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My First Time
Erotic Story By J.F.

I became aware of my sexuality as a teenager. I was home from school sick one day in the early spring staring out the window of my bedroom looking at the blue sky. I could here my mother down stairs cleaning and watching her favorite daytime shows.

I felt a strange feeling in my pussy (I didn’t call it that at the time) that I had never felt before. I pulled up my flannel nightgown and touched the outside of my panties. I could feel the heat coming off my crotch through my panties. I slid my hand down the front of my panties and felt my swollen clit.

It scared me at first because I didn’t remember it being swollen before. I felt down a little further and was surprised at the creamy slippery liquid that was seeping out of my vagina.

Instinctively I started massaging the creamy liquid around my entire vagina. When I would rub over my clit I would get a terrific pressure feeling that took my breath away. Before I knew it I was pinching my swollen clit between my fingers until I had my first climax. I laid there feeling my vagina contracting and could feel more of the creamy liquid running down toward my bum from my vagina opening.

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I pulled my hand out of my panties and it was covered with the slick creamy liquid. I wasn’t sure at the time exactly what it was so I smelled it and thought it smelt good. I took the tip of my tongue and tasted my fingers. I liked the taste of the creamy stuff and before I knew it I had licked my fingers clean.

After that day I began masturbating on a regular basis. I discovered the shower massage and I could bring myself off in just minutes with the water dancing off my clit. I started thinking about boys shortly after I started my experimenting with different ways to bring myself off. The one experience I will write about this time (because my husband wants me to. It’s one of his favorites) is about a camping trip I went on when I was eighteen. All through my youth we would go on month long camping trips called rendezvous. Both my parents were teachers so they had the summers off.

There was a national rendezvous in Montana that we went to every year. Everyone was required to dress up like the early century mountain men, the youths included. I wore a “little house on the prairie" dress for my costume. I remember the drive from Utah to Montana in my dad’s van seemed very long. I was laying down in the back and started feeling that burning between my legs. I laid on my stomach on the bed in the van and covered up and pretended to be asleep. I reached down and slid my fingers in the front of my panties and massaged my clit until I had a climax. When we got to the campsite we unloaded the gear and I put up my own teepee about forty feet from my parents teepee

The first week I met a lot of new people while we would sit around the campfire at night talking. There were a lot of boys and girls my age and several I had known from years before. Campers would come and go as the weeks would pass. Most people seemed to stay a week then have to leave.

Then one weekend a guy came that turned my head. His name was Jody and he was tall and blond and had a man’s body. I was used to seeing gangly boys bodies with no muscle tone or shape. Jody had muscles and nice features that really turned me on.

He was eighteen as well and had come along with his dad and uncle to explore the experience. The adults were drinking and partying and the kids were playing games and some were sneaking alcohol to drink. I became friends with Jody after he had been there a few days and we got along real good, even though there was such an age difference. I must admit after I saw him that first day I thought about him while I rubbed my pussy at night in my tepee.

One night while we were sitting around the campfire it was getting late and everyone had gone to bed except for Jody and me. He moved closer to me and we started talking about personal things. We snuggled under a blanket and I could feel his body heat mixing with mine and I could feel that tension that you get when you want to kiss someone. He turned to me and gave me such a wonderful, wet, sexy kiss. He asked me if I wanted to take a walk with him and I said I would love to feeling the burning starting down in my pussy.

We walked over to a tree line away from all the teepees and campfires, even though they had burnt almost all the way out. He put his arm around me. I felt my nipples go hard from the chills that gave me. I turned to him and he kissed me for the second time. I had kissed a few boys by now but, Jody knew how to kiss. I really felt the burning in my pussy now. I couldn’t figure out how a kiss could make my pussy throb and get wet! After a long kiss he pulled me close to him and I could feel a hard bump pushing against my stomach and I knew it was his cock. I loved the idea that him kissing me had turned him on as much as I was.

I leaned against a tree that was leaning over and he pushed me back and started really kissing me exploring my mouth with his tongue. I wanted to rub my clit so bad I couldn’t stand it. Just then I felt him push the hard spot in his pants against my throbbing clit. I couldn’t help but put more pressure against his cock. He moaned as he kissed me deeper. He started moving his hips side to side, and I could feel my swollen clit flipping back and forth as it rode over his hard cock. I could feel the pressure of a climax building then he stopped and looked at me in the eyes. “Let’s go somewhere more comfortable," he said, taking my hand and leading me back to the tepee area. I could feel my clit throbbing and wanting to continue rubbing on his hard cock. I was scared about where he wanted to go but I was so horny I couldn’t say no.

He took me over by his tepee and opened the flap for me to enter. I told him I really shouldn’t go in the tepee with him. He asked me why, and I told him that I was worried my dad might check on me and see I wasn’t in my tepee. He promised me we would only be a minute and I gave in and went in his tepee. We laid on his sleeping bag and started kissing again and I felt his hand slowly sliding up my dress.

When his hand reached my upper thigh I felt my pussy quiver almost to a climax. He tried pulling my panties off and I wouldn’t let him. “I don’t want them off," I told him. He pushed his hand down inside my panties and I felt his finger slip between my very wet and swollen pussy lips. I let out a loud moan then covered my mouth with my hand. I let my legs spread a little wider to give him better access to my pussy. I felt butterfly’s in my lower stomach as he explored my throbbing clit. I told him we better stop and I should go before my parents came looking for me. I knew they wouldn’t be looking for me because they had been drinking with other people that night and were inebriated when they went to bed. I didn’t really want him to stop and I would have been disappointed if he had.

He acted like he didn’t hear a word I said anyway and just kept rubbing and massaging my clit between his thumb and finger. I relaxed a little more and spread my legs a even wider. He began kissing me with more force exploring my mouth deeper with his tongue. All of the sudden he pushed a finger in my pussy and I felt myself starting to tense coming close to a climax. He moved his finger in and out slowly while still massaging my clit with his thumb. I couldn’t control myself any longer and started kissing him harder and moving my hips up and down with each thrust of his finger.

The climax seemed to start in my scalp and toes and make its way toward my pussy. I felt like I was on the height of my orgasm for five minutes before I came with a earth shattering orgasm. I felt my head swimming and my whole body in goose bumps. I hadn’t even noticed at first but he was rubbing my own pussy cum on my tits.

He had made me feel so good I wanted to return the favor but, I had never even seen a cock except for in pictures one of my girl friends had show me of her mom’s book. I reached down curious to see what his cock felt like through his pants. He had his pants down much to my surprise and I touched his cock. I couldn’t believe how hard it was. I started squeezing it gently in my had and his hips started moving up and down.

He pushed me on my back and started kissing me again. I let go of his cock and put my arm around his back as we kissed. I felt him pulling on my panties, trying to slid them down. I told him I didn’t want them off that I was afraid I might get pregnant. He said he just wanted to rub his cock on the outside of my pussy while we kissed and he wouldn’t come on my pussy. I didn’t answer him I just raised my ass off the sleeping bag. I felt shivers run down my spine as I felt my panties being slid down my legs by him. I pulled one leg out of them and left the other in for some reason. I think it made me feel safer that way. I felt so vulnerable yet also free. I wanted to let him do what ever he wanted yet I also wanted to stop him.

I put my legs together tightly as he laid on top of me and started kissing me. I was so aware of his warm cock and balls against the front side of my pussy. He forced his knee in between my knees and my legs parted slightly. The next thing I felt almost brought me to another climax right then. He put the warm hard head of his cock against my clit and started massaging it. I reached down and took hold of his cock and started sliding it up and down my wet pussy lips. He moaned and told me how good that felt. I asked him what I could do to make it feel better for him. He reached down and showed me how to jack him off.

He asked me if he could do something to me he knew I would like. I asked him what it was being on the verge of doing anything he wanted me to. He slid down a little and pushed my dress high enough that my tits were showing. They still felt sticky from him rubbing my pussy juice on them. He started licking and sucking on my nipples and I could feel it in my pussy also.

He ran his tongue down my stomach and pushed it in my belly button which I found very exciting for some reason. Then he left my button and I could feel his tongue heading for my pubic hair. I got butterfly’s so bad I thought I was going to vibrate out of the tent. Next he gently touched my clit with his tongue. He ran his tongue down my pussy lips then plunged it deep inside my pussy. I let out another loud moan then quickly covered my mouth again.

I had goose bumps all over my body and I felt like my hair was standing on end. I reach another shattering orgasm that seemed more powerful than the first one! Jody moved up and started kissing my lips. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my pussy lips while he was kissing me. I could taste my pussy come on his lips and loved the taste even more than off my fingers. I started licking around his lips and face getting all of the pussy juice I could.

I reached down and started jacking him off like he had shown me. I put the head of it against my clit and rubbed it around. I then slid the head down over my swollen pussy lips and heard the wet sound of my pussy lips being stirred. Jody’s hips started moving back and forth like he was making love to me. I held his cock and felt it sliding back and forth in my hand and up and down my pussy lips. With each push I let it go a little closer to my opening.

I finally just had to see what it felt like so I asked him if I want him to stop would he. He assured me he would stop if I wanted him to. Then I got scared and told him I was afraid of getting pregnant. He assured me that no one ever gets pregnant the first time they do it. With that assurance I let Jody slowly slid in my sloshing pussy. He was very gentle and didn’t rush the situation. I had heard horror stories about how bad the first time hurts and was afraid. This was not Jody’s first time and he knew how to handle a newbie.

He had only been pumping me for about two minutes and I felt my pussy contracting in another orgasm. He started moaning loud then pulled his cock out of me and started jacking off. All of the sudden I felt something warm and wet hit me in the face then my hair my stomach and all over my dress. He then collapsed on top of me breathing very hard. Soon we both got our clothes back on and he walked me back to my tepee and I went inside and laid down.

My panties were cold on my pussy because of the pussy juice that was still on them. My pussy was sore but I felt so fulfilled and satisfied. I laid there thinking about what had happened and rubbed my pussy to one more climax before the night ended. I met Jody in his tepee one more time before the trip was over for a night of being nasty with each other. I gave him my phone number in Utah (he lived in Montana) but, I never heard from him again but I will never forget that camping trip in Montana.


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