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Monday Mornings
Erotic Story By Racheal

"So make it up then!"


"Yeah, just make it up! If you're not going to have some fun with her this weekend, pretend!! Then tell me about it - at length!"

"You're nuts," I giggled.

We said our good-byes and ended the chat. Had only been seeing each other a month but you had me like no one EVER had and I was mad about you right from the start, had to have you, crazy for you. Was grinning at everyone on the way out of work, going home full of Friday fever, early summer sunshine streaming through the car windows, arm resting on the door, Oakleys on, radio blasting.

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Even the traffic didn't bother me. Ellie had flown over - girls weekend - so I was happy, going home in a giggling state, life was sweet and I was full of smiles. Got in, poured myself a glass of Chardonnay from the fridge and thought of our conversation. I wanted you to know I was thinking of you although I wasn't with you this weekend, so maybe it would be nice for you to have something from me first thing Monday morning, ok, then, maybe I would try to write you a little something…

The subject line said simply open in private:

He glanced at it - saw who it was from and checked his watch, 8.35am. He had time, in his office, on his own, to see what she wanted. He clicked open the email. And read:

For you - to brighten up a dull Monday morning at work.

Let's get naughty.

Look baby... before we talk about those soft and sexy erotic tales of girl on girl love that I know you want I'm going to have some fun. If you really want something to turn you on I will write you something, especially for you... so that when you read you will slowly start to get aroused, start to get hard, feel it growing, tight against your trousers…

And if I was there… I would just stroke you gently... along your thigh... with the palms of my hands... moving upwards... reach your fly... softly start to rub with my fingers... up and down... up and down…

Soon you wouldn't be able to help it, you would respond to that light touch... you're sitting in your chair in the office... at work… the door is still slightly open but you don't care... you don't worry... it's Friday afternoon and almost everyone has gone home... and besides... it feels sexy... you're glad you invited me over...

I nibble your ear lobe, caress it gently with my tongue, nip it with my teeth, lick it… take it back in my mouth leave it hot and step back... start to unbutton my top, brushing my hands against my nipples cos I want to feel them stiffen... they start to harden to my touch… the top comes off but the bra is on... you reach for me but I say no. Not yet... I play with them a minute or two longer... you hold my glance... I know that look… it thrills me.

I reach into my bag... get the leather cuffs, the soft black ones with the silver buckles, you smile and I fasten them gently to your wrists, forcing your hands behind your back, but you don't mind… you like it...

Slowly slowly I suck my finger, looking at you the whole time, you are really hard, I can see it… you know it… and all you want to do is rip open your trousers and push it deep inside my wet... not yet...

I lick my finger again, put it where you know you want to be, inside my knickers... it is so hot and wet and soft and slippy... and I slide it inside... it feels good. A small moan escapes my lips… I don't… Notice... You watch...

I stop... feeling cruel I take my skirt off, leave the boots and suspenders… and you stand up... slowly I unzip you and take that aching hot throbbing swollen... into my mouth...


No… you want some more ...

I like the taste of you on my tongue, you are so hard... solid... you fill my mouth, I gently run my tongue around the end, lick it and play with it letting it slip over my lips... rub it over them... lick it... you slide out of my mouth... wet and glistening... you know what it feels like... we are both breathing heavily... you are watching, getting turned on even more by that sight… you don't want me to stop.

I take you right in deep, gently suck and slide my tongue down the length of you... tease you again flicking that sensitive end with little cat licks... again and again… it feels like hours... no sound but the softly wet licking sucking... all that matters in the world... sneak a quick hand down between my legs, fingers slide into that wetness.

Enough of this, I stand up to you, reach and kiss you deeply undoing those cuffs... And it's getting past a bit of fun now...

You waste no time, with one hand pull me to you and the other swipe the papers off the desk, they hit the floor unnoticed... only one thing matters now... and I want you inside me more than anything... I want to feel you in there, in deep...

You bend me over that desk and rip the shred of lace pants away from me... gently pushing me face down, I look back at you slightly worried but you smile at me... reassure me.

Happy I wait for that thrust and push. But I don't get it that easy.

You bend down and I feel your tongue slip between…

(How on earth do you write this delicately? Oh god, stuff delicate.)

I feel your tongue glide along...

(No I can't do this I am definitely pink - Fuck. It's only words right? Be brave. Right? But do you prefer suggestion anyway? Agh, this is destroying the mood. Do you want me to go on? Here goes… This is not easy! It's all about... Trust... )

The phone rang, distracting him, he ignored it, let it go to message. He was hot, jammed rigid against his fly, thinking about tasting her, he'd surprised himself by how strongly he wanted her, he smiled, enjoying the image of her sweet discomfort, read on…

I want you...

I feel your tongue softly, deftly, slide along me. Seeking out all those secret soft hidden folds... It is really aching... and it's wet on your tongue, you tease me pausing momentarily... and then lick me again this time more daringly, everywhere. Up to my clit, back down, circle my... and back in between... putting your tongue inside me - briefly, teasingly. I like that.

I am past caring what you are going to do next. You stand up, positioned behind me… we both want it and yet still you tease... you take your dick in your hand and you stroke along the whole of my pussy with the end of it… then gently slip it in and take it out again. I am aching for you so much I know I will come as soon as you get in there. But you decide otherwise… you lick your fingers, wet the end of your Dick and start to push it inside my other... it hurts... it's tight and it hurts... but you're gentle… and slow and it starts to feel good and just then, just then... you sense it and you change your mind... your fingers touch and caress my clit all the time... I can't stand much more... and I don't care if anyone comes in or sees us… and… we've both given up being quiet now... and ...then....

Then... I feel you push inside - inside my pussy all the way. I can feel it and it's great. I want it and it's filling me up... Really fast, sliding in and out and I know I'm going to come hard and I do... and then it starts to build up again and you lean forwards, cup my tits and hold me tight against you and fuck me really hard and I can tell you're going to come and NO! I want to move, and you are surprised... NO.

I move away you slide out and stand there totally turned on and half amused half angry... To make up I briefly drop to my knees and take you in my mouth... taste you, lick the taste off you… suck you... Just for a second or two... Then… I push you down on the desk and get on top of you… feel you sink deep inside me, you start to thrust upwards and any thoughts of me stopping or you stopping are gone... gone gone... and I feel you come and it makes me come. Nika, XX.

He ran his fingers through his hair, thickly sweeping it off his forehead - temperature had shot up and just how was he meant to go into that meeting with a rock-on like this?! Maybe he'd make a call, fix a lunch-date… Or go into the gents… just quickly… stroke… take away the edge… Despite himself, Alex was grinning, it was new, fresh - being teased like this. Clever little minx and unusually for him, he liked her. A lot. He had a sense they would really have fun getting to know one another, because, whoever Nika Mason was, he was going to enjoy finding out. For the first time in a while, he really smiled, deep and genuine, as he gathered the briefing papers for the latest shoot.


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