood proudly in front of my eyes and my balls hung tightly inches away. I was glancing into the eye of my penis, sensing the aroma of my sex when I exploded with ejaculation. I opened my mouth to receive my load and swallowed all that hit my tongue. Some shot onto my face and into my hair, but I took a huge amount into my mouth. The sweet, bitter taste was good as I gulped it down greedily.

I slowly allowed my legs to fall gently to the floor and I lay there for maybe a minute with my sperm on my face and my spent cock starting to become flaccid. Nobody said a word as I stood silently and walked out of the room.

I didn’t have the nerve to return to the room after I’d showered and got dressed, but could hear laughter as Deb left to go home perhaps an hour or so later.

I went to bed, assuming my wife would be joining me after a short while, but after a fitful couple of hours of tossing and turning, I went downstairs to get a glass of water. I could hear movement from the living room but no voices. As I peered inside, I had the second huge shock of the evening when I saw my wife, naked, with Suzi between her legs licking her pussy. On the TV behind them was my wife’s DVD playing. And just as I saw my wife in the unmistakable throes of orgasm with Suzi’s tongue lapping at her clitoris, onscreen, my wife was producing her pink dildo and stayed to enjoy the show.


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